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Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery


April 14, 2008

History is His story, perfectly recorded back to the first man, Adam, unlike any other history book written by man without the guiding hand of the Spirit of God.

History is another name for the Bible. Why does the world both love and despise this Book at the same time? Those who love life, by the very nature of the Spirit of life, will also love truth, for they are the words of truth in the Bible, which are life-giving. Those who deny the truth are part of the death culture into which man is born. They soothe themselves with liberalism and religion, as replacements for the truth.

In so far as God is the Author of truth, Satan is the author of the lie, which leads to the knowledge of good and evil. The biggest lies of Satan begin with the denial of the spiritual world. He wants all men to believe that neither he nor God exists. He wants you to believe that good and evil co-exist, with our rewards being a result of our good works. We are rewarded, he says, by some nebulous force, which floats about the universe. We love to talk about the force, but we hate to talk about God.

Men believe the lie that good men go to heaven, when the truth is that not one is good and, by our own nature, cannot share in the holiness of God, without being devoured by His consuming fire. Scripture tells us that our works are like filthy rags. 

Satan is not a creator, but rather he is a powerful force for evil and destruction. Make no mistake! He uses religion as his tool in attempting to destroy the truth, if it were possible. This is why even the elect of God would be lost to religion, which is the opiate of the people, covering over and blurring the truth.

People are at peace with accepting the belief systems of any number of human minds, but they are not comfortable, once one begins to talk about the truth. It is easy to cut truth from our lives by the simple, yet deadly words, “You have your beliefs and I have mine, therefore, we shall agree to disagree.” These words come straight from the pit of hell, which perpetrate this lie in our lives in the attempt to negate the concept of truth.

The most difficult person in the world to reach with the truth is the religious zealot; the more controlling the religion, the greater the degree of hearing impairment. It is what the Bible refers to as the controlling Jezebel spirit, specifically pointing to radical feminism and all the other ‘isms’ of the nature of religious zealotry.

I listened yesterday to Hillary Clinton talking about her great faith, but I noted that, like others hooked on liberalism, the term ‘faith’ is very vague and self-serving. Such faith-claimants often carry their Bibles, but rarely, if ever, refer to their faith as being encompassed by the work, which Jesus Christ did for them on the cross. They will, in fact, diminish Him with terms of endearment for all faiths as long as one claims faith in something, be it nothing more than a tree stump. A totem pole is just a stump with a little carving on it.

Faith takes on an airy-fairy nature, rather like holding on to a clump of balloons, which can cause one to become airborne, but also leaves one subject to a great fall when the balloons burst. The Hindenburg is the perfect picture of what happens to faith resting on men’s ideas, symbolized by the hot air and gases of this world. They, like the airship, will ultimately end in an explosive ball of fire, taking down those who have misplaced their trust in such flimsy things of this world. If one is fortunate enough to escape the fire, it is a foregone conclusion that misplaced faith must be redirected to a firm foundation of truth.

Among some of the survivors of the 9/11 inferno, there were concrete examples of faith base transferals from man’s flimsy structures and concepts to the firm foundation of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is at times such as these that the eyes of men are opened to the fact that faith in anything other than the truth of Jesus is misplaced faith in things that are powerless before the fire judgment to come.

Mohammed is as dead as the next man, having no power whatsoever over life and death. If one offers life, then one must have the power to grant it. No one can offer a message of life to another unless that person is able to defeat death, for because of sin, all men are doomed to die. If you don’t believe me, then give me the name of someone you know who is not destined to die in this flesh, no matter what his religion or how good he is.

The only answer to death comes from the one Man Who defeated it. He is Lord over this world, the Creator of the world and the Designer of nations into which we are born. Man, by birth, is a citizen of the world, but by choice, becomes a citizen of heaven. One must be born twice in this world to die once and then escape the judgment, or one will be born once and then die twice when one is raised to the judgment.

Unless we welcome the Spirit of light, the Spirit of truth and the Spirit of life back into our lives, we cannot be born again into truth, and our Bibles of truth will sit collecting dust as we continue to believe in that balloon of our own goodness. We will continue to sit under the illusion that props up the Hillarys of this world, who smile confidently in their faith that amounts to little more than nebulous gases and tree stumps, with self-righteous goodness written all over them.

Yet, what do these faith-claimants endorse politically, if not that which the Bible condemns? So where do they get their standard of goodness? It comes from the same place all religions find their standard, and it is from their father, the devil, as Jesus made so clear when talking to the religious Pharisees, or priesthood, of His day.

The Muslim standard of goodness allows, rather demands, the ultimate killing of the infidel in order to enforce a world-wide religious order of Islam. This is where the knowledge of good and evil leads, being imbedded within the philosophies of man-made religions. There is no possible relationship between Islam and the moral standards and liberty imbedded within the Law of God. God’s Law recognizes all men as being neighbors within this world. God is the only ultimate Judge, with the authority to snuff out those who have it in their hearts to do evil.

To know both good and evil is the basis of the compromised life. Everything God created was good. Evil pre-existed in the darkness on the face of the deep, so God separated it from His creation, but did not remove it. He simply warned man to listen to His truth and to obey it, for evil lurks at the doorway of the mind. Satan is looking for the first signs of disbelief in and disobedience to God so that he might enter into men’s lives. He is the destroyer of the eternal soul, desirous of returning all men back to the darkness of the dust from which they came.

God created a people and a nation to live by His Law so that it could be a light to the world. That nation came with a bloodline lineage in a time capsule that ended with the coming of Jesus. His coming brought with Him a new covenant, which would supersede the old in fulfillment of the promise to Abraham. At the cross, the crossroads of history, time was transformed, with the passage of the old and the commencement of the new. We have stepped into a new covenant based on the old but yet set free from the natural to become the spiritual. It can only be described in terms of a butterfly emerging from its cocoon from within which it grew to maturity.

Everything was changed forever, and eternal life once again became a possibility for mankind. God breathed life into the first Adam, but the Second Adam brought life with Him from heaven, for man to choose the second time. God’s covenant came in the form of the ladder of Jacob’s dream, the opening of the heavens to man, through Jesus, as the Way to the kingdom or the Ladder to heaven. The promise of Jacob was always a kingdom promise, which superseded the land promise.

America is a land divided into two nations under God’s Law, just as Israel was divided into two nations before her. She is in a new covenant relationship with the Lord, which requires her to be a spiritual beacon of light and liberty to the world, in these final hours of history – His story. Israel failed miserably to live up to her covenant with God. But the failure of America, which has been infinitely more blessed than her older-sister-nation, will likewise be all the greater, as the entire world looks upon her demise.

We began to fail God when we thought we could remove Him from the blessing, and yet think we would continue to receive it. In ingratitude, we welcomed other gods to receive glory in His land. This is something, which God will not tolerate, so I would suggest Americans tighten their seatbelts in readiness for the famine, pestilence, poverty and slavery, which are about to overtake this land. Foreigners under satanic laws will take over and lay claim to this once magnificent country of America.

We are doomed to be part of that One World Order of war and violence, which will show no concern for the individual. We will discover just where a Charter of Rights will lead us, as compared to the Law of God, which is the only Law respecting the individual. Human rights will become a term of the past, with only those in power having any rights at all.

Is it not poetic justice that the so-called Charter of Rights has exposed its own ugly face, showing it for what it is? It is the law of man, masquerading as the Law of God. It has proven to be the foundation for stealing and taking away the rights of man under truth. It has proven to be the robber of freedom of speech and liberty as it rests on the lie of the word ‘rights’.

Yet, I hear not one voice from the institutional church, nor a voice from the political party, which calls itself Christian, calling for the removal of this wicked Charter from our land. I do not hear the intercessors confessing their sin of allowing it to be introduced into a land in covenant with God, under His Law. Where is the Elijah voice that calls the nation to get off the fence and stand for God? Where is the Elijah action that actually stands defiantly before the false prophets to challenge their power in this land?

We are looking at a Laodicean institutional church being asleep, as the enemy sets about to rewrite Canadian and American history, where truth can no longer be found in our history books. It is the corrupt judicial system, which, in compliance with the government, is using the Charter of Rights, to ban the Bible in a nation founded upon its truth historically. This treasonous, rotting combo has now gone so far, in its own arrogance, as to call the Word of God, hate literature, and those who stand for His Word as being ‘haters’.

Foolish, foolish people – wake up, you lazy sleeping church, which is becoming more and more drugged by the minute with satanic drugging. Can you not see through your valium-induced sleep that your children are dying from drugs, because we have taken away the ‘natural high’ of God?

History will repeat itself, and Rome will rise again, but this time its ruling Nero will burn himself, along with his empire. History has always been about two sides of the coin – truth on one side and the world on the other; the sheep on the right, the goats on the left; time on one side of Jesus, time on the other side of Him with the salvation of the cross in between.

I choose this day the ‘God in whom I trust’, and not any ruler of this world. I will choose to render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, but unto God, I will render that which is His.