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Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

The Privilege of Being a Nation under God

September 09, 2008

When Adam and Eve sinned, they walked away from the government of God and into the world order and government of Satan. Man went from godly liberty to ungodly captivity, which meant eternal life was lost to death, and infinity to the finite.

Then, along came a nation of people created by God from within a world divided into nations. It began with one man being required to make the choice to obey God and separate from the gentile religious-based nations of the world, including the one into which he had been born. That man’s name was Abraham with whom God made a covenant promise of blessing or cursing.

The curse was in place from the Adamic covenant, by which the blessing became attached to the Way sealed off to the tree of life. The Noahic covenant brought forth the message of the everlasting covenant, one that may change in form but never cease. It will be one covenant for all life that comes out of the ark with Noah, and for perpetual generations to come, with the rainbow (the light of the world – broken) being set in the cloud as the sign. This was the sign established between God and all flesh. God’s promise was to never destroy the world with a flood again, which He will remember as He looks upon the broken Light (Jesus).

God always keeps His word and one day will rule over His nation that came to be known as Israel. He will see to it that a blessing will come out of Israel for all of the nations of the world. The Hebrew people were merely the servants used to set prophecy in place and lay down the pattern by which God will bring His covenant with Abraham to fruition.

Israel, the nation, could never produce that fruit, for she was under the Law, which no man can keep in its entirety. To break one commandment is as though one has broken them all. Holiness requires complete perfection and purity to the degree the Law stipulates. Therefore the Law acted as a form of judgment upon the nation.

The fruitfulness of Israel would only begin with Jesus, the first fruit once again having the Spirit of life in Him, the same Spirit of life that was breathed into Adam, which made Him the first begotten Son born in the image of God. Those who are His church, the spiritual Israel, and have the Spirit breathed into them, are the fruit to follow as they are born again of the Spirit of life, which was lost to man by the sin of Adam.

Israel the nation gives way to Jesus and those born again of the right Spirit, instead of the spirit of death received from the curse of Adam as his natural seed. No good fruit can come from such seed. The way back to the tree of life was opened to all who believe on Jesus for salvation. This is the reason they were known as the Way.

She is the woman, spiritual Israel, established by God to replace the harlot Eve, and birthe only of the right Spirit of life, to bring forth the good fruit, which God always wanted from man. But the labor of the church was aborted when she went into captivity to religion in the form of Christianity and it will remain aborted until she comes out from her tomb-like condition of sleep, as did Lazarus. The church will only come alive miraculously at the command of the voice of the Lord, and the woman of Israel will finally come to her time when she produces the man child, who will be snatched up to the throne of God.

The privilege of Israel was that she was elected to become the first-born and rightful heir to God’s kingdom, provided she did not break covenant by becoming disobedient to His commandments. She must choose not to return to the captivity of the Egyptian world from which God had set her free. She must allow God to show His glory and work His plan for the redemption of mankind through her. He would then remove her from the grip of death, and the religious captivity into which Satan had led her.

If Israel refused to obey and not allow God to use her as a light to the nations, then she would remain under the Adamic curse and be seen by all nations as fit only for the smoking oven of  burning. With privilege, comes responsibility. To neglect this responsibility can prove to be disastrous.

Moses, a type of Jesus, delivered a refined nation from the hands of the refiner, Egypt, a type of the World Order under Satan’s ruler, Pharaoh, a type of Satan. Each successive world empire moved the world along the broad road, closer and closer toward the time of the coming fullness of the gentiles.

This will manifest itself in a One World Order under the Antichrist, into whom the spirit of Satan will enter, just as it entered into Judas to come against the truth of Jesus, in what is known as the antichrist spirit. Every man of every nation will have to experience the wickedness and pain of a satanic government, where there is no love and mercy of God for the individual. Then perhaps His people may cry out to Him and possibly begin to hear the voice of His prophets.

Satan wants one thing and one thing only. He wants to destroy as many souls of men created by God as possible by eradicating the truth. He wants to be like the Most High God and, since God cast him from the heavens to the earth, or to the dust of it, his only hope was to rule over the dust or over earth.

Our environmentalists of the Green pack are his servants being dust-worshipers as opposed to being God-worshipers. Their motto is to save the earth as opposed to saving souls; they worship a religious idol called the goddess mother earth instead of worshiping Father God. They become their own enemy as they choose to be the voice for idol worship, which leads to death, not life.

Satan was transformed into the image of a beast, whereas man was created in the image of God. Satan had fallen from the highest level of spiritual life to the lowest level. Saving the animals, at man’s expense, is another ploy of Satan coming only from evil and not from good. Good and evil are not compatible though Satan would have you believe they are.

God’s Laws for good are firm and unyielding and keeping them brings victory over the curse of death; God promised this to Moses and no first son will ever receive his inheritance unless he learns this lesson. Israel never learned. She was never a light to the nations from the day she found herself to be miraculously positioned apart from the Egyptians on the other side of the Red Sea, before the waters covered over the army of Egypt.

Israel, the nation, would never come to receive her first-son inheritance; it would cross over and go to another, for she had chosen always to be the harlot in the same way as Eve had chosen to be a harlot to her King and Creator. She complained that things were not as they had been back in Egypt, so the nation rebelled against the God Who had just liberated her from her captivity to slavery. God requires and fires but never forces us into the fire. He allows us to choose our own destinies.

When the first-son inheritance of Adam and his partner Eve crossed over to the second Son, Jesus and His church, it took on a new form of the Abramic covenant, by which it went from the nation to the spiritual nation, from the voice of the Levitical priesthood to the voice of Jesus and His bride, the church – the new High Priest and His priests and priestesses.

Truth bought and paid the price for man’s sin to take back that which belonged to God. Truth will reign again in this world, and the priests/priestesses of Jesus, the church, were to go out and become the voice for truth. Jesus promised His church would be victorious and that the gates of Hades would not prevail against it.

A new form of the covenant now fulfills the promise of the covenant with Noah. Never again can the covenant go backwards on the Way to the kingdom. It can not be squeezed back into a national form, for the tribes were always spiritual tribes, with Benjamin receiving five times the food of the others.

Benjamin was a type of the bride, the brother who received an extra portion of food from Joseph, five times the size of that of his other brothers. This represents the extra spiritual understanding needed by the bride, in order for her to face the giant of all giants, the Antichrist of the Revived Roman Empire, the fifth empire, in which the full power of evil is released on the world. It is the bride, to whom Jesus will open the scrolls, in Revelation, for no man can give such understanding as He will give to His bride.

Does Christianity necessarily stand for truth? We all know the answer to the question. When we look at the statistics, they show that more than 56% of evangelicals do not believe in the inerrancy of the Bible. This means they do not believe that Jesus is the Word made flesh, and that what He says and claims is necessarily the truth. The gates of Hades are most certainly prevailing against today’s religious, institutional Christianity, erroneously called the church.

Surely, by this stage of the church age, any thinking person can see Christianity is about religion and not about truth. It is a building program of institutions and systems rooted in the abomination of religion, which is the enemy of truth. Religion is formed on the foundation of the lies of Satan, beginning with his first lie of the Garden, whereas the apostolic church was established to be a voice for truth, not a building program. The true church can be found functioning anywhere – in the market-place, in the home, or in the family.

Religion is the reason the denominational institutions of Christianity are doomed for extinction, yet truth will survive for evermore. What a privilege it is to be the church, but she must choose to stand only on the truth, separate and apart from religion. We could sit silently in pews, or we can be involved as the sons of inheritance whose roots are found in the covenant of God, going all the way back to Abraham, Noah and ultimately to the curse upon Adam and the way back to the tree of life established in the Garden.

Jesus was the first fruit of redemption, making the crossover from nation to spiritual nation and from death to life. This is the true fruit of Abraham, which blesses all nations, a church without satanic borders or walls to divide it. What a privilege it is to be in the Israel of God, a spiritual nation, which has none of the boundaries of this world!

If you are the church, can you remain silent as the children of this nation are being programmed by Satan? If you don’t speak for them now, who will speak for you when the enemy rolls in over the land like Hitler rolled in over Germany? You will either save the children of this nation now or both they and the nation will be lost.

Your voice has the power in a democracy to stop pornography on the airwaves; you can use your voice to force a stop to teaching demonic sexual perversion in the schoolrooms; you can use your voice and vote to stop the judicial activism of Satan’s servants; you can demand that truth, in the form of the Bible, be returned to American classrooms before it is too late.

Raise up a child and program him with the truth and it will serve him all the days of his life. Raise up a child in the ways of evil, that is to say in religion of any sort, be it Secular Humanism or any other religion without the truth, and he will walk on the broad road with the devil.

Do we want to raise a nation of sons of God in this country, the purpose for which our Constitution was drafted in accordance with God’s Law, or do we want to raise sons of the beast, hooked on sexual immorality, pornography, violence and the lie? The choice is ours to chisel out the future of this nation with what we choose to feed our children.

Wake up, America, to the privilege you have been given under God’s Law and His kingship over this country. This nation has been privileged, over and above the rest of the nations of the entire world, as one that enjoys peace, liberty and abundance, free of religious satanic rule. Let your voice be heard, calling God back into the nation before it is too late to stem the tide of liberalism, which allows Satan to rule!