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Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

Where Does the Fault Lie?

August 31, 2008

Why was America free of Islamic invasion for so many years? What was it that made Canadians patriotic good citizens, who valued moral character, the family, and our friendly good neighbors to the south who shared our same values?

A Muslim in our society was so rare that, during my youth, I never knew one to live within our community, nor within the broader community of the nation. I never once saw a hooded woman or a turbaned man, for they simply would not fit into a nation that was over 90% declared Christians, whose Head of State was God.

The religion of the Canadian people was not enough to keep the cults out of the country, for Christians, unlike Muslims, do not generally inflict their religion on other religious groups. However, as a people under God, we honored God, His Law, and His Word as the foundation of our culture, our homes, our communities and the market-place. The Christian religion submitted itself to God; He never bowed to it.

Governments never proceeded without prayer to the Supreme Ruler over Canada. Courts acknowledged the truth of His Word as a necessary part of the judicial system. Schools were established on biblical principles and biblical studies, so that children were taught God’s ways and were raised on biblical moral standards. Religious separate schools were tolerated, but only in so far as they recognized God in their curriculum.

At no time did Canadian taxpayers’ dollars go toward the support of cultic religions under other gods, which did not recognize our God. How could a people be under His ruler-ship, which forbids the worship of other gods, and at the same time financially support or recognize such idolatry? As long as we focused on the truth of His Word in every classroom of this nation, we guarded and protected our heritage under Him. This, coupled with the fact that the Bible was the protector at the gateway of our borders, kept us as a nation free of cultic eastern religions.

The Hebrew people were the exception, for they knew that by living in America, they were offered security from the persecution against them that prevailed throughout the world. They were not totally free of intolerance, but their lives were the least threatened in America, under a people who were the most non-aggressive people in the world. This nation did not belong to the gentile world’s Babylonian system of empire-building nations. America was in fact the home of the true spiritual Jew, ruled by Jesus Christ.

After all, our Bible contained the Hebrew Holy Scriptures, the descendants of whom were willing to swear on it for the sake of peace in their lives, relative to the peace they would know in any other country of the world. They did not demand the law bend for them. They became good citizens and loyal Canadians under our law, which has its being in Jesus. They embraced one citizenship of this land, and did not embrace a second in foreign lands ruled by cultic gods. The Hebrew allegiance was to Canada, and these people shared in the defense of our borders against those who would destroy our liberties under God.

Our early pioneers in this country fought hard to establish and preserve a Constitution that would honor Him in every aspect of Canadian life. It was during the post-war era that the world-wide movement toward liberalism and secularism grew and began to infect the Canadian nation. Our good strong heritage roots in God and in what He declared just felt the onslaught of the Pearson/Trudeau years that began the systematic breakdown of our society under God.

The agenda of liberalism forced the obedience to His Law to give way to rights legislation. This was achieved by a planned breakdown of the homogenous nature of one nation under God into a multicultic nation under many gods. Such a plan ran in direct opposition to the plan of God for Canada’s separation from the other countries of the world, the governments of which are not compatible with His Law or justice system.

Can we blame the breakdown on Islam or do we have to place it squarely at the feet of liberal-leaning governments made up of almost 100% practicing Christians? Trudeau, the worst-of-the-worst of Prime Ministers in my opinion, while attending his church weekly, ushered Canadians into trading relations with Chinese communists, who would have killed Christians as quickly as they would look at them.

At the same time, he began the liberal practice of slighting our good God-fearing neighbors to the south, while opening our borders to the Israel and American-hating cults of the East. While receiving his Roman, institutional church communion regularly from an accommodating priesthood he set about to replace God’s Law with a Charter of Rights. This would eventually lead to replacement laws, which have their own moral standards, or lack of them, running contrary to the moral Law of God.

The immorality of any single person could set the norm, with the supposed rights of one individual superseding the rights of the majority, and the offense of one religious person becoming more important than the offense that person’s religion causes the Canadian people and God. Trudeaumania led to the entrenchment of liberalism so deeply in this nation that we are still reeling from the rapidity with which it has blanketed the country and has clouded the understanding of its people.

We are nothing but fools if we think Christianity is one and the same as the church of Jesus Christ, which is called to witness to the truth of the gospels. We are nothing but fools if we do not see that they were the institutional church-going Christians who handed God’s nation over to satanic cults. But then, Christianity is just another religion rooted in Romanism as part of the Babylonian system of empire-building under the Roman Empire. And it comes in the name of Jesus, the Christ, Who will say one day that He never knew them.

Christianity is the religious glue that holds the early Roman Empire together with the latter-day Revived Roman Empire. Many will argue the good-Christian-bad-Christian case and the real-and-the-not-real-Christian concept. Nothing could be further from the truth. You either stand on the truth of the Word, which speaks of God’s hatred for religion over and over again, or you stand compromised by religion if you are known by the name of Christian. The voice of the true apostolic church has not been heard in this country for a long time now. The institutional church has been not only silent on the matter of encroaching liberalism, but has also joined and perpetuated the process.

King Solomon instituted the liberal process of his day by building a temple, which God did not ask him to build, and then allowing religious idolatry to share in the land alongside of the worship of God. God simply refused to tolerate such idolatry, so He ripped the nation and the throne from the descendants of Solomon. We, here in America are doing the same thing that will cause God to tear this land from under us and give it over to the religions we have so loved.

Christians, who had the vote making them the rulers over the nation, like Solomon was over Israel, could have prevented the spread of cults in the land. Instead, like the harlots they are, they turned our heritage over to the liberal ideology of multiculturalism, which is nothing but the forerunner to a One World Order of cults under the Antichrist. They were the Christians who welcomed them to take over God’s land while they slept on, in their institutional church temples.

Believe me, we are going to live to rue the day we walked away from God and into the arms of Islam and Communism, whichever it is that gets a hold on us first. We must not forget that India has its own bid on our culture as well. One can barely make a business call today that is somehow not routed through India to people who can barely speak the English language; do not expect them either to be able to spell the names of Brown or Smith.

What Christianity has done is commit treason against God. Almost without exception, our Christian Prime Ministers have been treasonous and our appointed courts most certainly are guilty of treason. With few exceptions, all of these traitors wear the religious label of Christianity.

The greatest deception of our day is the one that tells us the Christian institutional church is one and the same with the church of Jesus Christ. There was no hypocrisy in Him or in His apostles, but the Christian priesthood is riddled with it.

How does a priesthood denounce homosexuality while, at the same time, abusing little boys sexually? How do priests of God preach religious tolerance when Jesus warned severely against it and God’s first commandment forbids it? How do Christians honor the name of Jesus, while blaspheming His name at the same time? How do Christians keep the Sabbath in honor of God when they treat it as just another workday like all the others, by shopping and carrying on business as usual?

Is a divided, denominational Christian religion in harmony with the church Jesus established as opposed to the one Rome established? Not in a million years! Christianity is a religion like any other, such as Judaism, Islam and Hinduism. The true church has been asleep like Lazarus slept, inside the tomb of religious Christianity. Jesus is about to call it out from its sleep and awaken it with the understanding for this time, which was sealed from Daniel. Without this understanding, it quite likely will continue to sleep and, like Israel, will miss the cry that will come in the wilderness to prepare the way of the Lord.

It is not a mere water baptism of John that is needed now; it is an outpouring of the Spirit that will cleanse us thoroughly with the Word of truth. It is for sure our present-day Christian political figures and our Christian priesthood are about on a par with the political and religious leaders of Jesus’ day.

There is good reason for a Judeo-Christian alliance to form, uniting these two religions together today. It is because they are nothing more than religion, under the control of Satan. The true church would never endorse such a unity any more than the apostles would endorse the Pharisees and Roman government leaders of their day, who came against Jesus in a religious/political antichrist spiritual unity.

The church and the religious/political leaders were like oil and water – one loving Jesus and the other hating Him. And tell me, how do Christians join forces with a religious group that hates Jesus and hated Him enough to ask that His blood be upon them and their children? Is it in unity with this hatred for Jesus that Christians are willing to join forces?

The church never can, and never will, be a voice for religion, which the Lord God so hated; she would break the first commandment by doing so. She will come forth in the spirit and power of Elijah and Moses and, like Aaron, will be the voice and the prophet of Jesus; she will stand on truth only.

There will be an aura of light around her, for she will be the mirror image of her Beloved, betrothed and ready to bear the good fruit of Israel, which the nation failed to bear. For a tree is known by its fruit (Matthew 12:33). How else can the fig tree be identified, if not by the figs it produces? A fig tree cannot produce any other kind of fruit.