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Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

Addressing H L Wipprecht’s Letter to the Editor Volume #311 of NewsnBlues written in response to Ann Huck’s letter to the editor in Volume #310.

September 23, 2008

It is interesting to note that, in a well-calculated move made at Saddleback, a mega Christian religious institution, before a potentially huge Christian-vote-getting audience, Barack Hussein Obama stated “Jesus died for my sins.” It is a statement, which, to the best of my knowledge, he rarely, if ever, makes on the everyday campaign trail, where he is speaking to voters from a wide spectrum of various interest groups.

I would submit to H L Wipprecht that in stating these words, Obama was neither making a confession of faith nor a proclamation of the Gospel.  There is actually a big difference between stating the fact and setting it as a standard for one’s life, where one acts in accordance with one’s stated belief system.

If Obama truly believed and was grateful Jesus died for his sins, as an American lawmaker, he would stand on the truth of Jesus by not endorsing abortion. In fact he could learn a great deal about walking the talk from vice-presidential candidate, Sarah Palin.

Take, for example, the mother of Jesus, and theoretically place her in today’s American society. Obama, as President, would make sure that she had, uh, the right as a single mom to abort Jesus, when her condition would appear to make circumstances a little tough for her. He takes an absolute stand on the woman’s right to choose between life and death for her unborn child, regardless of God’s enormous plans for His unborn children.

But when it comes, uh, to the law, according to Obama, it, uh, should perhaps recognize that Jesus was, uh, a mere fetus and not an unborn child of God, being nothing more than, uh, a blob of flesh in God’s eyes. Anyway, in the bigger picture of things, a full-term baby, like Jesus, would, presumably, become a handicap to Mary, a young woman wanting first to make her financial way in the world, if she and her betrothed were to start married life with a car and a house.

Now Obama has also made it abundantly clear that he will have no part of preaching the Gospel of truth. He sees his job, as president, uh, to legislate against the truth of the gospels, even though he has made the claim that Jesus is his Savior.

In the book of Romans, Paul states that God’s wrath is revealed against the men who suppress the truth and, in professing themselves wise, become fools (see Romans 1:18 and 22). God gives up men of unrighteousness to their vile passion of leaving the natural use of the woman, burning in their lust for one another, men with men, committing what is shameful in God’s sight (see Romans 1:24-32). Yet Obama suppresses this truth by supporting the gay political agenda, like the majority of his liberal-Democrat cronies, in spite of what the truth of Jesus has to say on this matter.

How come, if Obama believes that Jesus died for his sins, he is unwilling to stand on His truth as He commanded us to do? Could it be, Mr. Wipprecht, that the man is really a phony, and, in fact, does not respect the commandments and truth of “his Savior”?  A tree is known by its fruit, and I would suggest to you that this man, Obama, is not exactly producing good fruit, acceptable to your and my Lord.

There is no question about it; he was a Muslim in his youth. If he is PRETENDING to be a Christian today, there is no way the Islamic world is going to murder him. Who better to be in the office of the President, as far as the Muslims are concerned, than an American Muslim, PRETENDING to be a Christian? He is the last one they would eliminate.

However, if, on the other hand, as a former Muslim, he had become a true believer, he would be numero uno on the hit list of Islam. Once a Muslim always a Muslim or that person is to be killed, if he/she should dare try to escape the darkness of this religious cult.

So how is it that Palestinian terrorist money is being sent as funding for the support of his campaign? Is it not because they know that he is one of them at heart? Are they not fully aware that he is a self-declared citizen of the world, who refuses to honor the Pledge of Allegiance to America while, at the same time, removing the banner of the American flag from his own private plane? But then, perhaps this is understandable when we recognize just whom he chose to be his spiritual advisor.

If I were a citizen of the United States, I would want to see Obama’s birth certificate, as evidence that he was actually born on American soil. The credentials for his candidacy and his connections with the criminal world have been very shabbily examined. Is it not interesting that this man’s supporters are behind the dirt-digging, which surrounds Sarah Palin, a woman of principles, something the liberals will never understand?

Being a member of a Christian institutional church has nothing at all to do with being part of the apostolic church of Jesus Christ. However, it is interesting to note that Senator Obama sat in the same religious pew for over twenty years, listening to the same garbage being spewed out of the mouth of his pastor, Jeremiah Wright, who preaches anti-white, anti-American hate propaganda. It is also interesting to note that Obama had a change of heart and saw fit to leave the pew, which he had warmed for so many years, when it appeared his preacher and ‘spiritual advisor’ suddenly might become a handicap to his campaign chances for election.

I am compelled to say that I have rarely seen a political candidate as egocentric and untrustworthy as this man, or as potentially dangerous to the United States as he would be, if elected President.

If we think the Americans have a problem with their hard-earned tax-dollars flowing out to other countries and into the hands of terrorists now, they have yet to see how fast they would flow under a Barack Hussein Obama regime.

If they think their borders are being overrun with undesirables now, who have raised the crime level in their country and have become a drain on their welfare system, then they had better get ready for Obama, if elected President. They will see the greatest influx of Muslims that the West has ever seen, bringing along their baggage of terrorism with them, into the western world.

In this event, America will wish, one day, she had never heard his Muslim-given name. We have rid the world of one Muslim Hussein ruler. Surely, we do not want to endorse another for the highest office of the land in America!

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