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                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

O that Canada Could Inject a Sarah Palin into the Election!

September 09, 2008

It is election time in Canada, again, and the financial burden of another election falls squarely on the shoulders of the Canadian electorate, which supplies the tax-dollars for writing off the costs of it. If there are not enough dollars to go around, the government will simply make sure the taxpayer forks up a little more to allow government to play political games with our money.

The price of liberalism is the steady flow of Canadians’ hard-earned dollars out of their pockets and into the hands of foreigners, both inside and outside the nation. The foreign immigrants coming into the country twist the fact, which states that if you don’t put something into something, you can’t get something out of it. “Oh no!” retorts the foreign immigrant welfare recipient. “We know our rights! When welfare payments come our way, we don’t have to put anything into anything to get something out of it.”

All they have to do is cross over our Canadian borders and when there are enough of them, they can use the vote to keep the dole coming, until Canada is broken by these parasites, feeding off the system. Make no mistake! Our candidates for office are playing into their hands in order to get their votes.

You foolish voters who help provide that something for nothing and you business men who have been catering to the foreign element, especially to the Muslim community, are you so blind you cannot see the bigger picture of doom ahead? You encourage these unproductive citizens instead of encouraging job creation for Canadians who want to contribute to society and earn their own way. Stay-at-home moms are the lifeblood of a strong moral working society, and they are the ones who deserve our unconditional financial support.

At the moment we have nothing for which to vote but liberalism, with the option being between one tweedle-dumb and four tweedle-dumbers. O for a Sarah Palin to appear on the Canadian political scene, a candidate who is willing to sell the luxury jet – a Pit Bull of a woman who can show the men how to do it! She could never be a radical feminist, for the nation and the world came to love this woman in one day for her principles and godly values, which embrace the family.

Because of these values, the media went ballistic and the liberals started their usual dirt-digging and mocking. She frightened the life out of her opponents who live by sleazy, barely-disguised-anti-American, anti-God policies. If it weren’t for the principles for which this woman stands, I would be frightened for her very life. But God is her strength, not man, and the created dare not come against any plans, which the Creator may be putting in place. Her God knows whom His servants are and promises to lift them up on eagles’ wings and carry them over the floods of verbal, and even physical abuse, which will come against them.

We do not have the privilege of electing a deputy or vice-Prime Minister, but we can provide the voice of the people, to which the elected representatives are required to listen and then, in turn, represent. We always have this right as long as we still have a democracy and are the tax-payers who pay the government officials and the judges of the unelected courts, all of whom are required to obey us and our heritage laws. To do otherwise is treason. Unless we exercise that right we will lose it, along with the liberty provided by God’s Law.

Our voice is our tool for warfare, and all of God’s people are warriors in a spiritual battle for the souls of men. Sarah Palin knows her role in God. Do Canadians know their role as the voice of the people in a democracy? God is waiting as He cries out to His church, saying, “You who dwell in the gardens, the companions listen for your voice – let me hear it (Song of Solomon 8:13)!”

It is time to let the politicians know you want decency, not pornography, on the airways, justice, and not law-making, from the courts, and true representation, not party-directed policy, from your Members of Parliament. Shout it in their faces until they hear you, for you have the right to be heard. Challenge their double talk, and let them know you are not fooled by their hypocrisy.

Let your politicians know how you feel about off-shoring jobs and opening our borders to free-loaders as opposed to contributing citizens. Let them know you work hard for your money and you do not want it invested in foreign aid for nations bent on destroying America. Let them know your children’s education is a top priority for you and that you do not want them being taught propaganda instead of truth. It is time to stop programming them with the abomination of the homosexual agenda.

It is time to stop feeding them religious propaganda and, instead, return them to truth by ‘booting’ the secularists out the door of the classrooms. Let your politicians know you are not willing to finance or promote Islam in this, a nation in covenant with God. He rules for better or worse, for blessing or cursing, depending upon our response to Him. He does not depend on us; we depend on Him. That will never change, no matter how ‘stuck-on-stupid’ we are as a people.

Remember and never forget that the media comes from a liberal bias and is hostile toward God! We are presently facing a situation where the news is both modified and agenda-driven to fit this liberal bias. Demand better of it and let the press know through letters to the editors and phone calls. If that fails, do not buy liberal newspapers and cancel subscriptions, if necessary, in order to get results, letting the publishers know why.

Exercise your right in this country to be heard. After all, you are footing the bill for your politicians. Make sure they are serving you properly. Without your voice, they have free rein to become the tyrants they are becoming. Judicial tyranny can be stopped if you, the people, demand it.

When did you last turn on the television in order to watch a movie, but could not find one, which was not prefaced with a warning about violence, sexually explicit material, offensive language and nudity? If we don’t want it for our children, why in the world should adults tolerate such trash? What kind of message are we giving, which would allow the so-called CRTC to control the airways when it only represents a liberal agenda and most certainly does not address the concerns of the people? Refuse to support those companies who give commercial backing to the programming of filth.

Is it not time for a Canadian Heritage Party with a Sarah Palin at the helm, which would offer the voters another option, one that could rid this country of the disease of creeping liberalism, which will inevitably cost us our liberty? Wake up, Canada, and let your voice be heard! Enough is enough! It is time to return to our heritage of liberty under God in this land.

It is time for a spiritual revival in Canada. However, the spiritual is not first, but the natural, and afterward the spiritual (1 Corinthians 15:46).

With a name like Sarah, Sarah Palin can only be indicative in the natural of the bride of Israel. Is this not the hour for the true church and bride of Christ to come forth? What better place for this to happen than a country with ‘Cana’ in its name, the place where the wedding feast was held, and where Jesus changed the water into wine?