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                                                           by Elinor Montgomery

 Obama and the Bible

October 18, 2008

 There are certain forces at work in the United States, which want to see the words, In God We Trust, removed from the coinage and from the heritage of the land. The ACLU is one of those forces; university professorship is another, and Barack Hussein Obama is another one.

 Reports have surfaced that B. Hussein Obama has declared America is no longer a Christian country. Furthermore, he declared that Muslims, Buddhists and Jews have an equal part in this nation. In a Call for Renewal conference held in Washington, on June 28, 2006, Obama was the Keynote Speaker. In his speech, which was recorded on video, he openly degraded the truth of the Bible by taking passages out of context and putting his own spin on them to suggest that they simply have no application for America today.

 He asked the question as to whether or not Americans should teach the book of Leviticus, which declares slavery to be okay, the book of Deuteronomy, which advocates the stoning of children, or Jesus’ radical Sermon on the Mount, which he suggested might blow the United States Defense Department apart.

 Mr. Hussein Obama may well be a Harvard graduate and a Chicago University professor, but with respect to his understanding of the Bible – he places himself in the class of those who think themselves wise but are fools (see Proverbs 26:12). The first rule of understanding is that you cannot take any passage of the Bible out of its context and apply meaning to it, as though the passage stands alone. Furthermore, to suggest something that is not stated in a passage as being fact is sheer deception.

 He claims the book of Leviticus says slavery is okay. It says no such of the sort, if you are applying the term of slavery to the Hebrew people as it has been applied in our day. Slavery in the last few centuries has been equated with abusive treatment of people and is an abomination in the sight of God.

 There were rules and regulations for the Hebrew people under God, which respected the rights of slaves and servants, as well as those of the masters. The poor people often sold themselves and God admonished the masters to treat them as servants and not as slaves (see Leviticus 25:39).

 To become a servant or slave was a means of support, carrying rights of freedom and just payment after serving a certain amount of time. Many of the servants refused their freedom when offered it because of the benefits of being a part of a household as slaves or servants. These Scriptures point in prophecy to those for whom Jesus would pay the price to be His servants, and at the same time make them part of the household of God as adopted sons and daughters.

 One only has to look back to Abraham to see how his numbers multiplied with none suffering for lack of food or clothing while in service to him as bondsmen. They were more like a community traveling together. God clearly states in Leviticus that the people He brought out of Egypt were His servants, not slaves in the manner that other men are, who are ruled by men and not by God (see Leviticus 25:42).

 Cruel and all as events of the past have been for the black people, slavery liberated the Afro-American who is now an American as free as any other American to run for the office of President of the United States, a country under God. The statue of liberty was only erected after slavery was abolished.

 The Afro-American, in all probability, would be suffering from famine in Africa today, had he not been brought to this country to make him now a partaker of the bounty of this nation under God. Is it not time for Obama’s pastor, who has been influencing and teaching the professor for the last twenty years, to remove the chip on his shoulder and stop hating the white people?

 All peoples, both black and white, are doomed to an eternity of slavery under satanic religious witchcraft and the governments of this world, unless liberated by living under God’s ruler-ship, wherever they may be. In return for our freedoms, He expects us to honor and worship only Him and have no other gods before Him. This is definitely not what B. Hussein Obama, a former practicing Muslim, is advocating for America.

 The professor goes on to suggest that the book of Deuteronomy advocates the stoning of children. Deuteronomy 21:18-21 refers not to a child being stoned, but rather to a rebellious son, a mature one at that, for he was described as being a glutton and a drunkard and had not responded to either the discipline of his parents or to that of the elder rulers over the city. He was to be made an example so that all of Israel should hear and fear.

 Jesus made His answer clear on the subject of stoning when the religious men tried to trick Him on this same point of Law that Obama is using to serve his own purposes. A woman was caught in adultery and the religious men, like Obama, wanted to know whether or not they should stone her as the Law states. Jesus never flinched as He answered the Pharisees. He said to let the one without sin cast the first stone.

 Now, it would appear that Mr. University Professor has a little trouble grasping the meaning behind what Jesus was revealing to the Pharisees. The Law was written on stone in the old covenant, but in the new covenant, which is attached to the old, the Law is to be written in our hearts. However, sin is judged no less by God now than it was then, but in Jesus, if we confess it and believe in Him for salvation, we no longer need to die. Prior to this, man was as good as dead from his sin.

 God wanted His people to grasp from a young age that if they sinned and did not respond to the teaching of the truth of the Law, they would be crushed by the Chief Cornerstone Who was the pre-incarnate Jesus – the same Lord of the Old Testament as of the New. Would it have been a tough judgment to stone someone? Yes, but it remains truth today as yesterday – sin is a life and death matter. The Cornerstone will either support us or crush us.

 For Mr. Obama to try and diminish the prophetic truths of the Bible, is to make himself the modern-day stoner of our children and one of those fools whom God describes as thinking himself wise. Without the Bible our children will never know the fear of the Lord.

    He wants the American people to question the validity of this teaching of the Bible just as the Pharisees wanted to trick Jesus in an attempt to find error in His teaching. Is this false minister of the Word not coming against Jesus, the Word made flesh, in a true antichrist spirit of religion?

 As for the Sermon on the Mount being nothing more than radical thinking on the part of Jesus, Obama’s summation is laughable. If we listened to the Word and applied the Sermon on the Mount to our nation, we would have the best available defense system in the entire world.

 We are in a spiritual battle against the giants of Secularism like the shepherd boy, David, who had God on his side. All it would take to win any battle would be the apostolic stones of truth, a voice like a slingshot and those having the faith of David in a Davidic army in partnership with God against the spiritual demonic giants of today.

 Obama declares America’s defense system would not survive if she were to apply the teaching of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount. It would appear he sees greater value in appeasement and compromise with the enemy as a better method of defense, rather than depending on a God as our strong fortress and our help.

 I would suggest to you that our Harvard graduate and professor is saying that Jesus did not know what He was talking about, and that His messages are a hindrance to the liberal program of making America over into a multicultural nation recognizing many gods instead of the one true God.

 Is it not strange how he has changed his tune to declare his faith in Jesus a couple of years later during an interview before a nation-wide television audience while running for president? As a supposed man of his word, he leaves me in a quandary as to what he really is trying to say. Does he believe Jesus knows what He is talking about or not?

 Is this man not better suited for ruler-ship in a Muslim country as opposed to America? If one looks carefully at the sources for his campaign funds one will discover that monies have come from terrorists and Palestinian organizations, from outside and within the country. His associations include strong Communist ties as well as those with terrorists.

 It was revealed on CNN this week that his campaign funds exceeded those of John McCain by a ratio of three to one in sums of astronomical size. According to recent news reports it would appear as well that his running mate has been siphoning off large amounts of campaign funds in order to move them into the hands of family members. Now the same news reports, which claimed this fact, stated that it is an acceptable practice, but in this case it does not ‘smell’ very good.

 I would suggest to you that nothing about the Obama campaign ‘smells’ very good or bodes well for America – for either the United States or Canada. His Harvard background gives him absolutely no understanding of the relationship of the Bible to these countries, as is obvious by the list of ‘heritage pillars’, which he would remove and take away from the American people, the Bible being one of them.

 He is not only wrong about the Bible, but he is also very wrong if he thinks  Muslims and Buddhists played any part in the founding of the United States Constitution of 1787, established under God in Whom it is stated that Americans trust. Virtually, all 55 writers and signers of the Constitution were identified as being Christians (see page 180, America’s God and Country, by William J. Federer).

     Furthermore, the United States never had a Christian Constitution or any other religious Constitution. It was an independent nation under God’s Law, which begins with the first commandment that deals with religion and states that His people will have no other gods before Him. This makes it very specific as to what God thinks about bringing people into His nation who worship false gods and idols, something we call multiculturalism. His truth, not the religion of cults, reigns supreme in this land with the Bible, which Obama so glibly mocks, being the standard for truth and justice in America.

 They were not the Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the leader of the Southern Baptist Association or the leader of any other religious organization, who reigned in conjunction with the state in America. This is why Americans swear on the truth of the Bible, instead of upholding denominational doctrines and theologies as truth.

 Any man who cannot swear on the truth of the Bible or cannot pledge allegiance to the nation over which he wants to rule has no business even being allowed in the race for the presidency. Obama’s motives for seeking office are questionable at best. His birthright as an American is totally suspect and has not, by any means, been properly scrutinized by the authorities.

 Wake up, people of the United States, before you are totally duped by the liberal press and are sold out to the forces of evil from within the nation, which would destroy your country. You are making a choice between the two faces of the coin with the words, In God We Trust, printed on one and the face of a modern-day Caesar and the seeing-eye pyramid printed on the other.

 If Obama should be elected, it is very unlikely the people will be given another opportunity to stand for God. America has seen all the warning signs of His judgment falling on a nation that is choosing to break covenant with Him.

 Israel is the picture of a nation that has broken covenant and has been laid waste for two thousand years. She is still a spiritual wasteland and the mere pattern of things to come, as she awaits her final judgment. Obama is like a catalyst, which will put the wheels of judgment into motion.

 You may think America has a financial problem now. Just wait until you see the professor fulfill his desire to send your hard-earned dollars out of your country and into the hands of countries who are the haters of God and sponsors of terrorism against Israel and America! There will be such a crash as the money system comes tumbling down that you will not know what has hit you.

 God cannot abide liars and deceivers who choose the role of being little beasts. They nearly all come with a sly smile and an evasive tongue. Beware, for the hour of decision is right at hand! It is only the Bible, which will give you discernment in the treacherous times ahead, and it most certainly will not be any professor who doubts its truth and meaningfulness for today.

 She was his wife who led Adam astray, and do not forget it! You are getting a full package when you elect the next president of the United States. Scrutinize it very carefully, for it is covered with glitzy paper and a big bow, but there could well be a ticking time-bomb within the exterior trappings.

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