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Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

One Covenant of Blessing and Cursing for all Mankind

September 17, 2008

The church has failed to preach the message of a God Who covenants with man. With all the messages the priesthood preaches on love and its agenda for good works, it has failed in the foundational message that begins with Genesis, and finishes with the final chapter of Revelation.

There is a redemptive covenant move of the Spirit of God working with man culminating with His Spirit and the bride giving the last call of the covenant for mankind to come out of its captivity to death by choosing the way of life and eternity.

The covenant with Adam began when the breath of life was breathed into him. God covenanted with him by promising life in the food He had provided for him. Life came with the condition that he would eat only that which was good for him and that he would not touch the fruit of the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil. God has zero tolerance for evil; for with it comes death.

Within the heart of God’s covenant with man is a built-in way back to the eternal life he gave up in order to embrace sin. This is the ultimate gift, freely given by God but requiring choices to be made by man, which gives him the responsibility and the God-given right to choose his own destiny.

The truth of God’s Word is the suspension cord, which initiates and holds up His creation. Man can only travel along the provided way to eternal life, if he follows the dictates of God and obeys Him. The converse is also true; he will surely die if he disobeys Him, for God’s Law rules the universe in truth and not in science, philosophy or religion.

It was the voice of God in truth, which spoke creation into being, for He first said, “Let there be light!” By knowing our Bible, we know that Jesus declared Himself to be both the Light of the world and the Truth. So it follows that the blessing of life is forever intertwined with the Light. Likewise, the curse attached to sin is forever intertwined with darkness and death.

Evil is that which causes separation of man from truth by the process of a lie coming from one source only, which is Satan, that devil of old who entered into the serpent. Ever promoting the counterfeit of truth, his voice spoke the lies of deception to the woman, which, by her acceptance, established the first religious belief system as the foundation for liberalism from God and His truth.

The slightest twist of the truth will bring forth a form of religion, which will cause the leaven of it to grow and grow, until it fills the entire loaf. By the deception of the lies of religion, the covenant was broken between God and man. Now we are awaiting the time of the fullness of the gentile nations or those, which are ruled by religion and Satan instead of by God. We are able to see the true church of God struggling against the multi-cultic nature of the world rushing headlong to self-destruct, as a result of man’s broken covenant with Him.

Man loves to blame God for his problems, the same God Who warned and warned His people of the coming judgment through the many prophets He sent to them. He even had Abraham take his son of inheritance, Isaac, up to a mountain-top in preparation for sacrificing him on the altar. He stopped Abraham, but not before he understood how God would feel, when He would send His only Son into the world to actually take our place on the altar of sacrifice. He would bear the consequences of our sin against Him, Himself, by saving us, like Abraham, from having to face the dreadful consequences of a broken covenant.

Abraham was used to show the world that this enormous gift was coming our way, so that we, like Abraham, could drop to our knees in gratitude and thank God for what He has done for us, which we could not do for ourselves.

For every day of creation, six in all, the number of days it took God to provide a perfect location for man to live in harmony with Him, there would be 6000 years of living with his heart’s desire, Satan, whom man chose to rule over him instead of his Creator. God prepared His creation as a peaceful place for man to coexist with Him in what was much like a marriage covenant, which could only be broken by death. Man totally rejected God’s creation and His Holy Spirit Who had so graciously breathed the breath of life into him, thereby breaking the covenant.

God’s judgment would allow these many years for the growth of the leaven of sin until, like a boil, it would come to its fullness of time. At that point, sin will fill the entire earth, to culminate in a One World Order over which Satan will rule, as the one who comes against the Light (Christ) to usher in the darkness again, which the Light dispelled in the beginning. This ruler of the world will be the Antichrist of the antichrist spirit in rebellion against God.

There is no creative power of love at work in darkness. That is why the lust of homosexuality is the ploy of Satan to break the redemptive role and fruit-bearing purposes intended for the natural marriage bed and for the spiritual marriage bed. It is a darkness that destroys the one who chooses to indulge in such an abomination, while believing the lie that it is rooted in love.

Any honest physician knows, and should warn, of the health hazards for anyone involved in a homosexual lifestyle. Any honest priest or pastor should warn of its spiritual hazards, which cause separation from God. Politicians, in their obligations to the voter, should never, ever, pass laws to legalize such risky behavior, which increases the likelihood for all segments of society to contact AIDS, now spreading throughout the entire world.

All satanic ruler-ship leads to the breaking of God’s Law, which calls for man to do no harm to his neighbor in any way. The last six Commandments are summed up with the words, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Love does no harm to a neighbor; therefore love is the fulfillment of the law (Romans 13:9-10).

As was discovered by Adam and Eve, truth was the foundation for God’s spoken word and He meant what He said. He did not lie; it was Satan who lied. Man did surely die.

As a God Who keeps covenant, in His love and mercy He provided a Way back to the tree of life, which was closed off to man on the east side of the Garden, immediately following his sin. The curse of death was put in place but so too was the blessing of the covenant.

The battle was on between the serpent and the woman, between his spiritual seed born of Adam in the spirit of death as sons of the beast, and her Seed (Jesus), Who would be born of a virginal woman, infilled by the Spirit of God. Likewise, His comparable partner would be as a woman born again to be reproduced as a new creation in purity by the same Spirit, through trust in her Beloved Lord.

So we are about to enter into the tribulation period, at the time of the fullness of the gentiles and of the revived apostolic true church, the bride and comparable partner. This ushers in a fierce spiritual battle between truth and religion, between the Spirit of life and the spirit of death and between the Christ and the Antichrist.

In adversity, man was required to toil for his food, which God would have given as a perfect provision, so lovingly planned at the time of Creation. Satan hates man and seeks to destroy him by taking away his provisions. If man chooses to love Satan, then God will allow floods, winds and earthquakes to destroy the bounty He so lavishes on His own – copious amounts of food, clean running water, sewage disposal, electricity and warm comfortable homes heated in winter and cooled in summer. Yes, these are the blessings of the covenant, but loss of them will be the result of the curse of sin, which man brings upon himself.

God reiterated His covenant message for Adam in a new way with Noah. He told him that the rainbow, the Light broken for you and me, symbolic of the Seed of the woman being seen in the cloud, now becomes the sign of the everlasting covenant with all flesh on the earth. God’s covenant promise is that flood waters will never again destroy all flesh. There will be a remnant like that of Noah and those saved within the ark.

It will be from dust back to dust for the wicked, who are ungrateful for the life the Spirit breathed into them. They reject the individuality of life and understanding, which made mankind in the image of God, with this becoming the one and only unpardonable sin.

Man can be a deceiver like Jacob and a murderer like David, but if he has a heart for God and loves the Spirit of life more than he lusts after religion, which leads to death, then he can be forgiven. It requires man to repent of his sins and then turn them over to Jesus to take them away for him. At this point man is ready to be washed clean by the Word of the Lord in preparation for His kingdom on earth.

The covenant winds its way through history, from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as a crossover blessing coming to rest at the foot of the cross where redemption is complete and the Law is fulfilled. It is there that the blood sacrifice for the atonement of sin is made and man can pass through the cross from death, to once again receive the Spirit of life.

All men and all nations, including the descendants of the ancient nation of Israel now scattered throughout the world, must pass through the cross to receive the Abramic-Davidic blessing. The covenant takes on new form no longer written in stone, but now embraced by the heart. It rests no longer with a single nation but with an apostolic church sent into the world to preach the gospel of truth and give men understanding about these things.

The foundation for the church was laid in truth, but Satan bombarded her with religious Christianity just as he ruined Judah with religious Judaism. It means an exodus is required for the pillar of the church, the bride, to come out and away from all religion and into truth. The pillar will share that cloud with the rainbow just as the pillar was in the cloud that moved over the ark of the covenant in the wilderness with the nation Israel.

It has always been about the church from the beginning of Abraham’s departure from his father’s house and from his father’s idols to move in faith and total dependency upon the leading of the Lord God. Now, the final move of God is to bring forth the voice of His bride, the true church, which will carry out the last covenant move along the Way, as she calls men back to the truth of God with the Spirit leading within.

The one covenant runs throughout history, from Creation to the return of Jesus when He will then establish the Law of God over mankind, with the blessing of peace, which comes only from Him. The author of lies, sexual immorality, pornography, violence and terror shall be chained during His thousand-year rule of peace, before a new heaven and a new earth are put in place.

And the New Jerusalem shall be seen coming down from heaven above, dressed like a bride ready for her Bridegroom. At this point, the marriage bed will function in true love and fruitfulness with the marriage of man to God and the Lamb.

This is the message of the covenant: eat of the right food and you will live (the blessing); eat of the wrong food and you will die (the cursing); eat of the truth of the Bible and you will live (the blessing); eat of the lies of religion and man-made ideologies and you will die (the cursing).

What is the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? It is the Gnostic spirit of Secular Humanism, tolerance for all things but truth, a code of no high or moral standard but rather one set by man, believing not in the God of truth but in the power that comes from within.

The fruit of the tree of life comes from the true church of those born again of the Spirit of life who have chosen to live by a higher law than the laws, which are made by men. The fruit is made up of those who love the truth and hate the author of religious doctrines, creeds and theories about God. The fruit wants to travel the covenant way to the end, so that it can once again be grafted back into the tree of life, to which the Way was closed on the east side of the Garden.