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Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                           by Elinor Montgomery

A Boa Around her Waist

October 22, 2008

 I had a walk and a talk with Jesus this morning after awakening from a terrible dream. Someone, I am especially fond of, had a Boa Constrictor around her waist under her clothing and she had taken to wearing it wherever she would go. When I first saw it moving, it terrified me to the point of separating myself from her; I was much too frightened to be near her.

 She would not listen to me when I told her she would have to get rid of the snake or it could kill her. I pleaded with her, but she simply smiled back at me as though I were crazy and she was the normal one doing the normal thing. I knew our relationship would come to an end, for I did not want to be near that Boa, nor did I want it ever to come into my house.

 So I asked Jesus the question, “How do I reach her? What can I say to make her realize how dangerous her situation really is?”

The Lord replied to me, “My child, your Father warned His first son and daughter, Adam and Eve, about this same thing and they would not listen to Him. They preferred the serpent to their Father. They had been unclothed and were not ashamed, for there was no shame in the marriage bed, in perfect relationship with Me. But once they had listened to the serpent’s lies and believed them, it was as though a Boa were placed around their waists, and they no longer were girded with a belt of truth.

            The serpent seduced them, and then told them that I do not mean what I say, leaving them liberated and free to follow the desires of the flesh without heeding My truth. Unlike your friend, I came seeking them and found them to be hiding from Me in shame; for they knew they would never be fruitful, nor could they ever produce the good fruit of the marriage bed, which I wanted from them. They tried to cover themselves up so I could not see that they, too, had a Boa around their waists.

The pain and loathing I felt for them gave way to pity and mercy. I told them to get dressed for I had made a covering of skins for them so that they would know they had chosen death with their new father, the devil, who had entered the serpent and had deceived them. They were now nothing more than little beasts as sons of the beast, the angel I had cast from heaven to his death below for the iniquity, which was found in him.

Satan had wanted to take as many angels with him as he could possibly lure away from God. Likewise, he wants to destroy all of humanity by taking it down with him so that he can rule over mankind, and be like the Most High God. His problem was that he wanted to have the power within him to be like Me. He wanted to be his own god so that I would be redundant, and he could do whatever he wanted to do. He was full of pride, which is the companion to death. Satan rules over nothing but death.”

“Lord,” I said, “is that what that Boa around the waist of the one I am especially fond of is all about?”

“Yes, My child, I am afraid that is exactly what it is about. It is a Boa of lies, religion and liberalism, all of which will ultimately constrict to break the bones of the victim and kill him/her. Too late, she is going to find she has missed the boat, which will pull out without her, only to discover that the deadly Boa deprived her of God’s planned return trip from this world to the next, where she would have eternal life in a place of truth, peace and joy with Him.”

My pain increased as I thought of my dear friend and I asked, “Lord, how in the world can I cause her to hear me? Couldn’t You just come down with me and make her see how dangerous it is?”

“Oh, My child, I have already done that. Once Adam and his comparable partner, whom I gave to him, chose to play the harlots with Me, I closed off the east side of the Garden and put them out of it. They, not I, had made their own choice between the serpent and Me; they chose to dwell in the liberalism and religion of the world, which would forever separate them on the east side from My liberty in truth.

I immediately put a plan in place for them that they might once again be redeemed by establishing a covenant Way back to the tree of life for all of their descendants, which would ultimately lead them back to Me.

 I sent My prophets along the Way, but they would not listen, and so I came, according to the words and prophecy of the prophets to dwell among My people. I gave them the perfect guide book of truth, but they would not find time to read it. I came into the world and taught them so they might have understanding. Finally, I actually took their places on the cross in death for their sins, so that they might be saved and live once again in relationship with Me. I AM the Way for man to be redeemed and saved.

 My child, there was no gratitude in them. They would not take that snake from around their waist because they believed the liar, the devil, and they would not believe Me. I was Truth incarnate, come to these people in captivity to sin and suffering, offering them life and freedom from it all, where there had been nothing but death. Do you know, My child, what they said to Me, their Creator? ‘Thank You, but no thank You! We will keep on waiting for another who will take up the sword of this world and will rule by that sword instead of by the sword of truth.’”

I listened to Him in disbelief and asked the question, “Lord, how could they do this terrible thing to You and to themselves? How could they have been so stupid and so blind?”

Again He replied so very gently and yet so lovingly. “You are blessed among women, for I have opened your eyes to the truth supernaturally. Have you forgotten that you were once like they?” Almost shame-facedly, I remained silent, for I remember very well being like they were and every bit as stubborn.

 When anyone tried to tell me that I was in danger, even though basically I did what was good for my fellow man and for me, I, too, had thought they were crazy fundamentalists, who were, perhaps, more emotional than educated. Oh yes, I knew I had my faults but I figured God would find me quite acceptable as far as good people go. I had no idea that all mankind was under an Adamic curse as the fruit of the destroyed marriage bed.

“You see, child, in your heart you wanted to return to Me. It was enough for Me to know that if your eyes were miraculously opened you would be willing to separate yourself from the world and welcome My Spirit of life, which I would breathe back into you. I knew I could count on you, like My early apostles, to take up your own cross and follow Me. You would have to die to self, but My love would be sufficient for you and make it all worthwhile to become My witness to the truth.

Religion is the strength of the Boa, but when you separate yourself from it, the truth becomes like a double-edged sword that slices it to pieces. Everyone can have this power of truth within them, just for the asking.”

“But Lord, they do not want to listen!” I exclaimed, still feeling pain and concern for my friend. “Should I keep on trying to slice away at religion?” I asked.

“My child, I came before you to witness to the truth. I went face to face, challenging the religious Pharisees, and did they stop Me? No, I kept witnessing to the truth until I had a little flock, which followed Me in truth. Do you see how that little flock changed the world?

You are more likely to know the names of My precious apostles, Peter, John and Paul, and possibly even the names of all the other apostles, before you will remember any of the names of the religious Pharisees. They are dead men, sleeping until the judgment, but My apostles are sleeping while very much alive and awaiting the awakening to eternal life with Me. Never stop, My child, for as you do your job of witnessing to the truth, I will do the rest!”

Of course, as I reflected on our conversation, the wonder of it all is that every Word of truth is prophetic, and the history of mankind is told in completion in advance of the events yet to come. The Lord has always known the beginning from the end, when He will rule victoriously over the evils of religion, liberalism, and the lies that under-gird them. Because of this, I know that there is going to be a new heaven and a new earth where there will be no lies or religion, but rather only the truth. Still, I desperately want my friend to be there with me.

Suddenly, the weight lifted from me for I knew that my witnessing to the truth was all that was required of me. Only the Lord can open the eyes of the blind like He opened Paul’s, before He opened mine. The joy of it all was that I would never know when something I might say or do could open the door for someone else.

We finished our walk and talk together and I decided to begin the rest of my day with a prayer for the one I am especially fond of. I will pray that she might have ears to hear that the Spirit can take away her blindness and remove the dreadful Boa from around her waist, before it decides to constrict and destroy her forever.