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Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery
A Missed Childhood of Learning

November 21, 2008

 After God had prepared a Garden on earth, perfect and good in every way, full of light and separated from the darkness, He then created man. Now, the first man was birthed from the womb of God, but in a most unique way. He was created by the substance of dust and then given the Spirit of life, which the Father Creator breathed into His son.

 But this first man and the woman, created by Him, were missing something that every other man and woman would have in the future. Adam was thrust into marriage after having missed his childhood, the period in which a child learns obedience to the parent by trial, error, chastisement and discipline. This is the rather painful process of learning how to live compatibly with one’s fellow man, respecting others and doing unto them as one would have them do unto oneself. Most importantly, it is the time in which a child learns obedience and how to submit its own will to that of the parent.

 When a child is forbidden to touch a hot stove, its greatest desire is to experience for itself the reason why it should not touch that stove. Immediately, there is a conflict of wills – the will of the parent to keep the child from harm and the will of the child to determine to find out for him/herself what the harm is. The problem arises when the child submits to its own will while rejecting the will of the parent, who requires obedience for the child’s own good and protection  in order for the child to grow and mature.

 There were two trees in the Garden, one as seen by the Shulamite of Song of Solomon 2:3 when she describes her beloved (prophetic of the Lord Jesus) as an apple tree among the sons. The woman is passionately and hopelessly in love with this person described as a tree.

 There comes a time of separation when the Shulamite looks upon the king of the world, Solomon, who is as another tree with the smell of merchandizing, or the economic system of the world, upon him. He comes out of the wilderness of this world like pillars of smoke, for he rides in judgment, carried by those who serve him. He is a man of war, a man of the political system of empire building by the sword. He has many wives, whose religious idolatry he embraces. King Solomon could be described in this Song like the other tree of the Garden, the fruit of which belongs to the sons of Satan. No good fruit can come from this tree.

 Both trees produce sons in a spiritual battle against each other, having the banner of one or the other over them. Man is as a branch of that tree in perfect unity with the trunk and the vine, which covers the branches. It is upon the branch where the fruit grows. There must first appear a blossom as white as a lily, which, in its purity, will produce the good and acceptable fruit for the Father. If the woman should stray from her beloved to respond to her desire to eat of the forbidden tree, then, as a branch, she would be broken off. There would no longer be the Spirit of life in her and she would be grafted as a dead branch into a dead tree, just as God had warned would happen.

 He gave the man and the woman, Adam and Eve, a warning, which they missed without a childhood. He made it very clear that it was a life and death matter. Unfortunately, the spirit of the wrong tree is rooted in the lies of liberalism and religion, which always war with the truth. Hence there is a banner over all men and women, according to the colors they choose to support in the battle for souls, created by sin.

 Now, the woman and first son, in their desire to touch the forbidden tree (or stove), submitted to their own will, ate of the forbidden fruit and were stricken unto death. With this act of treason, the marriage bed of Creation, between God and man, was destroyed by harlotry. In order to save the lost Creation, the one tree would be required to do battle with the other.

 Satan’s tree has been granted the right to the souls of men through sin. However, he was defeated when the Tree of life was superimposed over the dead tree, taking man’s sentence in his place. The Tree freed man from his death sentence in order that he might be returned to his position of love and obedience to his Creator.

 It will take a seven-millennia-period of growing pains to at last restore man and His creation back to God. For every day of God’s rejected work in creation, man would spend a thousand years of suffering until he learns from experience what he missed as a child, in its trial and error period of maturity. It is all about preparing a pure and spotless bride for the second Bridegroom, Who opened the door to marriage for Himself and the second bride of creation.

 The spiritual battle in this world is intensifying. The time is at hand for the Beloved to return and claim His bride for whom He paid the price. He will take one of the highest branches from the high cedars and plant it on the mountain height of Israel to bring forth boughs and bear the fruit of a majestic cedar. The Lord, will bring down the high tree and exalt the low tree, dry up the green tree and make the dry tree flourish (see Ezekiel 17:22-24).

 The corrupt marriage bed of this world will give way to the marriage of the Lamb, for His wife has made herself ready. “Blessed are those who are called to the marriage supper of the Lamb (Revelation 19:9)!”