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Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery
The Law

November 23 & 24, 2008

Jacob and his little band of sons, the tribes, and their families, numbering as few as 66 in all, entered Egypt under the name of Israel. Jacob’s son of inheritance, Joseph, a true Israelite, had become as a king at the right hand of Pharaoh, having all the power of a king to provide the food, which would save his family.

The Israelites grew in numbers in the land of Egypt for 400 years, but, in the process, they went from freedom to slavery, until it was time for them to come out of Egypt and possess the Promised Land. This would require a supernatural move of God to set them free, for Joseph had long been forgotten, and Israel’s numbers were growing excessively to become a threat to the Egyptians within their own land.

It was Pharaoh’s desire to stop the growth of this nation by killing the first-born male babies. And so, the Lord brought about a supernatural exodus for His people, with the power being given to one man, Moses, to lead them out of Egypt and out of their captivity to slavery.

Not only was the nation set free to cross over into the wilderness and ultimately into the Promised Land, but at the cross, which became another crossover place for all nations, the spiritual nation would also be set free to cross over into the kingdom of Israel. At this point of crossover, the nation Israel would give way to the spiritual nation, Israel, as would the last Levitical high priest, John the Baptist, give way to the High Priest, Jesus.

This is basic understanding in order to understand the place of the Law in both nation and spiritual nation. Moses is as Jesus on high Who comes down as the Cornerstone from above with the Law written or resting on Him. Aaron, Moses’ brother, was his voice and prophet, just as the church would become the voice of truth and the prophet witnessing to the truth of Jesus’ gospels or testimony.

The Law spelled out doom for the nation by the judgment of its commandments. At the same time the blood sacrifices of animals could never wash away the sins of the people; the Israelites, like all mankind, were still doomed to die in their sins. The Law demonstrated the need for the spiritual nation, and the one-time sacrifice of the spiritual High Priest, Who had the right to enter directly into the throne room of God. He became the Cornerstone for the church made of spiritual stones, uncut by man’s hands, forming the foundation and the pillars of a spiritual temple.

There were two trees in the Garden of Eden and two separate governments, which evolved from them, being of two very different natures. One is the government of the jungle, over which the beast rules, and the other is the government of peace where God rules. Sin caused man to be forced into the government, or regime of the beast, causing him to live under the principle of the rights of man apart from God, as opposed to the principle of living in obedience under God. The government of Satan is in rebellion to God’s planned government for man.

The devil says you can be like God, because you can know evil as well as good (compromise) and still be like Him, but without Him. All of the empires of this world, ruled by the sword, originate from this lie, with the stronger ruling over the weaker. God’s Law or government requires obedience to a higher authority, being that of the Creator, Himself, whereby His will for us as His children is set down in the principles of His Law.

There is but one Law for all, with all receiving equal justice under a God Who offers His love and salvation to all mankind. The beast does not love; he hates man created to worship God and so wants to destroy the soul of every man as well as the spirit of a nation under God. Israel, first, and America, next, have been the only two nations in the world, which had God as Ruler over the lands to which He led His people.

Moses was required to go up on the mountain of God in order to both get to know his God and to be the carrier of the Law back to God’s people, Israel, over whom He would rule by His Law, separate and apart from the other nations of the world. The Law was given not only for one nation, but for the benefit of all nations so every single living being could ultimately have the opportunity to return back to the government of God within the eternal spiritual house of Israel.

The success of Israel in keeping the covenant with God depended on whether or not it compromised itself with religion instead of being the torch bearer of light, which God required her to be. The nation, by nature of its covenant with God, was required to witness to the light so that the blessing of life could go out to the entire world.

Israel’s failure as covenant keepers was at the root of the prophet Jonah’s problem. He wanted to keep the blessing just for Israel. He actually thought that by God choosing His nation, it gave Israel a status before God, which other nations did not deserve. They were the children of God, but Nineveh and its fierce empire belonged to the beast and his gods of idolatry. Yet, Jonah could not see that Israel, in her rebellion to God’s truth, was under greater judgment in God’s eyes than were the other nations, which had not known Him due to the failure of Israel to become light bearers to the world.

 God had to take Jonah to a place of understanding where he would come to see that Israel was no better than the rest of the pagan societies, from which He had taken her. God showed him how He had called out His people and planted them like a tree, or they, too, would have perished under the heat of the sun like the pagans who worshiped it. Jonah’s experience demonstrates the transition of Israel in Jesus, whereby the Law of a nation ruled by God becomes the Law embraced spiritually by a spiritual nation ruled by Jesus. Jonah is the sign of His resurrection.

Satan knew that if he could stop the sign of Jonah pointing to the resurrection and the Law resting on the shoulder of the resurrected Jesus that he could then keep ruler-ship over the world. The devil wants ruler-ship in a One World Order and does not want to lose it to Jesus’ New World Order or to His kingdom on earth. Since Satan could not defeat Jesus, he then focused his attack on the witnesses to the truth. These witnesses, today, are those who remain of the church begun by Jesus, who, by their witnessing, prevent the One World Order of economics, politics and religion from becoming complete, giving the devil total control. For he has no power against the truth or can he have complete world ruler-ship as long as one vestige of truth remains.

America was a nation of many different people, all having one thing in common; they were ruled by God and His Law as found in the truth of the Bible. This nation declared the Bible to be the only Book of truth, and the basis for the judicial system. America was the land of freedom for those who entered through her borders by swearing allegiance to God and country, in their desire to live in the liberty that only His Law can give.

Such Law cannot coexist with a Charter of Rights or Shariah Law – both belonging to the law of the jungle ruled over by the beast. There is a wall between the two, and if man rejects God’s Law, he rejects God. If he rejects God, God will graciously depart to leave him victim to the jungle law. Satan’s law leads to wars, terrorism, violence, immorality and finally, death. There can never be life in the law of the jungle, whereby the empire-building nations control men by the sword and by religion.

How is it that we continually put the blame for the ravages of war on God asking how He could allow such things to happen? “Where was God?” we cry. The answer is that He is exactly where we put Him, in so far as the life of our nation is concerned. He wanted more than anything else to keep His hand of protection over us, as His people, but we chose to reject Him. So be it!

 Truth and religion are an incompatible mix. This is the reason why Christianity consists of a divisive bunch of people – with numerous different doctrines all coming under the name of Christ, exactly as Jesus warned would happen. His response to this was that many would come in His name, but He would not know them.

His own people will have the Law written in their hearts so that they are as immovable in the truth as is a heavy stone. The true church and state (the spiritual Israel of today and America) were in unity within her borders that stretched from sea to sea, until the rights of the religious started squeezing the church out, claiming to do so in the name of religion. There is no place for religion to rule in America under God, or is there room for any counterfeit Charter of Rights. Truth reigns with the Law of God, the perfect government, and in Him alone is found liberty and freedom.

America has just elected, to the office of President, a black man who, as opposed to being black in color, is black in spirit. He does not obey the truth, but defies God by planning to implement the rule of the devil in the land. It is a dark day when America tries to change the nature of God’s ordained institution of marriage between a man and a woman so that marriage can no longer be fruitful. It is a dark day when America kills the unborn child believing God did not know Samuel, John the Baptist and Jesus, like all other unborn children, each one of whom has his/her own divine commission in life.

It is a dark day when America recognizes other gods as being on an equal basis with God Almighty and that the laws of religion are equal to the Law of God. It is a dark day when America appoints judges who set their own agendas instead of merely judging according to the laws of God and the truth of His Book upon which they swear.

No government has ever or will ever last, which is not based on the Law of God. Empires rise and fall as they self-destruct like Judas did, when their foundations are religion instead of the rock-solid foundation of truth, in which victory is found. Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven!

The last covenant move of God will take place at the same time as the One World Order forms under the Antichrist. It is known as the time of the fullness of the gentiles. The time is short before the covenant between man and God is fulfilled, and His kingdom does come to earth with the government resting on the shoulder of Jesus. The prophets spoke the prophetic words surrounding these events many centuries ago and, like all the words of the prophets, they will come to pass. They were the voices, which spoke for God; today, they are the voices witnessing to the truth for the Kingfisher of men.

The keys of the kingdom belong to the church and the true revived apostolic church will be the last prophetic voice of the Spirit and the bride speaking together, calling all men to the truth of God and to life in Him. There is no other way, for Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and NO MAN comes to the Father except by Him (see John 14:6).