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Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

World View vs. Spiritual View

December 31, 2008

Two men were discussing the nature of things, one from a secular humanist viewpoint and the other from a spiritual viewpoint. The spiritual man pointed to a light brown wooden table, which served as the chef’s work-table in the middle of the kitchen. He asked the secular man what he saw when he looked at the table, to which the secular man replied, “Well, that is an easy question to answer; of course, I see a table in front of me.”

Again, the spiritual man asked another question; “And what color is it?” The secular man replied, “That’s pretty obvious – it’s light brown.” The spiritual man continued questioning him; “Are you absolutely sure of what you are saying?” At this point the secular man replied a little testily, “Yes, I am quite sure.”

So, the spiritual man asked, “If I were to tell you this is a chair instead of a table, what would you have to say to me in reply?” “Well,” replied the humanist, “I would have to say one or other of us has a screw loose, for it is clearly a table.” He then began to struggle mentally as he tried to discern the intent of the spiritual man’s purpose in questioning him in this manner. “Okay,” he said, “I will bite – what is the point that you are trying to make?”

“We both agree to the truth that this is a light brown table here in front of us. You can make the statement that it is a green chair, but the truth of the matter is that the table remains a table, regardless of anyone’s belief system, which might try to depict it in any terms other than that which it is. There is an absolute truth about this table that has nothing to do with how the human mind thinks, for human perception cannot affect the nature of this table.”

The secular man, whose foundation rested on the philosophy of relativism, began to see the light dawning and recognized the trap into which he had just been led. He cleverly pondered the situation, jumped up on the table and sat down with a victorious glare at his adversary.

The spiritual man had to laugh at his opponent, but then once again addressed him. “You have chosen to sit on this table and use it for a purpose for which it was not designed. It could easily collapse under your weight but, more importantly, the truth remains the same in spite of the purpose for which you have used it. It is not a green chair, and will always remain a light brown table until reconstructed into another form, broken down or burnt to ash.

There are truths and there are absolutes. Perception, better described as religion or a belief system, does not alter the truth. In the natural realm, liberalism dictates otherwise. And so the world is deceived into believing everything is relative, being without solid foundation or subject to the cornerstone of truth. This is what is called the antichrist spirit, which permeates that which comes against the truth of God, for Christ said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life,” and went on to prove it by fulfilling centuries of prophecies, spoken long before His time.

He brought those who would believe to His table of truth where He fed them the truth. He never intended His table to be used as a chair. His apostles became His church, with a commission to get off their chairs and go into all the world as His voice for the gospel of truth. His table was counterfeited by religion, which took Christ’s church to an institutional, comfortable church pew.”

America needs to grasp this message about truth, which cannot be altered to fit the religious systems of men. The truth of marriage was established by God, and can never be changed, no matter how many counterfeit laws men pass to try and do so. Homosexuals can make whatever commitments they desire with each other, but marriage will not be one of them.

Likewise, there can never be godly fruit born of an ungodly relationship. Hence Adam and Eve could not produce a son for God; they could only produce one who was under a death sentence as a son of Satan, whose parents embraced the lie instead of the truth. They were the first to accept the antichrist spirit in their lives, and, to this day, nations will embrace the lie rather than embrace the truth.

It was by God’s hand that the nation Israel, followed by America, was raised up to be the light of truth and liberty to the rest of the nations of the world. When these two nations joined the other nations by embracing their idolatrous gods, their actions caused the light to go out and the people ceased to be God’s torch bearers. Yet, a remnant of the true Jew of the apostolic church has been kept in reserve to carry the torch of light, a torch that leads to the kingdom.

The Olympic torch symbolizes the counterfeit of this light carried by those in the competition of countries willing to bow to the gods of Olympus. The Olympics began in witchcraft many centuries ago, and continue in the antichrist spirit to this day. Nothing was more evident than the satanic spirit, which permeated Showtime at the last Winter Olympics in Rome.

The Olympic competitors will be contrasted to the runners of the only race that matters, that which the apostle Paul and the other apostles began when they went out from Jerusalem with their torch of light handed to them by the Lord, Jesus Christ. From them the spiritual baton or torch will be passed to the bride of Christ, who will take up the challenge of the race right here in Canada.

In the final analysis, there will be but one nation with twelve tribes called the house of Israel, dwelling forever on earth with the one true God. How totally dead those false idols and gods are going to look as the flames reduce them to mere ash! At the same time the miracles, which men always wanted Jesus to perform for them, are going to happen before their very eyes. They will see the Spirit of the Lord come down into the midst of the valley among the dry bones and breathe life back into them.

This is the whole house of Israel that shall be restored from the grave with new flesh covering over it. These saints, along with those who remain, will be brought into the land of Israel when the kingdom of heaven once more rules in truth upon this earth. And the two sticks shall become one nation of a spiritual nature (see Ezekiel 37:17).

And the King of kings and Lord of lords shall rule forever more when the kingdom of heaven comes to this earth. No religious belief system of the secular mind can alter or prevent that which is the truth of God from coming to pass as prophesied in His Word. So why not teach the truth, instead of the lie to our children, just as God commanded?