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Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

The Teachers

January 09, 2009

Higher education is exactly what it says. It comes from above. It neither gives nor requires a university degree. It requires hearing the truth from God. It is best begun at an early age, to never cease throughout a lifetime. One can not acquire letters of achievement for biblical understanding from men; achievement is measured by a changed life, dedicated to witnessing to the truth and never to religion.

The greatest Teacher Who ever lived was Jesus. He was able to say He did nothing He had not seen the Father do, for He had learned on high. The second greatest teacher of the Old Testament would be Moses who was taken on high to receive his instructions from God. There is no greater center for education than the school of God, which requires its students to answer the call to “Come up here!” for their instructions. Without this call and a fine-tuned ear to the Spirit, one cannot be part of the teaching and witnessing staff of Heaven’s graduates.

The apostles learned in the presence of God Incarnate, Who came down to instruct them in order to lay the foundation of the church on earth made with stones uncut by human hands. The church is the womb of learning that brings forth the teachers who grow the church, by equipping others for teaching within a world ruled by Satan.

Paul, the apostle, was perhaps the third greatest teacher who ever lived. He began in the school of religion, the same secular lower school, which is responsible for teaching the likes of Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens. He was confronted by the Light of the risen Lord, on the road to Damascus, while heading to kill those who were believers of the Way. Once the scales of religious blindness were removed and Paul had experienced the infilling of the Holy Spirit, he was taken up on high in the spirit to be taught by the master Teacher, Jesus. Only the Holy Spirit can set up the necessary lines of communication for such teaching.

The text book is the Bible and the only text required. For no other book is written by men who lived centuries apart, all of whom were inspired by the Holy Spirit. They were men called by the voice of God, and then instructed by Him.

There is but one important teaching to come, which is for the bride of the church, who will be taught, like the apostles and Paul, from the school above by the very voice of her Beloved, the Bridegroom. For this reason, it can be said of her that the Spirit and the bride make the last call of history, which is His Story. The Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” to those who really want to go to a place of greater understanding and of higher education.

The problem is that many cannot hear nor are they willing to give up their preconceived ideas and agendas in order to receive something better. Pride is often the leveler, which opens the door to the antichrist spirit, deceiving the prideful into believing themselves wise and without need of God. “You can be like the Most High God” are his words, which were fodder for the high priest of Judaism and the high priest, or pope, of Romanism.

Today, the universities are being infiltrated by professors who bring with them the rubbish of socialism, anti-democratic, anti-American, anti-God secular propaganda. Students are not taught to think for themselves, but rather to turn themselves into more robotic disseminators of the same agendas and philosophies as those of their teachers. They are shrouded in a darkness, which can never be dispelled except by the light of truth.

The secular academic elite are little more than fools in God’s eyes. Their egos often take them on a real anti-Christ journey, setting themselves up to be teachers, often coming in the name of ‘atheist’ to endorse their own religious belief system while denying the power of the truth of God.

Unfortunately, it is worthless material, which spews out of their mouths, for their instructors come from below and are enthroned in the halls of learning beneath the heavens above. They have never experienced the counseling of the Great Counselor from above – Whose teaching comes through the communication lines of the Spirit, which link man directly to God. There is power in the truth, for it is the substance of Creation. It is only by the voice of truth that all creation was brought into existence.

 The poor deluded professors of lower education are polluting the minds of our spiritually, under-privileged children with the sewage of evolution, big bangs, and all forms of relativism and secularism, which are poison to their souls.

Without the text book from on high and without the master Teacher teaching our children, either directly or indirectly, we will produce nothing more than a Dead Poets ‘cookie-cutter’ type of society, destined to survive on sewage. But sewage is nothing more than the wasteful food the body rejects, which does not serve its needs. Do we really want to compel our children to ingest this sewage over and over again?