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                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

The Coming One World Order with its Plans for Extinction

February 11, 2009

 Everyone knows the story of Moses, but few know the prophecy for the church inscribed in the first twelve chapters of Exodus, which took Israel to the eve of the Passover and her exodus from Egypt.

Just as Egypt was one camp during the Exodus and Israel the other, at this very moment in history the two camps of another exodus are mustering their troops. On one side is a religious army, the UR (United Religion), a branch of the UN under the leadership of Mikhail Gorbachev, the former Communist leader of Russia, embraced by the WCC (World Council of ‘institutional’ Churches). On the other side, is a camp, which the Lord God is preparing with His remnant of the true revived apostolic church, called to be His army of witnesses to the truth. 

It is separation time, or exodus time, for the final and most important covenant move in all of history, which began with God’s covenant with man, which was made back in the Garden of Eden. His covenant travels the Way, the entire distance from Garden closure to kingdom opening here on earth. The time is now for the kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven, but first, the Lord will have His bride from His church ready and prepared for the crossover (Passover).

  Pick up your Bibles and for the next few weeks take a journey with me through the first twelve chapters of the book of Exodus. It could change your understanding by revelation of the prophecy, inherent in every word. Political shifts are taking place in the world today revolving around this prophecy concerning the differing roles religion and the church have to play in the process.

            The shifts are leading to a One World Order and a showdown between the Antichrist and the Christ and between Babylon and the house of Israel, just as the Exodus of Scripture led to a showdown between Pharaoh and God and between Egypt and the nation Israel.

            So, let the journey begin!

From Planned Extinction to the Passover

(Exodus – Chapters One To Twelve)


October 19, 2005

One of the most spectacular displays in history of God’s miraculous power is seen in the events leading up to the Passover of the nation Israel and the supernatural exodus from her captivity in slavery to Egypt. Was this just a recorded blip in the annals of time, being nothing more than the stuff of which great movie spectaculars are made?

In the past century two major movies were produced, along with a lesser-known one, about Moses and the exodus of the nation Israel from Egypt, which have captured the hearts of moviegoers around the world. The movie, The Ten Commandments, was produced in the mid-twentieth century, and was perhaps one of the best-known spectaculars in all of movie history. It was followed at the end of the century with an animated film called The Prince of Egypt, which was enjoyed by millions of children and adults alike. Was it within God’s plan for this story to be kept alive before a world, which was quickly growing apart from the truths of the Bible? Could it have been that God inspired movie producers to present His story with its spiritual message – one, which His institutional churches were failing to deliver?

Inherent in these passages of Scripture is the prophetic message of judgment and salvation in the blood of the Lamb. We are shown the great and unsurpassable divide that exists between the people of the world and the people called Israel. This is God’s portion of the people whom He is protecting from His own wrath. His judgment will most certainly fall upon a world, which has chosen to worship under Satan’s ruler-ship instead of under God’s commandments.

The Passover provides the antidote for the sin of man in the Garden, which led to the great divide, with death on one side of it and truth on the other. God is doing much more than just telling us a nice story about Israel and its hero, Moses, who challenged Pharaoh for the freedom of his people. God is laying down a pattern for a very real, future, spiritual event, which will take place in the lives of all people, bar none.

Does this mean the nation, Israel, is a chosen people to the exclusion of the other members of the human race? It most certainly does, but it is not a nation defined by some exclusive bloodline. It is a spiritual nation open to all men whose bloodline comes from the first man Adam, as indicated by the lineage of Jesus through His mother Mary. Though Adam, the first son of God, took all men down with him into the captivity of death from sin, all men have the potential to be redeemed by the blood of Jesus, the second Son of God. He is the First-fruit acceptable to God as the Son of His marriage bed with man, established in the Garden by God to bring forth good fruit in the Spirit of life. The nation, under the Law and caught in the practice of animal sacrifices, could never produce this fruit, which only the Spirit-filled nation could produce, as born again new creations.

The Passover supper, which is known to believers as the Last Supper, carries the elements of Israel’s Passover into a new spiritual realm. It is in these, the latter days, when the Passover will come to fulfillment as God’s people of spiritual Israel enter into His household and His kingdom.

 The events, leading up to Passover, and the Passover itself, give us some of the most incredible prophetic gems of understanding that the Bible has to offer mankind. It is the promise of a provision from God for a way out of the death penalty for sin, in which man became ensnared at the time of Creation. Is it possible man will make the same mistake a second time that Adam and Eve made when they chose death after having been given the option for life? Or, on the other hand, will man incorporate these passages of Scripture into his understanding and choose to be one of the mixed multitude, which will make the exodus safely from this world into the kingdom of the new world here on earth?

The pattern is put before us in the first twelve chapters of the book of Exodus, with the choice belonging to each and every person alive today. As the church, it is our job to reach the world with this message. The plagues are presently becoming a true threat to men all over the world. The signs of the times tell us the countdown is on and time is running out for men to prepare for Passover.

Are you prepared with the understanding we all so desperately need if we are going to dwell eternally with God in His kingdom? This book of Scripture offers us the prophetic understanding needed for this time, but it is our duty to pursue it. And in all your getting, get understanding (Proverbs 4:7).

As the true church of Jesus Christ, it is our Great Commission to teach the truth, which is given in the spirit of prophecy, to others, so they, too, might prepare for the spiritual Passover of Israel, when God will pass over the believers in the coming judgment upon evil men.