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                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

The Filth of a Nation

April 22, 2009

For a stranger to come into this land, would he see a great nation where the same justice and liberty rules for all – a nation that emphasizes moral goodness, respect for neighbor, and an educational system, which honors God at its very core? This was the heritage, which our Founding Fathers left behind, having suffered through their pioneering years in order to hand it down to us. They were as much as 98% Christian by name, and today the population of America is still 75% to 80% Christian by name.

So, what is wrong with the picture this stranger would see? From the moment he first turns on the television, he will be struck by the filth it is spewing out. Sexually explicit immorality, sexual deviancy and pornography will be vomited out upon the viewer as fast as he can flip channels. If he is not faced with this, then he will be forced to look at crime, violence, drugs, and the face of youth masked by paint, body piercing, and tattoos. They have become like clowns, covering over the pain of a troubled society that has lost its way.

 If this stranger in the land has come looking for the American dream, he will no longer find it here. Only as recently as sixty years ago the dream was still alive and well – that is to say, before liberalism began its onslaught upon the governments, the courtrooms, and the schoolrooms of this once great land.

“Where did the problem begin,” we might well ask, “when Christians were responsible for holding high the torch of liberty, freedom and justice?” Is this not exactly where the blame must come to rest – with a religious body full of many different denominations, which God will hold responsible for not having kept Jesus and His Word at the center of the nation? Oddly enough, the institutional church can’t even keep Him at the center of its religion, so how could it possibly keep the direction of the nation under control?

 Religion and truth have never been able to share the same bed together without the leaven rising up to fill the entire loaf. Jesus separated His church from the leaven of the Pharisees and set it on a firm apostolic foundation of truth. But apostasy crept into its priesthood, which allowed the takeover of the church when it was taken into the captivity of Romanism during the fourth century A.D. under the Roman emperor, Constantine.

God never leaves His people without a remnant growing within the world system, just as Israel grew into nationhood within Egypt. Under Martin Luther, the exodus of the true apostolic church from Romanism began a journey back to its apostolic roots. At the same time, the way was paved for it to cross over the sea to America where two nations were set up under God. They were freed of religious institutional church controls with a justice system based upon the truth of the Bible, and a system of law based on the Ten Commandments. 

All citizens, without exception, either accepted this pattern for American life, from the minute they crossed her borders, or they were free to go elsewhere to live in a country of their choice. It was the duty of the voter to maintain his authority over elected rulers and to see that the constitutions were upheld by them. This is the reason why virtually no Hindus, Buddhists or Muslims chose to live in America, under the laws of liberty, until liberalism led to treasonous plans to remove our constitutions and our inheritance in God, by replacing them with a multicultural counterfeit.

 The Founding Fathers rose above religious affiliations to bring forth two nations under God, as surely as Israel was established under God. We chose to covenant with Him as opposed to His choosing to covenant with the nation Israel. This is why our North American nations have been so blessed with the riches and food of this world. Because we loved our neighbors as ourselves, we looked after our poor. Only sixty years ago, many street-weary people came to my mother’s door to be fed a meal before moving on, often with new clothing to wear and money in their pockets. This was a result of every child in school having been taught the moral values of the Bible, along with respect for authority and one’s neighbor. Education was available for the poor as well as the rich who often studied side by side as equals in the classroom.
When the Bible was removed from our borders, our classrooms, the judicial system and the government, America began the slide down the slippery slope of liberalism, which is drawing her into the pit. Those institutions, daring to call themselves by the name of church, which, in fact, are made up of religious bodies of Christians, are forsaking the Word as quickly as the Secularists are. America is groveling in her own vomit and desperately in need of the God she has forsaken. Our children need the Word of truth in place of religious spiritual junk food even more than they need natural healthy food, which has been replaced by natural junk food in their lives.

American children are becoming as spiritually deprived as the children of third world countries, but with a difference. Their parents are perpetuating their sickness by buying things for them, as opposed to giving them discipline and attention. Our governments are further corrupting the children by legislating against methods of discipline for them, which would teach respectful behavior for authority figures. Our rulers are allowing a very few, within a powerful political lobby, to inflict the teaching of sexually deviant behavior to the masses, under a secular program, which replaces the teaching of Biblical truth, the cornerstone of this nation.

So, who is responsible for multiplying the filth in this nation? Are our leaders not proclaimed Christians for the better part? Are they not the same ones who pray to God for help in times of crisis, such as that of 9/11, yet, forbid the children to pray to Him, and require teachers not to mention His name in the classrooms? There is only one name for these men and women of the government and the courts; the name is ‘hypocrites’. They are little men and women with big heads and no common sense. The Christian priesthood of every denomination is full of them – spewing out religious tripe week after week.

Let me give you an example! Gerald Walton Paul, the religious writer for the Kingston Whig-Standard and minister of the United Church of Canada, wrote this in the April 18, 2009 edition of the newspaper, and I quote: (Paul is pointing to the return of Jesus) – “On rereading Canadian poet Margaret Avison’s The Mirrored Man, I am struck by the wisdom of the following lines: ‘We always turn our heads away/ when Canaan is at hand,/ Knowing it mortal to enjoy/ The Promise, not the Land.’ I take this to mean enjoy the promise now, because when what’s promised is finally realized, we’ll find that it’s not all it was cracked up to be. I’ve learned to enjoy the promise by focusing on the present benefits of the promise, rather than on the possibility of its future fulfillment.”

It is hard to believe a minister could spew out such garbage, which is apostasy as well as blasphemy, by openly declaring Jesus’ words to be suspect, making Him into a possible liar. The good pastor states the opposite to what Jesus said when he declares that man’s rewards are found in this world, instead of in the next. Satan absolutely loves having Gerald Walton Paul as part of his apostate Christian ministry, spreading far and wide the lies of the devil to add to the rest of the filth being poured out on the American people.

There is only one solution to our problem, and it is an exodus of the true church from the religious system, so that a voice for truth can make a clarion call, which will be heard in this nation.

Mr. Paul went on to state that his experience and those of some of his older acquaintances have resulted in the fact that many of them have little interest in the promise of life beyond the grave. They are more interested, and I quote, “In making music out of life’s remainders here and now than in focusing on the promise of more beyond.” His ‘scriptural reference’ comes from Wayne Dyer, one of the New Age gurus, instead of from the words of Jesus, for the representation of Whom he has likely received a hefty salary.

May heaven help us if this is an example of the Christian priesthood of the so-called church to which Christ entrusted the truth of the Word! What future would there be for the church if such men were really entrusted with the Word of God? This is but one pathetic example of religious tripe, better labeled as filth, coming from the pulpits of America today.

The blame for the filth of the nation must rest in the hands of Christianity. Never in the history of the world have we ever needed Jesus more than now to come down from above. It is time to call out His true church to stand on truth, not on religion, and do battle with the forces of evil, which stand on the foundation of lies, liberalism and religion. Jesus said that the gates of hell would not prevail against His church. They most certainly are prevailing daily against the institutional churches of Christianity, in the same way as they prevailed against the temple, the center of religious Judaism.

Wake up, America, and understand just where the source for your filth can be found! It is time to take a stand and do something about it before midnight comes upon you, at which time it shall be too late for this people, this land and the survival of their heritage in God and His Word. Choose life, or America will be swallowed up by death.