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Exodus, Chapter Twelve (part three)

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

From Planned Extinction to the Passover
(Exodus – Chapters One To Twelve)

Chapter Twelve (part three)

October 14 – 17, 2005

Midnight is the final hour of the day before we cross over into a new day. It is the last hour of the last event of a six-millennial history of God working with man before the Sabbath rest. It represents the hour of judgment. It is the time when God is going to pour out His wrath upon man for exchanging the gift of life in the Garden of creation for the condemnation of death. Beauty was replaced with ashes, joy for mourning, and the wonderful gifts the Father wanted to lavish upon His children were lost to lust, selfishness and pride. Obedience to the truth was not good enough for man. He wanted to experiment with religion, and so he got burned, just as God warned would happen.

Pharaoh rose in the night. In other words, God allowed him freedom to do his ugly thing, which ultimately led to his own self-destruction. Evil falls back upon those who choose the ways of the world to destroy themselves, as they ride the back of their father Satan to the pit with him.  For they are as the firstborn, born only once into the world of death, where they have rejected Jesus and His gift of the Holy Spirit, which is able to give them rebirth into the Spirit of life. The world is going to cry out in agony when it begins to see where its evil deeds have taken it. Now, Pharaoh’s eyes were opened finally to the facts surrounding death and he desperately wanted the cancerous sore in his land to be taken out of it, so that the judgment would be lifted.

As God shows the widening gap between His own people and the world, as portrayed by the nation Israel within the borders of Egypt, the suffering for the world will become extremely great. It will want this unending suffering to come to an end, when death hits each one of its homes, with the world no longer having the appeal it once had for mankind. The Lord God becomes the only answer to the solution, both for Egypt and for Israel. It will be the voice of the messenger, which will carry great power in the eyes of the religious throughout the world. She will appear to be at the center of the cause for the judgment, as were Moses and Aaron perceived by the Egyptians, with the cry being to let her and her followers (the livestock) go. There will be no place any longer for her in Egypt.

The great divide is being put in place where the bridge of Jesus will be removed when the time for salvation runs out, and there is found no blood on the doorposts of their lives, which will allow them to cross over into freedom. There will be a spiritual wall, which will hold the enemy back, until all have safely passed over. If one is to recognize the error of one’s ways, one will have to do so before midnight, or it will then be a new day and the moment will be missed once the judgment begins to fall. At this point the battle will be a fierce one for the souls of men; Satan does not want the witnesses to the truth stealing away even one from his One World Order, over which he will take full control of the entire world.

Once again we are given the message from God about having no leaven in the dough for the bread, taken out of Egypt with the people when they are forced to leave in a hurry.  Prophetically speaking, this is the truth being wrapped up in the pure clean garments of the bride, and resting on her shoulders as the key holder holding the keys to the kingdom, which only she, as the true church, can open to others. The spiritual passover to the kingdom rests in the words given to Moses, and the importance of his message for today’s bride. The articles of monetary value, so important to man, which have bolstered his pride, shall all disappear at the same time the bride makes her exit from the world.  Her departure from this world is timed to the devaluation of those things, which man has valued in place of God. The things, worshiped by the world, will be transformed into the worship of the Lord in spirit and in truth. The gold of this world will, likewise, be transformed into the instruments of worship, being of truly great worth in the tabernacle of heaven. The gold of man will give way to the good gold of Havilah and the gold of worship, which paves the street of the New Jerusalem.

Truth will replace idolatry, when the bride, like Rachel, will leave this land of the father of mankind, the devil, with his idols hidden under her skirt. Rachel feigned the curse of Eve to cover the idols, but, in fact, the curse was no longer any part of her life, for she was pregnant, about to give birth to Benjamin. She was protected by, and resting in the love of, her husband, but Jacob stated to Laban that no one in his camp would live, if the gods of Laban were to be found in the possession of any one of them. With whomever you find your gods, do not let him live (Genesis 31:32). She risked her life to remove the idolatry from the world under the leading of her husband. Rachel was no weak-kneed woman, but rather was willing to act in the face of great danger for the good of those caught in the snare of idolatry, and for the sake of her own people. The bride is going to be given favor in the sight of the Egyptians, just as Laban finally made a pact with Jacob and his fleeing family. Nothing will get in the way of God leading the spiritual houses or spiritual tribes of Jacob into the kingdom.

One must remember that Rachel’s second-born was born in the Land. He had the blessing of Israel upon him from birth. He was as the man child born with an iron rod of authority right in his little hand. Rachel was born once to die, but born twice to live, when she birthed Benjamin, the son of inheritance pointing to the woman of the book of Revelation birthing the man child in the spirit, as the bride of Jesus. He is born as a new creation here on earth in readiness for kingdom living when the woman birthing no longer lives for self, but rather dies to self in order to bring forth a new creation in the Spirit. Her body dies the first death of the flesh, but spiritually lives on as this new creation, which is snatched up to the throne of God to become His adopted child. Joseph, always pointing to Jesus, as the brother who saves his other brothers, is the first born of Rachel, as was Jesus the first fruit of the spiritual union of God with His bride of man, the Savior of His brothers, though rejected by the tribes of the nation and the spiritual houses of the spiritual nation.

It is important to note that God saw His people, Israel, as little children – immature vessels in need of maturing. What lies between childhood and the ultimate victory of kingdom inheritance is success as an overcomer in the wilderness experience of the world. We, today, are at the point in time when the firstborn of the woman of Revelation, who produces the man child, snatched up to the throne of God, will receive protection in her wilderness experience during the tribulation period. If Israel represents the children, then God is the Father. Jesus said to His apostles that He was going to His Father and to their Father, so one can conclude that the apostolic church becomes spiritual Israel, the children of God, and the true brethren of Jesus.

The journey was from Rameses to Succoth. Do not confuse this Succoth in Egypt with the one where Jacob built booths, or shelters, for himself and his livestock. Though not to be confused, they speak of the same protection the Lord will offer, as being symbolized by the protection Jacob offered his wives, his children and his livestock. Before crossing the Jordan, with his double camp, he built them shelters in which to dwell. In this passage we have a nation getting ready to depart from Egypt for the Promised Land, moving solely under the guidance and protection of the Lord. It will repeat itself as the passover experience of a spiritual nation one more time when the bride is removed from the world at the time of judgment – the tribulation. Jesus is the Passover, and His upper room teaching with His apostles aligns the moment of His crucifixion and resurrection with the Passover of Israel as she comes out of Egypt.

Like players trying out for a team, the Judaic players never made the cut, for they would not accept the spiritual reality of the Passover Lamb. They got caught in a time-warp where they remain to this day within the religious practice, but never in the reality of receiving salvation from their King and ours, called Jesus. Christianity has ceased to even look to the Passover as having any meaning. So, true to form, the younger sister, Oholibah, the church, becomes far more sinful than her older sister, Oholah, the nation, in her rejection of the Passover Lamb. For they both had known Him at one time, and then chose to reject Him. The Judaizer never knew Him to be Who He was. So the Hebrew children simply missed Him in their stiff-necked stubbornness of religion and pride of position, though Jesus walked among them.

The Word states that six hundred thousand men on foot, besides children, made the exit from Egypt. One might ask where the women were at the time of the Exodus; did they not come out with the men? God is pointing back to the generic term of man, as used in the creation message. He created him; male and female He created them (Genesis 1:27). This terminology was specifically used in its complete meaning where man refers to both male and female. For God does not differentiate or show preference, one above the other, male over female, when laying down the pattern for the spiritual passover of man to the kingdom of God. All are created equal, yet different, as His servants and children. Satan will try to counterfeit this understanding by blurring the difference between the sexes, so that they become asexual through radical feminism and homosexuality. His one purpose is to destroy the marriage bed and the spiritual relationship of the Lord to His bride of mankind, who can bring forth the good fruit of creation. They were as man coming out of Egypt, but they will be as women dressed as brides who come out of the world to pass over to a spiritual kingdom, when the woman encompasses the man.

The journey for the bride will be a walk with the Lord, as it was for the Israelites who journeyed by foot under His leadership. The livestock are mentioned coming out with them, just as the animals came out with Noah in the ark of salvation. These numbers will far exceed the numbers of the Israelites. They are the mixture of the multitudes, presenting the picture of the children of inheritance, born again of the water and the Spirit, and the believers, saved by believing on the name of Jesus for salvation. Because they are not born again, they are still in their animal condition as children of the beast.

The speed, with which the move will take place, is emphasized here. There will be little warning, other than the beginning of the plagues, as to when exactly the tribulation will begin. It is emphasized over and over again that there was to be no leaven at this time. For the leavened bread, which they had eaten in Egypt, was not going to have any part in their diet. They took their unleavened dough and then they cooked it to provide unleavened bread in the wilderness. The process of coming out required the making of bread in a way to which they were not accustomed while living in their houses in Egypt. In the same manner, the bride of the church must change her diet to the bread of truth only, as she makes her departure from the various houses or denominations of the Christian religion. There was little time for preparation, so this would be a journey of learning as they moved forward. Spiritually, there must be a feeding of truth, which is free and void of religion, when the bride becomes the last witness with the Spirit of God working within her.

The period of time spent in Egypt was four hundred and thirty years. It fits the time-frame of Martin Luther until the birthing of the bride, with the beginning of the true church coming out of its captivity to Romanism and back into the truth. It also fits generally within the time-frame from the first settlements in America, with the church arriving on the shores of her own Promised Land, to the exodus of the bride of spiritual Israel from the world of religious slavery. Always, Israel is referred to as being the armies of the Lord. We are in a spiritual battle for our very souls, and we will be in one camp or the other – either soldiers in the camp of Satan or spiritual soldiers in the camp of the Lord. It is a battle of spiritual fathers for their children, in which God will destroy the firstborn of Satan who, in turn, will try to destroy the firstborn of the Spirit.

Herod, representing the evil ruler-ship of man within the empire-building system of Satan, first tried to kill the babies of Bethlehem in order to kill Jesus. Will the Antichrist not follow perfectly in the footsteps of Pharaoh and Herod before him, when he goes after the offspring of the bride, or the woman of Revelation, who is birthing the man child destined to go to the very throne of God? With the formation of a One World Order of religion the camps will be clearly delineated, as opposed to the blurring of the institutional church age where the lines between them were not clearly defined. Compromise was the enemy, which kept these lines blurred.

The Passover was to be a time of solemn observance. Nothing in all of history needs to be understood better than the spiritual message of the Passover and the exodus of Israel from Egypt. The message rings loudly and clearly over the centuries, being as important today as it was yesterday. The Passover food was not to be eaten by outsiders. Jesus shared the Passover meal with only His apostles, once the one who would betray Him had been sent from the room and on his way back to the religious priesthood, with whom he had continued to fraternize. He had never made a full departure from the religious body, which resulted in his being a part of the conspiracy to bring Jesus to trial before the Sanhedrin. 

The Judases of today will be found under the religious banner of Christianity, joining with Judaism and Islam to form the One World Order of religion, which will allow the name of God, but will forbid the use of the name of Jesus. Christianity will be the traitorous religious body of this hour. It will separate from those who stand only on truth, for the Lord will not share His cup with them, but rather drive them from His presence as He drove Judas from the room, telling him to go quickly to do his evil deed.

The priesthood, as we know it today, hired and paid for doing its job of serving the Lord, will not be allowed to eat of the Passover meant only for the true apostolic priesthood, unless circumcised of the heart and made pure. The apostles gave themselves fully, of their own free will, to serve the Lord with no desire to receive remuneration for their time. No apostle was ever hired to teach the Word of the gospel of truth. He was bought and paid for by the blood of Jesus to be His servant. The priest of today is as a sojourner until he is washed clean by the Word and gains understanding of the prophecy. By this he will know who the true Jew of inheritance really is and what it is that qualifies him to be called a child of the Lord God.

When the bride comes back to her apostolic roots, and becomes a witness to the truth, then the two sticks of Israel shall come together and be as one house made up of twelve tribes. This is the time, in the final days, for the ingathering into the one house of Israel. The Word is for those only who have ears to hear, with the hardening of Pharaoh’s heart speaking of the problem that keeps the rest of the world from hearing the message of the bride. The bride will not enter into the religious houses, but the religious may come out, if they can hear and believe only on the name of Jesus for salvation. They may eat only within the houses of Israel, for the food of religion is corrupted.

The bones of the Word are the commandments of God. He said that the whole congregation of Israel was to keep His commandments. There is no room for rights in a government under the ruler-ship of the Lord. Liberalism will remain outside the house, for it is a house of truth and submission in obedience to the Law. Morality is set out with a plumb line and is not subject to the whims of man and his liberalism. Evil-doers will not escape the punishment; ultimately, they will die. Stoning, in the Old Testament, points prophetically to the apostles as being stones, which will come against the evil in men’s lives, saving those who have ears to hear, while allowing the truth to fall upon those who refuse to hear like a stone, which crushes its enemy.

The Scripture jumps back and forth from the spiritual to the natural and from the natural back to the spiritual. The door of Israel is open to all, allowing strangers in the land, but does not allow them to bring their cults with them. This passage is particularly addressing Islam in the latter days. It speaks of the males needing circumcision, but does not mention the females. Females are persons of no status within the world of Islam, outside that which they have through their husbands. Make no mistake, God is addressing multiculturalism from the moment Israel departs from Egypt. Eastern religions will be the downfall of America, if allowed to set up shop within this land. Solomon’s introduction of idolatry into the Promised Land resulted in decay from within for Israel, in spite of how wise he believed himself to be. It was not by man’s wisdom that he was able to save his inheritance, but it was by his disobedience to God that he lost it.

Those who came into Israel as his multitude of foreign wives brought their religious idolatry with them, and Solomon unwisely built altars in the Land for them to worship their gods. He ignored the commandment of God that strangers in the Land were to be circumcised. How we have sinned against God in America by allowing Muslims or any other religious group to come into our nation without swearing allegiance to our God on the Bible! How dare they ask for it to be replaced with the Koran that recognizes only a false god called Allah and a false prophet called Mohammed! Here in the Passover of Israel from Egypt, God is addressing this latter day problem with which we are now faced, having ignored God’s message of the Passover today in America. There is one law for all and it is not the Charter of Rights or is it Shariah law. It is the one Law of God for all people, whether Christian, Jew or Muslim. Their laws are totally incompatible with His Law. The only morality is that of His truth, which rejects all of the doctrines of man.

People of America today would do well to heed the message of yesterday, given by Moses, with the help of the voice of his brother Aaron. It is exactly the same message today for Jesus and His voice, that of His bride and His sister. The importance of the word ‘armies’ is pointed out, once again. The tribulation is a period in which marching armies will converge on Israel. It will happen in the natural; hence the return of a nation, which will allow God to pour out His wrath on a people who have abused His Land, as Adam and Eve abused the Garden of creation. It will also come down upon the institutional churches of spiritual Israel when she is judged first, as revealed in the prophecy of Revelation for the churches. Hers is the greater iniquity, as being that of the younger sister who should have known better by observing the example of her older sister. But history tends to repeat itself. Israel will only have liberty with respect to the victory of her armies of overcomers. If she is not willing to stand for Jesus in battle, then Jesus will not be willing to stand for her before the judgment seat of God.

Here is the crux of the matter concerning the Passover night in Egypt. It is all about Jesus and our willingness, as His children of Israel, to depend on His blood for salvation. We will be required to eat the flesh of the Lamb, which is the truth of the Word, getting rid of the head, legs and entrails of religion. It is the preparation for wearing our spiritual suits of armor in the battle of all battles with the Antichrist. Eat the flesh of Jesus and drink His wine, for it is by the Word of truth and by the Spirit in us that we will be enabled to cross over into the kingdom of God. And so the Feast of Passover, on the eve of the exodus of Israel from Egypt, is transformed into the communion table of the Lord, Who sheds the necessary blood of the Lamb for us to place on the doorposts of our lives. It is the only way that we can be passed over and set free of captivity to death when the Lord God comes to execute His judgment of death upon the firstborn of this world, who have rejected the second offer of life in the Spirit, which only Jesus can give.