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                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

Think of It!

May 16, 2009

It is crisis time for the church of Jesus Christ. We are on the eve of her passover when she must reject the mark of the beast in all three areas of man – the religious system, the economic system and the political system. Unless one understands what that means, one could easily be deceived and be left behind in the Egypt of our times.

The food of the apostolic church is baked with the grain of life, the same grain Jesus allowed His apostles to eat on the Sabbath, and the grain Joseph stored for this time of famine of the Word, which is truth. It is described as grain made into bread (Jesus, the Truth and not religion, is the Bread of life) with NO LEAVEN, NO LEAVEN, NO LEAVEN… (see the book of Exodus, Chapter 12). What the Word is saying is that the Lord will accept no religion (the leaven of the Pharisees) within His bride of the true church. Because of her purity, the gates of Hell or Hades shall not prevail against her. Add one drop of leaven and it will grow to destroy the entire loaf, just as we are seeing how easy it is for the gates of hell to prevail against the institutions of Christianity, which are full of leaven.

Take a good look, men of God, at the religious system of Christianity, and you will see it crumbling under its own weight of religion. How can this be if Jesus said that Satan has no power against His church? Christianity has been Satan’s form of Egypt throughout the church age, which has held the true church captive to religion, in order to compromise truth with leaven. It is now growing into its time of fullness when men of truth and the defenders of the truth will know they must make their exodus from the false religious system if they want to be a part of the true church; it will witness only to the truth, but never to religion. What the church has been doing over the last 18 centuries is laboring as captive slaves in the building programs of the world-wide Christian religious system.

The one crew for which Jesus held great disdain was the Judaic group of religious leaders called the Pharisees. He is the same today as He was yesterday. You cannot be a defender of the truth and be joined to a religious system at the same time. Jesus used Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea to clearly express this message. Nicodemus crept around to speak with Jesus in the darkness of night while remaining within the religious system at the same time. These two Pharisees would have to come clean and into the light of day to openly declare their position as supporters of the truth, at which point they would be rejected by the religious leaders.

Religion is the vehicle for the antichrist spirit. It was the religious high priest, Caiaphas, and not the Roman governor, Pilate, who was most threatened by Jesus. To try and combine religion with the truth is like creating an oil spill in pure water; it can be deadly for those animals trying to survive the contamination.

So, why did Jesus leave His church within the religious system for approximately 18 centuries, while religious traditions were allowed to form and grow within the system? It was for the same reason He left Israel in Egypt before setting the captives free and, then, in Judaism before removing His apostles. His purpose was to allow His church to grow and remain in her tomb-like state until, like the awakening of Lazarus, He would awaken His church, which is only sleeping until the time is right for love (see Song of Solomon 2:7) and her most dramatic witness of all time. She made use of the Roman roads to spread the gospel into all the world without interference from Babylon, with the Roman Empire going on snooze control at the same time. The Empire is awaiting its revival when, in these end times, Jesus will allow Satan and his gentile nations their time of fullness for one brief hour of history at the same time as the awakening of His bride. 

It was the religious system of Christianity, which fought against and killed its brothers of the nation Israel. The true church died for her brothers in the nation that they might be saved, but she never killed them. It is the Christian religious system that is divided by religious doctrines; the apostolic church was united in the truth of the gospels.

The paganism of Rome was at the root of Roman Catholicism, which is the foundation of Christianity. There was no Roman paganism in anything Jesus taught. His claim was not as a Christian leader, in fact He told Peter not to call Him the Christ. His only claim was to being the Way, in truth and life, as the Son of man and the Son of God. Hence the church He founded with His apostles was known as the Way.

It was the antichrist system, which established a Roman high priest of Christianity, just as it had established a high priest of Judaism, an office that had ceased to be any part of the Levitical priestly inheritance. That inheritance belonged to the last man of the Levitical high priest lineage, called John the Baptist, who transferred his high priest position to Jesus when he baptized Him, saying, “He must increase, but I must decrease (John 3:30).”

We are seeing a religious priesthood today doing the opposite to what John did, as it declares itself to be ‘fathers and reverends’, thus supplanting the authority of Jesus over His church. In the extreme, the Roman high priest of Roman Catholicism claims a position of inerrancy, which belongs only to God. Such a false and apostate priesthood is more preoccupied with establishing and maintaining its various religious systems than it is with becoming a voice for the truth of Jesus’ testimony, given in the spirit of prophecy.

This past week, we have been watching two defenders of the truth in the United States, of whom it might be said that they are the church in action and not one asleep in the pews. Their names are Dr. Alan Keyes and Coach Dave Daubenmire. But both men have a major problem, which they are going to have to face, sooner or later. They are standing in the name of Christianity, without understanding it is ruled by Satan and, in fact, is the system, which has become their antichrist-spirited adversary.

The former presidential candidate for office in the United States, Dr. Keyes, sits in jail as I write because he came up against the religious system of Roman Catholicism, which professes one thing and practices another. It will be most interesting to see how many priests will support him from the thousands who are ordained in the United States. It will be interesting to see whether a university, originally founded on the principles of Roman Catholicism, will change its position after the demonstration of these men or continue to honor a man who comes against the teachings of the Bible to endorse evil.

It will be interesting to see whether the Pope will demand the release of Dr. Keyes, a most upright citizen of America and a loyal Catholic believer, by calling on the school to clean up its act as a school supposedly teaching in the name of Jesus. Of course it must be recognized that our lady (Notre Dame) is most certainly not the same thing as a school founded on the name of Jesus. In fact the name Notre Dame points to the pagan worship, which was brought from Roman pagan practices into the counterfeit church of Rome. Such practices leave the institutional church door open for Satan to enter in.

If we look to the past history of Christianity and, more specifically, of Roman Catholicism, I would suggest that priestly intervention is very unlikely indeed. The Christian priesthood did not speak out when Hitler made his pitch, so why should it be any different by speaking out against Obama? My prayer is that Dr. Keyes will awaken to the fact that he holds membership in a false religious system, which is his enemy, not his church. He is too good a man to waste his time with a corrupt system.

Coach Daubenmire keeps on believing in the system of Christianity, while, at the same time carrying out a battle against it. Obama is a Christian, but he is not a believer. All of those institutional church pastors who fail to support Daubenmire in his stand for the gospel of truth are Christians by membership in the institution, yet are unwilling to stand for the truth of Jesus.

They are the Christian religious families in our two governments of America who have, in the past, and are still selling out the American people to the enemy. To name a few, there are the Kennedys and the Trudeaus, men and families of questionable moral character and most certainly families of liberalism, which have roots stretching back to the lies and liberalism of the Garden rather than to the truth of Jesus. Their liberal government policies have come against the truth of the Bible, and in fact, like so many of the Christian liberal political leaders, have introduced anti-God policies, which make them men of treason.

The Clintons were photographed strolling off to their Christian church – he, holding a big Bible in one hand and the hand of his apparently supportive wife in the other. This all happened when he was in the midst of federal investigations into perjury charges along with many other charges of immoral sexual misconduct, while in office as the President of the United States. Hillary Clinton, his wife, was more concerned for her own ambitions and her need for keeping up political appearances than she was concerned about her husband’s lies and sexual dalliances. Is this not the true face of religious hypocrisy? Their popularity at the time of the investigations reached 70% approval ratings from a society, which had approximately the same percentage of the population classifying itself as Christian.

These men are all Christians regardless of their particular denomination. It cannot be denied that they remain Christian by name and institutional membership, regardless of how they conduct their lives. They most certainly are a disgrace rather than a light to the glory of God.

Then, there is the Christian priesthood, which must bear responsibility for not discouraging the church from voting such men into leadership office, when they are a poor moral example to our children, and treasonous to the God, Who is their supreme Ruler over the land. They feign commitment to their nation while, all the time, turning it over to the gentile nations of this world, by putting her ‘in hock’, using the hard-earned money of the good citizens of America to do so.

Religion is the foundation of liberalism from God, which, by nature, supports wickedness at the same time it will not be the defender of the truth of the Lord Who rules over the Americas. Until both Dr. Keyes and Coach Daubenmire come to this understanding, they will continue to find it hard to understand why their own religious church system is their enemy and the wall against which they continue to bat their heads. They cannot both fight against the antichrist system and remain in it at the same time. As God saved His people at the time He took Egypt down into the sea, so too is the Lord going to call out His true church and wash it clean on this, the eve of its passover into the kingdom before the judgment begins to fall on mankind. The book of Revelation tells us the judgment begins with the church. The true church cannot be a light to truth and embrace religion at the same time for religion will be wiped out in the judgment.

There are only 144,000 witnesses who are going to receive God’s seal instead of the mark of the beast by coming out of the world systems and into the truth. “Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues (Revelation 18:4).” Make no mistake! The entire institutional church system is going to come under the judgment of the Lord right now, as did the entire Egyptian population on the eve of Passover.

Dr. Alan Keyes and Coach Daubenmire, the finest of men who are witnessing to the truth, keep coming against the same wall of religion and religious leaders, as did Jesus. It is time to scale the wall and return to the proper side of the Garden, obeying only the truth and rejecting all religious lies of the master of religious lies and liberalism called Satan.

It is the Word, which prophetically gives this message I am relaying to you, over and over again. The bride of spiritual Israel has not been fruitful, for she is in need of healing from her infirmity of religion, which has kept her bent over these 18 centuries of the church age. Now, Jesus called just such a woman to Himself and immediately she was made straight and glorified God. Jesus specifically chose to heal her on the Sabbath in order to demonstrate that it was after six days, which is to say, prophetically, after six millennia (a day is as a thousand years). Of course, the religious leaders objected, who were described as the rulers of the synagogue, for in the book of Revelation the synagogue of Satan lies about its position as being that of the true Jew, when Paul clearly states it is not.

Ultimately, those who are religious will bow to the truth, and the entire religious system will come to know that she is His bride of the apostolic church, whom Jesus has loved. This is a special woman as a daughter of Abraham, the true inheritor of spiritual Israel, who has been bound for the entire church age of approximately 18 centuries from the time of the Roman Emperor Constantine. “So ought not this woman, being a daughter of Abraham, whom Satan has bound – think of it – for eighteen years, be loosed from this bond on the Sabbath (Luke 13:16)?” Wake up, you who would witness to the truth! Where else in the Scriptures does Jesus ever command us to think of it?

I ask these good men and the other good men who are witnesses to the truth of Jesus Christ to at least think of it, for you cannot serve two masters – the one who rules over religion and the One Who rules in truth. There was a wall right down the center of the Garden; there was no unity between the two sides. They were separated for eternity – the rotten fruit of religion and the good fruit of truth. Adam and Eve made their choice; my plea is that you do not make the same choice. There are no religious buildings and no liars or hypocrites in heaven; God and the Lamb are its temple.

How does one stay attached to the denominations of Christianity, when their leaders recommend respect for all religions? Jesus had no respect for the religions of His day. Did He ever ask His church to acknowledge the gods and goddesses of the surrounding cultures of Israel, in order for His apostles to appear to be nice guys and avoid the stonings against them for their politically incorrect stance? The big question is whether or not you can take a stand for truth and still endorse the religion of Christianity with which, by its very nature, the witnesses to the truth of the gospels will be required to lock horns.

Think of it!