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Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

Time to Get Your Theology Straight

April 06, 2009

   Jesus never claimed to be the messiah of the nation, Israel. There is a great deal of false doctrine swirling around Christian circles, especially the messianic ones, on this point. What He did claim was to be the Son of Man and the Son of God. If one is ever to get one’s understanding in line with Biblical truth and prophecy, it is extremely important to begin with our father, Abraham. Yes, Abraham is my father and I am a true Jew and inheritor of the promise given to him in covenant with God. Bloodline has nothing to do with it. Paul the apostle made this very clear in Scripture.

   There is but one blood and it is the blood of Adam, which flows through the veins of the entire human race. It was through Adam’s blood, and not his seed, that Jesus became a Son of Man. It was the blood, the source of which came from Adam, which was shed from the body of Jesus for man’s salvation. A beast cannot produce this blood, so how can spiritual sons of the beast produce it, such as the religious Pharisees, whom Jesus called sons of their father the devil as the seed of Adam who was unable to produce good spiritual fruit for God?

   When Jesus stood before Pilate to be questioned about Who He really was and what His claims were, He put to rest once and for all the notion of His being the messiah of the nation, Israel. He clearly stated that He was a King, which was recorded for all time; there is no question about that. However, He also stated that His kingdom is not of this world.

   What is it that the Christians and the Messianics, in particular, do not understand about this statement? He is not the king of the nation, Israel; He is the King of the New World Order to come when He shall rule over all nations for an eternity in the kingdom of God and of man, as the Son of God and the Son of Man.

   Do not confuse the New World Order with the One World Order. The One World Order has been coming to the time of its fullness of the Gentiles from the very beginning when man fell into sin making Satan the prince of this world, and the adopted father of all mankind. He has steadily been moving toward his one hour of glory before the judgment falls, when he shall rule over the entire world in the person of the Antichrist.

   From the moment the Way was sealed off to the tree of life, it became the pathway through history, which leads back from the Garden to the kingdom of God. Man simply became more and more wicked until the flood of judgment came. Then, after the flood, he again corrupted himself by building the first religious tower called the Tower of Babel; God destroyed it, scattering all men over the face of the earth. This was the beginning of the various tongues or languages of the world, along with its different cultures. These were the gentile nations of fallen men caught in a variety of religious systems that ruled over them. God had prevented a One World Order under Satan, where he could take control of the entire world to bring it to judgment before God had redeemed His people for Himself.

   From these nations God called out one man named Abram (taken out of the East and moved westward) to whom He promised his inheritance of a Land, with the promise, also, of a blessing through his seed to all the nations of the world. It was not until Abram was ninety-nine years of age, long after he had been called out with the promise, that God made His covenant with him. He would become a father of many nations, with God changing his name from Abram (exalted father) to Abraham (father of a multitude), a father of many nations. God promised to make nations of him, with kings descending from him.

   For Abraham’s part, he and his descendants were required to keep the covenant by having every male child circumcised on the eighth day of life. The covenant would be established with his son Isaac and not with Ishmael who would be blessed but not by receiving the inheritance. All born in Abraham’s house and any strangers bought with money were to be circumcised. Isaac, though named, was only a promise at this point; he had not yet been born.

   With respect to the land covenant, Abram had a dream, in which he saw a smoking oven and a burning torch at the center of the covenant. This signified the curse and the blessing that would accompany it. Either Israel, the nation, would demonstrate God’s light to the world, or the fire judgment awaited it. God has always warned His people about the consequences of breaking covenant. Israel never chose to honor God or to be a light for Him. Consequently, thousands of years later, she went to Hitler’s smoking ovens, not by God’s choice, but by the choices the people, themselves, had made in rebellion and disobedience to the commandments of God.

   This was the beginning of a covenanting crossover blessing with Abraham, which would pass from first son to second son, and ultimately, from the nation to the church, or spiritual nation. It would take place at the cross through His Seed, Jesus, born into the line of the sons of inheritance by the virgin Mary. He was the first fruit of the true inheritance.

   Now, Mary’s lineage goes back to Adam (natural blood Son of man), and ultimately, to God (spiritual Son of God). His only right to the throne of David comes through the woman. Jesus was adopted legally by Joseph, giving Him legal right to be called a Hebrew child, but, in fact, He could not inherit the throne of David through Solomon from whom the throne was ripped away. Jesus’ throne did not depend on David, it supersedes that throne to go back to His sonship of God and the kingdom throne, a true throne of inheritance, which was not received by adoption but by birthright. This is not a messiah’s throne that belongs to the nation, Israel; this is the throne of heaven, belonging to the King of the kingdom of heaven. Make no mistake, Jesus is the Son of God and His kingdom is not of this world!

   The nation Israel awaits a messiah, but they missed their time because of religious idolatry and pride. There is only one King and He is King Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews, just as Pilate had written above His head upon the cross. The only problem for the nation is the fact that the true Jew became one, not by national bloodline or cultural distinction, but rather by becoming a believer in the truth of Jesus as the Son of God, a King of Heaven and not of this world, and the Savior of mankind.

   No single nation of this world can lay claim to the inheritance of Abraham. The inheritance goes to the stones, which finally cried out as witness to the truth of Jesus – the stones of the apostolic church. The children of Abraham will witness to the Light, holding high the torch of the covenant in spirit and in truth, but never in religion, whether in Christianity, in Judaism, or in any other religion, which the Thorndike-Barnhart dictionary defines as being cultic.

   Jesus explained this to the Samaritan woman at the well. He would be the only Messiah, prophesied in Scripture, Who would come. She understood perfectly that He was that Messiah. She knew that when He comes He would tell the world all things. Jesus’ response was, “I who speak to you am He (John 4:26)”. Jesus disassociated His calling with that which would have fulfilled Israel’s expectation of a Hebrew warrior-king of the sort David had been. Remember David had too much blood on his hands for God to allow him to build a lasting temple. Jesus’ position was the King of a kingdom, and He had little interest in the messianic fervor of the nation, which rejected His kingship as the King of truth instead of religion. Israel chose to honor Caesar and a thief, saying they had no king, except him. The nation preferred this satanic captor-ruler, a would-be-god, to the Liberator of the world as the one true Lord God.

   Of such is the kingdom of the New World Order, which will come after the One World Order has self-destructed, has been burned up and has been reduced to ash. Remember the ash and smoke of the twin towers of New York and you will have a picture of the tower-building of Babylon coming down and being burned up in the space of one hour. And this will happen just before His kingdom comes and God’s will shall be done on earth as it is in heaven (see the book of Revelation, chapter 18, which describes the fall of Babylon and the final solution to the religious tower-building, which took place at Babel). As it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end.