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Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

The Left, as Separate from the Right

May 20, 2009

The political parties of the governments of America have been separated as the left from the right, or, should we say, they used to be separate? Now, one cannot distinguish the left from the right, as leaders of all political persuasions precipitate our two countries closer to the edge of the One World Order of government.

Whence does the concept of the left and the right, as terms applicable to the policies of political parties, derive their meaning? Interestingly enough, the same terms apply to economic policies and to religious systems. Here we have the three elements of man taking upon himself the mark of the beast, 666 – the political, the economic and the religious systems of man, all subject to the terms of left and right by definition of their nature. It is a natural division, which, in fact, has a direct relationship to liberalism and liberty, to captivity and freedom, and to rebellion from and obedience to God.

Let us begin with the last, first – the religious system. The truth of God’s Word requires a standard of obedience to His commandments. It requires the dissemination of truth by those to whom it has been entrusted, His people who are called to be a light to all the nations of the world. The purpose is to enlighten the understanding of man, living under the deception of religious doctrines and belief systems, so that as many as possible will be placed on the right side of the Son of Man when He comes in His glory (see Matthew 25:31-46). It is the only place to be in order to escape the coming judgment.

The difference between left and right is a very serious one, indeed. It is a matter of everlasting punishment as opposed to eternal life. How many attend religious institutional churches that fail to tell you this? Has your institution taken a pledge of silence on the political issues between the left and the right, in exchange for exemption from paying Caesar the tax dollars due to him? Has your same institution buried its head regarding government policies, daring not to make any political statement that would serve God in order to appease and serve Caesar?

There is a wall of truth running throughout history, which is parallel to the Way, the pathway leading from the Garden to Jesus and from Jesus (the Way) to the kingdom, which is on the west side and to the right of the wall leading to eternal life. On the east side and to the left is religion based on the lies that lead to liberalism from God’s Word, and, ultimately, to death.

The right side is distinguishable by the importance it places upon moral righteousness, industry and the work ethic, which rides side by side with proportionate rewards for work done. Importance is placed on the individual, as opposed to the state, which is put in place to serve man and God. Liberty is only found under a government that makes God the supreme Ruler of the state.

To the contrary, the left is distinguishable by separation from God’s moral standards, equalization of payments based on the principle of sharing the wealth of the rich and giving to the poor without consideration for work done. Lastly, the left endorses the concept of the state having the right to eclipse the rights and freedoms of the individual. Religion will always rule on the left, even though it is nothing more than the religion of Secular Humanism.

The political picture of the right was established in the Garden of creation over which the God of truth ruled. He forbade man to touch the fruit of the forbidden tree, which would lead to religious liberalism and a wall of separation between God and man. Sin and rebellion were the outcome of man’s disobedience. God would choose the nation Israel to be a people in covenant with Him, in order to restore or redeem the broken relationship. Inherent in this covenant was a blessing, which would be given to the right, and a curse, which would be placed upon the left.

The lies of the left acknowledge a God, Who does not judge mankind, but rather loves all men and forgives all good religious people who do good works. These same lies will neglect the subject of salvation, reducing sin to something having no consequences on the individual. The left contends that there are no limits to this fictitious kind of love, thereby allowing for any kind of immoral behavior, without any damning results. The lie that underlies the foundation of the left is this; God’s Word is not truth, for He does not mean what He says, and furthermore, men have written the Bible and they are fallible.

Governments on the left survive by the sword of empire-building nations, whereas the government of God relies on the sword of truth and the Law of God, the only Law that renders true justice. His nation is the only nation that impedes the plan of Satan to rule the world in a One World Order under his ruler-ship. On the left you will find the agents of government working to bring about this satanic plan. On the right you have first, Israel and then, America, the two nations called to serve God’s plan for His government on earth. It is for this reason that those caught captive in eastern pagan religions hate both Israel and America, as they connive to close in on them with plans for their final annihilation. The United Nations is one of the biggest agents of the left wing liberals as they push ever closer toward the One World Order.

On the left, within the economic systems of the world, there is a hierarchy of master and slave, with almost no middle class between the haves and have-nots. Work is done in submission to the state with the state, rather than the worker, receiving the benefits. The well-being of the worker is irrelevant as compared to the well-being of the state. On the right, the worker is rewarded within a standard of fair dealing with one’s neighbor. The able and better equipped to serve as masters are expected to employ the best of standards, which will benefit the worker as well as the bosses of industry. The right takes a dim view of slave trade. The economic system of the right rewards and compensates proportionately for service rendered, as does God compensate His servants.

And so it is, that the nations are judged as to their positions, whether on the right or on the left. They are the goats on the left side of the Good Shepherd with His sheep on the right. The sheep hear and know the Shepherd’s voice. Just before the Lord gathers the nations together and divides them in readiness for the judgment, Satan gathers them together into a One World Order of the left, in an attempt to prevent any divisiveness surrounding his plans for world control. He wants to take all men down by making them captive to sin in rebellion to the truth of God.

The left will always counterfeit the gospel of truth, with respect to salvation in Jesus, by doctrines based on the importance of works. Satan will feed men the lie that man’s inherent goodness will lead to a standard of judgment by God that rewards one according to one’s participation in social service. The servant of the Lord knows God’s standard is based on feeding the poor in spirit, quenching mankind’s spiritual thirst and clothing men in robes of righteousness and truth. This same servant is bent on setting the captives free from their captivity of death, even to the point of sacrificing his/her own life to do so. The left only binds men in the captivity caused by lies, but never sets them free.

In so far as the Lord died to set the captives free, when we, in turn, die to self to set men free in truth, we do it unto Him. If we do not serve in this way as His true church, we will be merely nothing more than institutional churches of religion sitting in the pews, proud of ourselves and uncaring about the fact that the world is going to hell in a handbag. Will the pew sitters not cry out that every week they sat in their pews in His name as Christians? Was that not service enough? Were they not ministering to Him while they silently sat there?

The Lord will reply in words such as these, “Where were you with respect to standing for one of the least of My little ones in the womb, whom you watched being slain daily in your midst? Did you not send monies eastward to feed the pagan dying masses of children, while remaining home in the West, attending institutional churches at the same time you were slaughtering the unborn babies that belonged to Me? Was there ever one less able to protect itself than the unborn child you called a fetus? I knew this baby before it was ever formed in the womb, and I had a specific plan for its life.

Did you not honor the chief of slayers, the devil himself, in your pastoral robes, in your position as the laity, in your judicial robes and in your governmental positions, all done in the name of good Christians? Did My prophets not prophesy about My unborn Son centuries before He was conceived by My Spirit? Tell Me, would you have snatched Him from the garbage disposal or would you have allowed your salvation to go out with the refuse?”

Where do you think you belong – on the left with the goats, or on the right with the sheep? Should the goats be surprised when the Lord says to them that He never knew them, and to depart from Him, those who practiced lawlessness? Dr. Alan Keyes will depart from his jail cell in glory, while his Christian captors will go down in the bondage and pain of their judgment. Then they shall know that it is not their lady, ‘Notre Dame’, who hears their prayers but her Son Who passes the judgment.

“I AM, and I WILL judge you and separate you. The left will receive everlasting punishment and the right shall receive everlasting life. Choose now and choose wisely, for the captives will be set free and the captors will be given over to captivity and the coming fire judgment.” Hear these words as spoken by the Lord!