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Multiculturalism and the One World Order

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

Multiculturalism and the One World Order

March 02, 2009

Multiculturalism is rooted in the liberalism of the Garden of Eden and has permeated our western culture under God. When God is making any major covenant move with His chosen people, Satan is always close by, nipping at the heels of the move to lure these same people into a counterfeit plan. There is one aim at the heart of all of his lures, which leads to rebellion against God; it is to break the relationship, which is based on truth, between God and His people that requires their obedience to the truth of His Word.

Where Satan rules, religion rules; where God rules, truth rules. Satan wants to destroy the dividing wall of truth, which stands between God’s people and the rest of the world – a wall Israel failed to build in order to keep the demonic giants away from the daughters of Jerusalem. It was also the wall, which the early apostolic church was unable to build between herself and the onslaught of pagan Romanism. It is a wall the bride of Christ must build if she is to be pure (religion-free) and spotless in the face of a quickly-forming One World Order.

The apostles strove against the spirit of religion, but without their strong presence the church later gave way to the religious system of Romanism. God is never without a remnant of His own, with the true Jews being the inheritance of Abraham. The true Jew is not found in a nation that was driven out from the Land, but rather will be found in the church that went out from the Land in obedience to the Lord Jesus in order to testify of the truth to all nations. The true church will be re-gathered back to the Land in the re-gathering of God’s people, Israel, as described in Scripture, to be with Jesus when He comes with her to set up the New World Order under His ruler-ship during the Sabbath millennial rule.

In the meantime, Satan is setting up the counterfeit empirical government of men and is working quickly to bring the entire world into his One World Order of politics, economics and religion – the number of man, 666. Solomon, who was so blessed by God, got caught up in it (666 talents of gold yearly to build up his power), and now America, blessed like Solomon, is getting caught up in it as well.

Prime Minister Trudeau (both Christian and Roman Catholic) and President Kennedy (both Christian and Roman Catholic) played important parts in speeding up the process – one specializing in turning a nation of God into a multicultural nation apart from God, and the other specializing in debasing the office of the President with Roman-style immorality that ignores the Word of God.

These men had something important in common – they were both students of Professor Harold J. Laski of the London School of Economics, a Marxist and a socialist (1893 – 1950), who inspired many of the world leaders of today. Laski equates victory with liberalism from the God of the Bible in order to establish a common religion for all men. “Not so”, says Jesus. He, and He alone can give victory and set the captives free within God’s Law. America has valued this freedom of God by constitutionally protecting her liberty, only to see these Laski-inspired leaders moving the nation toward liberalism and socialism, which will destroy the constitution from within.

Laski pointed to Russia as the symbol of doctrine for cooperation and the general welfare of the state. He saw socialistic communism as the transfiguring process of creating a utopian state here on earth. He did not live long enough to see the painful results of the communist experiment of Russia. As opposed to seeing America under God as being the model of liberty, he chose to extol the praises of the Russian state ruled by an atheistic, oppressive regime.

Today, militant atheism and communism are closely linked. This is the route our free thinkers in the free-thinking academic circles of society are moving. They see their task as being that of liberating the working class from capitalist exploitation to form a common Universal Brotherhood of communism that controls religion. Lo and behold, you have the UR branch (United Religion) of the United Nations under the guiding hand of the former Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, working right here on American soil in San Francisco to bring it into being, a country supposedly ruled by God.

Canadians can thank Trudeau for his major role in our present demise as a nation under God, which has been reduced to a nation honoring many pagan gods. Here is God’s answer for rebuilding the wall of truth in His own nation by His own people; immigrants join us under God’s ruler-ship but we never accept the gods of their cults to be equal to or rule with Him. If we are not insistent upon this, they will take over the nation by means of a little leaven filling the entire loaf with religious idolatry. Instead of ridding the nation of pagan gods we have added to the problem with a liberal media, which has a liberal agenda to promote the cults and aliens in the land until they eventually take it over.

Canadians, perhaps even more than the Americans, are preparing the way for a full-blown takeover of God’s country by pagan religions. And so the East and the West blend into one, in readiness for the One World Order and the loss of America’s autonomy within her own land.

Name one country where a Muslim infiltration has not demanded that Muslim Shariah law replace the existing law of the land. And how does Islamic law differ so greatly from the Law of God and the laws of America? Well, think about this! The discipline of Islamic women by Islamic fathers and husbands, Islamic-style, has resulted in one young lady in Canada being strangled by her Muslim father who disapproved of her Canadian-style clothing, and another woman being beheaded by her Muslim husband, in New York, for disagreement over business practices.

I personally have seen nothing regarding the sentencing of either of these men in the news. At the same time we were getting headlines, day after day, from the United States in our local newspaper about an ape attacking a female, and the shame of keeping such an animal as a pet in this country. Yet, I saw nothing in our liberal press about the shame of allowing such animal behavior into our nations as that which was displayed by a Muslim father who strangled his daughter in Canada, and a New York Muslim television executive who beheaded his wife in the United States. Have you seen any reports in the media that warned the public about such dastardly, cultural crimes being committed right here in America, or has the media treated them as though they are common-place in our midst in the same way they are common-place in Islamic countries?

Of course such violent acts of murder are tolerated in Islamic Shariah law, as outlined in the Koran. It is a pagan religion that allows Muslim women to be subjected to mutilation and death at the whim of Muslim men, without a system of law, which rejects such injustices. Under God’s Law, which we had adopted in America, this is nothing short of sexual abuse and murder. Surely one would think that the recent insanity of the American people would not extend so far as to consider instituting Shariah law in this country where liberty has abounded – yet it does.

Multiculturalism is a blight on the face of America, two nations founded under God with constitutions in place to protect their heritages in Him. Where is the church today, which has been compliant under the threat of intolerance by allowing such filth to take over our beautiful lands? Give serious consideration to the matter! Which is it that we really want; do we want to indoctrinate our children into believing in a Canada, Trudeau-style or would we not prefer to leave them with the legacy of a Canada that reflects God’s style? Do we really want the sexual immorality, violence, terrorism and injustice of liberalism or do we want liberty and justice in the truth of God? What He will give to them is exactly what we choose for them.

He is not a multicultural God, and is intolerant of sinful behavior; He forbids us to have any other gods before Him. If America is to survive, it will only happen the day she closes her borders to non-God-fearing people, with all immigrants, once again, being required to swear allegiance to God and country on the truth of the Bible. One cannot be a citizen of another nation and be loyal to this one. Taking such action will get rid of the cults and all remnants of the Trudeau and Kennedy liberalism of the super-star move to implement Laski-style politics in America. Obama is just more of the same communist-inspired type of mentality, with the communist-inspired voice of Nancy Pelosi there to back him, not to ignore the communist-inspired voice of his wife, Michelle.

It is impossible to find a real conservative voice in Canada, with the exception of the CHP political party, which, unfortunately, by nature of being a Christian religious group, is forced to stand in compromise where the truth is concerned. Satan’s liberalism is, and will remain, in control, but only if God’s people remain silent by refusing to speak out in support of His truth.

There is no common ground to be shared in America with Muslims who live by the dictates of the Koran, which leads to killing the infidels (anyone who does not accept the religion of Islam). In this country we reject such pagan practices under the Law of God and the truth of His Word, the Bible. The two are not compatible in any way.

God gave us the right to speak for Him. When we begin to obey and become His voice for truth and for upholding the constitution of our country, which declares Him, and not Allah, to be Ruler from sea to sea, then there is no telling what kind of miracles will begin to take place. Why not be that voice and then sit back and wait for the miracles to unfold?