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The Guide-book

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

The Guide-book

June 02, 2009

Men invent and perfect machinery, appliances, computers and the instruments of communication and travel. Have you ever received one guide-book for any of these things, which does not give you the truth about how to use and care for them? Has the manufacturer ever tried to deceive you with respect to keeping his product in proper working order? If the manufacturer wants you to make the best use of his product, is he likely to ask his competitor to write the manual?

The answers to these questions are evident, yet we accuse God of creating a product for which He has supplied a Guide-book that is full of error and misinformation. Because He has used men to write His Guide-book, we suggest He is not able to get it right for us, that He has allowed those same men to put out a book of error. Most importantly, the men He used were His prophets, who were in complete unity with His voice and what He wanted them to say or write for Him.

Who should know better how a product is intended to function than its creator? Would you have employed the Wright brothers to get Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone up and running, or would you have employed Bell himself? Would you have recommended Bell test the first airplanes or would you prefer to trust that to the Wright brothers?

Yet, men of little or no understanding are daily interpreting a Bible they do not know or understand. Scholars are making sweeping statements about the world and the nature of things, but doing so, outside of God’s guidelines. Worse still, liberal theological scholars are mutilating the Guide-book by adjusting the wording and altering the meaning for something they did not create for the use it was intended. Each word is part of the prophetic meaning and only God could put it together to bring forth prophecy. When men monkey with it they destroy its inherent validation of prophecy, and God warns that He will not look kindly upon such men (see Revelation 22:19). This is the final warning of the Bible.

One might automatically think that the atheists would be the worst offenders for degrading this Book. Perhaps behind our suspicions lies the fact that they often come from the emotionally and mentally unstable branch of society, a good example being Svend Robinson of Canadian politics. When his true self was presented before the public in the media, we saw a sniveling, weak thief behind a façade that would have us believe there is no God, though he knows nothing about how the world came into being, or how it functions. He even would have us believe that a man can marry another man in a union that can be fruitful. There can be no such thing as a marriage between two people of the same sex, regardless of any claim or law, which might say otherwise. I repeat, these ideas can be expected to emanate from the emotionally and mentally unstable, yet it would be unfair to label this entire element of society with such nonsense.

From the would-be politician, who was nothing more than a common thief, note the would-be scientists and their heavy hand in bullying us into disregarding God’s Guide-book so that they can feed us their unsubstantiated, foolish theories about evolution and global warming. They are theories of men without credentials, which the men of credentials refute.

Thousands of scientists in the U.K. simply snort at former vice-president Al Gore and his political propaganda, labeling it exactly as it should be labeled – untruths from a man who speaks without any scientific or spiritual authority on the matter. His Inconvenient Truth has been deemed unfit for the classrooms of the UK, where some authorities obviously are showing some smarts. They are theories, which are unsubstantiated by cause and effect research, and so they continue to be nothing more than theories, which only fools would accept, but, unfortunately, there are many more fools out there than informed citizens. Take a look at what 31,000 scientists think of Al Gore’s so-called truths.

It is fascinating to see the correlation between the scientific and the spiritual. So many of the world’s ‘spiritual leaders’ know little or nothing at all about God’s Book of directions on spiritual matters. With respect to the theory of evolution, even those who claim to be the priests and custodians of the Guide-book are showing just how up-rooted and floundering they are concerning another unsubstantiated theory, which they so willingly accept while ignoring the foundational message of Scripture.

Many of our political leaders, cum-spiritual leaders, speak out of a vacuum of understanding or knowledge. What does the messiah, Obama, really know or understand about Biblical truth? He has no idea why God introduced the concept of stoning and slavery in His written Law, yet he will make himself an authority and judge of God in his simple-minded state of understanding. What does he know of the prophecy of Scripture to which Jesus, Himself, continually pointed?

Now, tell me, how is it that this man publicly declares himself to be a Christian, supposedly a follower of Jesus, and yet declares Jesus to be a liar? Jesus says of Himself that He is the Word made flesh when He tells us to eat His flesh, and that He is the Truth, so, therefore, the Word is truth. Again, we have a case of the spiritually handicapped trying to judge God, the super-mind beyond human understanding.

Who are the fools who have elected this man because they trust in another would-be-messiah instead of trusting in the Word of the true Christ? How many of the electorate, who are called by the name of Christian, are seated comfortably in their churches while cheering on a leader, at the same time, who calls the Lord a liar and bows openly to other gods? Rather strange happenings, are they not, for a church of which Jesus said the gates of hell would not prevail?

If you want to have a part of any substance in the human dialogue, it is impossible to do so without reading the Guide-book written by the Creator. You can never be a voice for anything more than that which comes from the minds of the created when the option is open to speak with authority from the mind of the Creator. He declares His Word is truth and then validates it with prophecy. Show me one academic who thinks he can declare his words to be truth without God, and I will show you one more academic fool. The world is full of them, and that is why God says, Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding (Proverbs 4:7).

There are many fools out there who think themselves wise; but never, no never, underestimate the wiliness of the fool! How many wily fools can we list who have swayed the public into following them as if they were messiahs – Pharaoh, the Caesars, Napoleon, Hitler and now, Obama, just to name a few? Not one steered the public down a road that did not and will not lead to disaster with millions of deaths, lost income, lost families and lost homes as a result of believing the lie when men would not believe the truth.

In truth, God gave this land liberty. Take away His guideline to life and liberty, and you will receive your just due of captivity and ultimately death. I nearly had an accident recently when a voice came out of the dashboard of my car to speak to me. I had no idea that such a voice could come from there, for I had not read my driver’s manual, which came with the vehicle. Don’t miss the voice of God because you have failed to read the instructions, which lead to life, accident-free; it is called the Bible.

Nothing is by chance, especially when it concerns creation, the environment and the political scene today. Make no mistake! There is a global warming coming, along with a political adjustment in the affairs of man. It is what the Bible calls the fire of God’s wrath, and it will come from above and not from the CO2 of industrial emissions, below. This will be the real inconvenient truth for billions of people who have ignored the only guide-lines that count, the Guide-book of God called the Bible.