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The Human Tragedy

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

The Human Tragedy

May 03, 2009

In 1862, the English Poet Laureate, Alfred Austin, wrote the poem, The Human Tragedy. I am led to wonder just how deep his understanding was of the enormity of the subject about which he chose to write. There are hints of the poet referring back to the serpent in the Garden, but how deeply does he search the mind of the one whom the serpent tried to usurp?

From the beginning, we need to search for understanding, which only God can give as the Creator of all things. If He starts in the beginning, should that not be our starting point for gaining understanding of what the human tragedy really is all about?

How does it all begin, if not with the most incredible gift imaginable – light, which was given to the world to dispel darkness? Evil is the substance of darkness, which leads to pain, suffering and the insanity of the sword. It had to first be dispelled by God in order to give the goodness, the peace and joy that surpass all understanding to His precious jewel – the human being. He wanted man to participate and share life with Him in an eternal relationship, which was intended to bring pleasure for God and man alike, once the darkness had been removed.

Darkness simply sucks everything into itself with a magnet of lures that causes creation to be lost in its outer limits, existing beyond the realm of light. Which is more powerful, the light or the darkness? Which one can dispel the other? Does the light, in a sense, not burn up the darkness?

Does the human tragedy not start at the time of Creation as related in the first book of the Bible, which describes man’s failure to align himself with the light? Was it not that he failed to have a healthy love and respect for the power of the light, which took form with the voice of God giving His permission to it when He said, “Let there be light” and there was light?

What is it that keeps man blind to understanding? Should he not be more afraid of the power of the light than of the power of evil in the darkness? The strange thing is – man fears the power of Satan, but he has no fear of the God Who rules over the darkness and dispels it to make way for the rule of light over the world.

The Bible is man’s Book of instructions for darkness management and few are they who read this Book about the light and preservation of humanity here on earth. We will listen to the midget minds of men such as Al Gore and David Suzuki, but we will not listen to the Mastermind of the universe. His name is Jesus, but hearts recoil when they hear His name. He is the One we need to fear, honor and respect, not to mention, love. He is the Judge of all things, and when He shines His light upon the darkness it runs scurrying to get out of His way.

In creating the living being God did so with the love of a parent. In wanting relationship, He loves them as a husband loves his wife. God is a God of love, but He is also a God of holiness – hence He created all things for our good and judges for our good, as well. Goodness is the product of a Holy God, and light is the product of a loving God Who will create a kingdom for His little family in which there will be no darkness. The human tragedy is that mankind, born into darkness, does not comprehend the Light (see John 1:1-5).

Deception caused the woman to be ensnared by Satan and sucked into that bottomless hole of outer darkness, but it was the man’s will, which caused him to follow her. The man willingly rejected the Truth, the Light of the world, and was lost forever to the captivity of death with no escape from it. Truth is a solid and unyielding Rock that does not alter Himself for the lusts of man. Truth is forgiving, but not yielding. Truth has a marvelous component of mercy, but He remains Truth, and man must yield to Him if he wants life eternally.

The real human tragedy includes that component of lack of discernment, which is part of not comprehending the light. The job of Satan is to ensnare by deception and maintain by lack of discernment. He hates the Truth of the Word, the Bible, because the Book of Instruction leads to understanding and discernment so that man might comprehend the light.

Our governments, our courtrooms, our classrooms and now, our broken homes – all are being controlled by Satan, who has delivered them into darkness, by plugging all the cracks, which might allow the light into the hearts of our children. Teachers and parents alike are in darkness and unable to bring forth any good fruit. The church is in captivity to the same religious darkness that was lurking in the forbidden tree of the Garden, where liberalism from God was first introduced.

The human tragedy is that man is nothing but the dust of the earth without God when he could be one of the stars that light up the heavens. I wonder how much Alfred Austin, or any man for that matter, really understands the human tragedy in the way God sees it. Do we really understand the nature of the universe when viewed through the power scopes of astronomers, or when categorized by the scientists and archaeologists?

The mysteries can only be found written within the prophetic Word of God Who knows the beginning from the end. The human tragedy is that man stubbornly insists on trying to make the world fit into his own limited understanding, without considering what God has to say about His creation. Man prefers to read the meanderings of poets laureates, and to listen to the ideas of philosophers and scientists. He even prefers to put his trust in a One World Order of government of men, when God has offered him the best way under His ruler-ship, which is in perfect justice and liberty.

Under difficult circumstances do not ask where God is in the heart of your misery! He has always been there for you, and the entire human race, but humans have rejected His truth, His justice and ultimately, they have rejected Him. He came and died for the human’s sake so he could have his life redeemed, but the human being chose to remain in darkness for he did not comprehend the Light. And that, my friend, is the real human tragedy of it all.