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A Belated, but Long-Overdue Father’s Day Message

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

A Belated, but Long-Overdue Father’s Day Message

June 24, 2009

They are the fathers who should be waiting upon the Lord and then counseling their children in His ways with the message of eternal life. In a way, Adam was both father and husband at the same time to Eve, just as God is to mankind. Where was Adam when Satan pressed in and deceived the woman? He certainly was not present at her side where he should have been.

What was his response to her outbreak of radical feminism, which in fact, was rebellion to God’s truth? Adam was silent and submitted his role in God’s government plan to the woman by joining with her in a rebellion against God, in which she led the way. It is what is known as the joining of man to the controlling Jezebel spirit of the woman.

Through this process, mankind was corrupted by the spirit of death that brought back into a perfect creation the darkness from the face of the deep, which had been dispelled during Creation. At this point, the light was blotted out and the Spirit of life departed from man. He was doomed under a sentence of death, which had been promised by God in truth.

There was but one solution to a world now caught in the religion of Satan and separated from the truth of God; it was to divide the people into nations. In this way, God could claim one nation for Himself. He would offer it salvation, returning the light, life and truth to this nation as a pattern for the other nations of the world as to how He would, once again, set men free from their condemnation of death.

It would all begin with a new set of human fathers subject to the Law of their one Father and Creator Who, at the same time, was their Husband. God called this people Israel, chosen to be His sons and His inheritance as if they were His own family. God established His household within the gentile nations of the world, yet He set them apart as a pattern for His coming kingdom.

Should the first father, Abraham, have failed like the first man, Adam, failed by falling into sin, it would have been ‘game over’ for Israel and for mankind. However, this blessed father submitted himself in obedience to the point of sacrificing his own son and family, when he was required to listen for and obey the voice of his newly chosen Father, God. Abraham allowed nothing to come between the Word given to him by his Father and Husband, Who had chosen and betrothed him.

It would take a crossover pattern of three fathers – from Abraham to Isaac, father of the nation, and from Isaac to Jacob, father of the spiritual nation, before the pattern would be set in place for Jacob’s tribes and children of Israel to inherit a kingdom under the ruler-ship of his Lord and God. This pattern was produced as if carved in stone, followed by the Law being written on stone as a blessing and a curse for the tribes of Jacob or the twelve nations within the house of Israel.

While God was still in the process of giving His people their Law, they were at the foot of His holy mountain mocking Him. They were building for themselves a religious idol to worship in the form of a golden calf, which could be compared today to the worship of a Hindu cow on American soil, a country under God. We, as Americans, have come to the point of caring more about what gurus have to say than what God has to say in His Word. The children of Israel could not wait upon the Lord long enough to hear His instructions. “Too busy!” is the cry we use today to hide our lack of passion for the things of God.

How long did it take before America was seeking other gods and laws than those our Founding Fathers and Fathers of Confederation had so carefully laid down for our two nations of America, so blessed by God? It was in the West, where God chose to set up the homeland for His church of spiritual Israel as she began the process of coming out from her spiritual captivity to religious Romanism. She was to become the light of liberty to the world, which the nation Israel had failed to become.

Is America not in the process of building her own golden calf as she dances at the foot of the mountain with the gods of other nations while bringing upon herself the curse of rebellion?

Our national fathers provided for the spiritual life of their American children so that we could know liberty and freedom from wars and the controls of man. We did not know war within this nation, but rather went off to war in order to protect liberty under God. Whoever would have dared to tell an army chaplain that he could not use the name of Jesus in battle? It was for His name that we went into battle. There were no Muslims fighting under the name of Allah in America’s wars, nor were there any cow worshipers in American armies. Where have our spiritual fathers gone? Is there none who upholds the name of Jesus, so that we will not bring a curse upon ourselves by dancing at the foot of the mountain every bit as much as the nation Israel danced before her?

This was not the first sign of Israel’s rebellious nature. The people had been murmuring before God had even shown them the miracle of the parted seawaters, which submitted to God’s Word as He led the people through the water to freedom from the Egyptian world. All of the evil of Satan dwelled like a beast beneath the waters (the flood, and the darkness on the face of the deep before the waters were separated at Creation). God was separating the waters again, in order to establish a new beginning for mankind and a second opportunity for light and life to rule over His people.

Until they received the changed water to drink, they murmured against God even further. Moses desperately pleaded and interceded for the salvation of the nation, but at the point of showing their religious idolatry with the calf, God made it clear Moses was not the one, though he wanted to be the one, to take their sin away. He was nothing but a sinful man and God assured him that each man would be responsible for his own sin and for his name remaining in the Book of Life. Man’s future is written prophetically into the Book and to this day rests within the Word of God.

As the Law was the judge of the nation, the Word is the judge of the spiritual nation. Only the Word of God would be able to become flesh and take that sin of each man who would desire a place in the kingdom of a spiritual Israel, which God had shown to Jacob and promised to Abraham through his son, Isaac, and subsequently through the father of Israel who was called Jacob (see Exodus 32:30-35). When our judges ignore the Bible today, they are bringing condemnation upon themselves, and upon the entire nation of America.

One can only imagine the wrath of God, as judges cease interpreting the Law to make their own laws. By these laws of man, so-called rights, His people have been allowed to murder countless numbers of God’s unborn babies into whom He had been waiting to impart His breath of life, to set the breathing process into motion as the good fruit of the marriage bed.

One cannot even imagine His wrath as He watches foolish judges trying to redefine His institution of marriage to include immoral, deviant sexual behavior so that two people of the same sex might replace a man and a woman – the required formula for producing the fruit of the marriage bed. Try as they may it will never happen and the judges only bring down judgment upon themselves for being such fools. God is not interested in our rights; He is only interested in giving us liberty through obedience to Him.

Rebellious Jezebel is ever present when God is working, and Miriam, the sister of Moses, exhibited just such a Jezebel spirit. God pointed back to Eve when He said, “If her father had but spit in her face, would she not be shamed seven days?” (Numbers 12:14). A day is as a thousand years, and the woman is still under the curse of her chosen father, the beast. Miriam is a different form for the name, Mary, another type of woman who was virginal and the first woman to birth of the Spirit of life.

This little episode of rebellion by the woman, Miriam, took place just as God was about to pull out the “heads of the children of Israel”, or the fathers of Israel to spy out the land of the Philistines. This was the Promised Land, which God planned to give as an inheritance to Abraham’s descendants.

Rebellion again raised its ugly head while Israel was camped at Kadesh in the wilderness of Paran. The spies, or the fathers of each tribe, went in and saw the bountiful land, which God was going to give to them and, instead of hearing God’s promise, they saw the enemy as formidable giants of whom they were afraid. It was the wrath of God, which they should have feared instead of the power of the giants.

For the first time of many, when Israel would face the giants of the secular world ruled by the beast, they would be afraid and refuse to trust God in the warfare between good and evil. There was a remnant of the fathers – Joshua and Caleb, who knew they need not fear when God is at the helm. They knew that, as fathers in obedience to God, they could be possessors of the Land, and that the victory would be theirs.

Basic to this victory was the rock-solid message that all the cults, along with their families and their possessions, were to be driven from the Land. There were to be no exceptions to the rule, as was shown by God’s judgment upon Achan of the tribe of Judah who not only coveted a beautiful Babylonian garment along with articles of gold, and silver, but also took them for himself (see Joshua, chapter 7). It was a matter of both stealing and deceiving, and then hiding the stolen things among one’s own stuff.

America, wake up to this message of allowing the cults to remain in the land of America, set apart to be a special treasure of the Lord’s and a light to the rest of the world. Is she not behaving as Achan, whom God had burned, along with all of his family and his possessions? What kind of fathers are you, who would allow this to happen to your children? Has America not become like the valley of Achor where she is headed for the fire judgment?

As it would be, only the remnant of two fathers from among all the tribes of Israel was willing to be the voice of the people giving them encouragement while at the same time calling for obedience to the plan of God for the nation. They wanted to proceed in obedience for the same reason the others absconded. The spies feared for their wives and children, whom they thought would become the victims of the sword of the giants they feared. They were, in fact, the fathers who died in the wilderness and were held accountable for their own disobedience to God.

Where are the fathers of God’s spiritual nation leading today? Are they teaching the children about the kingdom, or are they cowering before the giants of secularism? The giant has no power against the fathers who become a voice for God, the Joshua’s and Caleb’s of today. Just what kind of father is honored in America’s secular holiday called Father’s Day, which honors the absentee and weak sons of Abraham who cower before the Jezebel spirit because they see only the giants in their land?

Rise up, you fathers in the line of Abraham, and claim back your land for your children! Drive the cults out with the truth and prepare the way for the kingdom here on earth. You are called to be the light of the world, and if you hide it under a bushel, whence will the light come? You are a chosen people who need not fear the giants, for God plus one produces an army in the line of David. Have no fear of that which is already declared to be dust before God. Do not join the multitude of cults, which inhabit the dust, the same dust, which flew from the destruction of the towers when they came down.

Fathers of America, rise up and reclaim this land for your children! Drive out the religious foreigners who worship idols, for they cannot share in the same marriage bed with the Lamb. They are the giants of all religions, secular and otherwise who are wielding the sword, whom the Lord has already defeated, for the purpose of saving those only who believe on His name for salvation.