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The Double Rainbow

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

The Double Rainbow

July 04, 2009

Thus says the Lord! “I have spread My double rainbow over this city. It has been seen in the cloud as a sign of My everlasting covenant between Me and the earth, between Me and you and every living creature of all flesh. The waters shall never again destroy them, for as I look upon it, I remember that My Son, the Light of the world, was hung upon the cross and His body was broken for you that you might live.

The Light of the world was broken for you, yet, who among you remembers? Who is grateful that one’s life has been preserved? Who is thankful that I am the broken Rainbow of light that has taken your place in death?

You look upon the rainbow and marvel at its beauty, but does any of you understand? Do you see the broken Light of the world as I do and remember the sacrifice of My Son that I made for you? Who has cared enough to remember Me as Ruler over your nation? Have you not allowed the idols to set up shop in your land?

Are you not welcoming another kind of light, which is nothing but that which comes from a torch belonging to one who masquerades as the light in darkness? He will strut across this country in an attempt to claim it for himself, as the destroyer of men. He dares to replace and pervert My rainbow with one that cannot be hung in the sky. It is a counterfeit rainbow, which is nothing but the sign of death and rebellion from which there can be no good fruit of the marriage bed.

But, I have remembered, and I am still the Ruler over the entire earth. There is a city named for My name as the King of kings and the Lord of lords, and My rainbow hangs over it. From it I will bring forth My light-bearers, which the nation failed to become, and My true church will not fail as the nation failed before her.

She will rise up out of the ashes of religion and rebellion to have no other idols before Me. She shall be as a high tower with the torch of Abraham raised high in her hand. She is as that Lady Liberty towering high above the burning of the towers of man. The statue will become but a memory, which the institutions of man will destroy, but My true church is the reality, which no man can destroy.

The gates of Hades have no power over her for she stands on a firm foundation of truth, and she will never embrace religion again. I am her Rock and her Cornerstone. Did I not say, “Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up (John 2:19)?” A day is as a thousand years and My Word shall not fail. I shall surely raise up the temple of the living God and its lamp shall not be found under a basket but rather on a lampstand so that anyone who comes shall see the light.

Take heed that the torch you carry is not one of darkness!

I have seen the rainbow, and I remember those who run the good race carrying the torch of My light, the torch of liberty from man’s captivity in his rebellion to sin. They shall not know the judgment that is upon those who run for another master, for My bride has kept covenant with Me and belongs to My house of Israel. She will run the good race for a good-gold-medal performance.

Adam, as My son, broke covenant, as did the sons of Noah and the sons of Abraham. But the bride, the true sons and daughters, will not break covenant as the torch-carriers of Israel and the real inheritance of Abraham. This time, I will not cover over sin with water, but will totally destroy it with fire. I will remember, and I AM going to put an end to man’s rebellion against Me.”

Look up, for there is a rainbow overhead, and God will remember those who have loved life and have trusted in, and are grateful for, the Light broken for you and me. They see God at work in the beauty of the rainbow, and God sees them, for they keep covenant with Him.

There is a great divide coming between the family of God on the one side and those who reject Him on the other side. As in the days of the flood, when the door of the ark was closed, it was ‘game over’ for those outside of the covenant with Noah. Today, it is as it was in the days of Noah.

“Look up, for the hour is near, as you stand beneath the double rainbow! Lift high the torch and take it across this land, for your redemption is coming, is even right at hand!”

The Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” to all who have ears to hear.