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An Identity Problem

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

An Identity Problem

May 26, 2012

The United States of America seems to have a little problem with a leadership identity crisis. The alleged president, Barack bin Osama – no, that’s not it. Saddam Hussein Obama? Barack Hussein Osama? I’ve got it; by George, I’ve got it – Barack Hussein Obama!

But wait! Have I got it? According to Jerome R. Corsi, a Harvard Ph.D., WorldNetDaily staff reporter and author of The Obama Nation and Unfit for Command, there is more to it, as reported in his article written on August 19, 2010. He asks the question as to which of his names is, in fact, his legal name – Barack Hussein Obama II, Barack Hussein Obama, Barry Soetoro, or Barack Hussein Obama Soebarkah? Wow! All of these names appear on various documents produced since 2008 regarding Obama’s life story and his passport records.

If the “II” is part of his name as per Hawaiian birth registration records, then, why is it missing from his current passport? Something simply is not computing in my mind. Perhaps the solution for me is merely to identify him as B.O. aka B.S. These initials seem best to define both his ideological agenda and the nature of his political rhetoric, and how better could one do that?

Is it not remarkable that he has nearly completed a term in office as President of the United States and this man’s identity and legal name are still as much of a mystery as they were the day he was elected? The question we must ask is where the real investigative journalists are, who did their job on the Watergate Scandal? Are there no longer such reporters left out there?

To add to the mystery, Obama holds a Connecticut-based social security number, despite allegedly having been born in Hawaii and having started his career there, never having ever lived in Connecticut. The first three digits of an SSN indicate the state of the recipient’s mailing address. It has been reported that he has possibly used more names and many more social security numbers as well. How can that be? Where, again, are the national news journalists who might alleviate our concerns about this potentially criminal act, especially happening within the Oval Office, or could it be the case that presidents are exempt from criminal punishment?

Can George Bush possibly be responsible for the slights of distortions pouring out of the White House on B.O. aka B.S.’s credentials? After all, could George not have made him do it just like Eve made Adam do it? When you get right down to it, did Adam not say, in so many words, that it was all God’s fault for giving him that cursed woman? Hey, maybe it is all Michelle’s fault because she is not really too fond of the American way when you get right down to it. Hasn’t she always loved her Communist mentoring?

That brings us back to the president himself, raised as a Muslim, only to switch in later years, so he says, to become a Christian. Perhaps the word Chrislam would better describe where he is at. He was mentored for over twenty years by a certain anti-American, anti-white, pro-Communist pastor, called Jeremiah Wright. Oops! I don’t think it is politically correct for me to mention his name any more, lest this man should cast some kind of a shadow over our messiah’s halo.

Muslim versus Christian – seems to have everyone guessing. It is rather clear to me which one he is when he can slam the truth of the Bible in speeches and can allow his soldiers, over whom he is supreme commander, to burn Bibles, but then he calls it a crime for these same soldiers to burn Korans, which are being used by the enemy to transmit messages to each other.

He has another little problem with referring to the terrorists as Muslims; it simply is not allowed by this president. Is that not strange in itself, since the vast majority of terrorists are Muslim, and if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, then can one not safely assume it is a duck?

Strange again, is it not, that legals tend to support and stand for the way of legals? They are the illegals who back the illegals because they are all in it to defy the system. Who would illegals vote for if not for other illegals who will legalize illegality? Black becomes white and white becomes black; truth becomes a lie and the lie becomes truth.

Is this not the double-talk that evolves from an identity crisis? It doesn’t take a genius, thank goodness, to begin to see a pattern of either delusional thinking or conspiracy developing. There are any number of confusing factors, which are compromising this man, B.O. aka B.S., with respect to his eligibility for being president under the American Constitution that requires him to be a natural-born citizen.

Was he officially adopted in Indonesia; did he travel under a passport of a foreign nation, and did he apply for student aid as a foreign student? If it were about you or me, being questioned on these issues, you can rest assured that Hawaii would immediately cough up any and all documents, which might incriminate us. If they were my Harvard records required, the Dean’s office would be on to it almost as quickly as the request could come in, especially if it might reveal any incriminating evidence. They would not want to be held responsible for breaking any laws. Yet, they all seem to back away at the mention of B.O. aka B.S.’s true identity, and simply look the other way.

Oh well, I certainly am confused and I have to admit it, as I lean heavily toward the B.S.’s side of it all, with the B.S. political rhetoric reaching a new high in the blame game, along with lies being used to cover up any possible transparency of the facts. Surely, there has to be a limitation upon the amount of damage George Bush can possibly cause to another man’s term of office. Otherwise, B.O. aka B.S. openly lied with his election promises for change to the way things are carried out in Washington. He should have been honest and told us there was no hope after George Bush for the damage was an on-going matter. But, how can that be if B.O. aka B.S. is the messiah, as he would have us believe?

As I say, it is all too confusing for me, for all I know is what I see and hear, and I am not any surer about the identity of B.O. aka B.S., nor can I figure out the religious priorities of a man who claims Christian status but promotes Islam in America. Is he a local community organizer, re-organizing a free-enterprise nation into a social nation, or is he thinking on a broader scale of taking the nation into a grand One World Order of nations? Could it be that he is going for the hat-trick, which would include both of the above and, effectively, the end of liberty in America?

The most amazing thing about it all is the lack of media coverage for such an identity crisis in the highest office of the land and, at one time, of the world, to the extent that most people with whom I speak have no idea that the man is suffering from an identity problem. They are unable to smell the stench of the entire mess.

Oh well, perhaps it is just that I am living in the innocence of my youth and better days gone by, instead of moving on to absorb the changes, as we move from honoring the truth to accepting the lie. I would like to still trust in a handshake, but I occasionally have to ask myself whether or not that is possible anymore.  I still expect the leader of the land to be a role model and not a traitor. But then, is it not just naiveté on my part by not recognizing that “all is vanity”, just as the scribe once told us? Still, I cannot get the stench of the identity problem out of my nostrils.