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An Illegitimate Commander-in-Chief

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective
                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

June 25, 2010

The news of this past week has been most illuminating; we have all been witnesses to an illegitimate commander-in-chief over the American Armed Forces firing a legitimate American military general in Afghanistan. The illegitimate has taken authority over the legitimate in more ways than one. This is merely another sign of the spiritual sickness within the nation of America, which has resulted in treason against God.

Like her older sister, the nation Israel before her, she has surely said to God, “Give us a king like the other nations of the world. For we no longer value our liberty, nor do we want to live by Your standards. We like the dark side of life, along with the riches this world has to offer in the here and now. We are willing to choose a liar for our messiah and king, in order to become part of the brotherhood of nations, no longer separated unto You in the liberty Your government has to offer through Your Law and Your truth. We want to be part of the Union of Nations, in which man, not You, rules.” So God has given to America a commander-in-chief of the sort she wants.

Last week, General McChrystal chose to be as clear a voice as one could hear concerning the ills of the nation’s military strategy. He knows that the military leadership and principles of engaging in war are at odds with the agenda of its illegitimate commander-in-chief. A corrupt liberal press is not going to allow the public to know, number one, that there is a problem in never-never land, and the problem begins at the top, where the nation is ruled by a traitor to the cause of freedom in the country. His name is Obama and he is not fit to run the affairs of the United States, let alone offer military support to other countries.

Number two, along with holding office illegitimately, he is moving forward with his own agenda by circumventing the laws set in place and dictated by the Constitution of the United States. McChrystal found for himself a newspaper, which would report to the public the sad state of affairs, concerning America’s engagement in the war in Afghanistan, probably knowing fully well that his own job would end on the chopping block. He is no fool and to think he made this move by happenstance, not weighing the results of his actions, would be foolishness.

Obama, a fraud from head to toe, is undermining the military by placing American soldiers in the line of fire while, at the same time, forcing them to stop and consider whether or not they would be allowed to engage in a confrontation that would require them to fire back. Any battle in which soldiers are penalized for fighting, even killing in order to win, is not a battle at all; it is a bloodbath for the Americans, and can be described by no other term. If I were the parent of an American soldier killed in Afghanistan in this past year, I would probably behave like a raging bull toward Obama because of the sacrifice of my child, which might have occurred for no other reason than to satisfy this maniac’s desire to be the messiah of the world.

And that is just on the military front! It gets worse as we examine his role in connection with the oil spill. He has been the number one enemy against American Mom’s and Pop’s businesses of the Gulf-coast southlands, in an area now extending further east to encompass the east coast of Florida and possibly beaches north of there. Experts tell us, not in the press, but rather in the real news now found mostly on web sites and on radio airways, that this same illegitimate president, with visions of grandeur, has actually been the obstacle to what could have been a rapid cleanup. He apparently refused the support of many other countries, which had offered their expertise and their equipment to get the job done in what some of the experts are telling us could well have been completed in less than a period of three weeks, according to reports given on the Fox News channel. This is perhaps the last source for real news left on television networks.

What in the world would possess a leader to prolong such an environmental disaster when he is the king-pusher of environmental cleanup, by making American businesses pay for their imaginary carbon pollution, which, it appears, according to scientists and experts, is little more than a myth? The answer – more caps on the business world by the Obama government’s interference in this environmental crisis, so as to use it for political gain to further socialize America and advance Obama’s own political aspirations in connection with the coming One World Government.

What are his political agendas? He is an adopted philosophical son of Marxism with a passion for Islam and a hatred for the American Constitution that makes God Ruler over the land. He wants to be the big brother of government that will take the average American Joe into government bondage. His message to the American people is that there is no room for two gods to rule over America. Says Obama, “I am your god who is now going to rule. I AM the Messiah,” or so he thinks.

But, be careful, Mr. Obama, or whatever your name is! God is not frightened by little men, such as you, with big egos like men who have gone before you, such as Hitler, Napoleon, Caesar and Pharaoh. Take note of how each one met his demise in ways, which do not present a very pretty picture for your future. Most of these men who were dictators over very cruel regimes, such as the kings of the east to whom you bow, had their own lives terminated by very unpleasant means, indeed.

Take note of how God dealt with those who came against His chosen partners in ruler-ship such as Moses. The man Korah, the would-be leader who wanted to take Israel back to Egypt, saw the earth open before he was swallowed up by an earthquake, as the last thing he would ever see.

Now, that brings us to the G-20 and Mr. Obama and his cohorts who think they can set up meetings to plan for a One World Order on God’s territory. Perhaps Mr. Obama should take note that the earth was given a good shaking just two days ago on that particular piece of property where the meetings are being held. It was a warning sign of what happens to the Korahs of today who would dare to try and squelch the voice of the church within God’s own territory, in order to replace it with the religious, economic and government controls of Satan and his religious rulers.

By church I mean the suppression of the true voice as seen just this past week in Dearborn, Michigan. A branch of the American homeland armed forces, called the police force, was corralled into a position, which it disliked. It was one of obstructing innocent Americans in spite of their right by law to make a simple statement of their faith, which our laws deem to be the truth about Jesus’ Word, lest they should offend the wicked religious Jihadists of Islam, who shout obscenities at Americans in their own land.

Beware, you illegitimate ruler, who would be a messiah. The pattern for men like you is firmly cut out in history in that Book upon which you swear and verbally desecrate at the same time. It is the Book of His story – the story of Jesus, the only Messiah Who will ultimately rule over this land when you have long gone the way of the other would-be messiahs. Do stick to your golf game, for you are probably better at that kind of game than the game you are playing with the lives of the American people!

I very much doubt that you are going to silence Rush Limbaugh or most of the commentators on Fox News with your media bullying tactics. But of one thing I am certain, which is this; the voice of the true church is not frightened by you or your father of beasts called Satan. The gates of Satan’s hell shall not prevail against Christ’s church, which will contend to the end, by witnessing to truth and never to religion.

There will always be a remnant, if only 144,000, as a small Davidic army, which will take on the giant of them all, the Antichrist, until the last drop of the Euphrates is dried up, and His kingdom will come on earth as it is in heaven.

Beware, Mr. Obama, or whatever you call yourself, for your days are numbered just as were the days of King Saul, who finally met his tragic end by the sword of his own hand. There is only one Messiah Who is the Lion of Judah, seated on the throne of David, Who shall rule for ever and ever and for ever more. Amen.