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The Good Shepherd and His Sheepfold

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                           by Elinor Montgomery

 The Good Shepherd and His Sheepfold

March 11, 2008

 The world is a grazing ground for sheep, with sheep being the dumbest of all animals. Direct them to a cliff and they will follow the leader over the edge. Their instincts for survival are minimal. It could be said that the piper who pipes the tune they hear has the ability to direct their paths, whether or not they lead to survival or to extinction.

 Jesus came into this world with the message that not only was He the Good Shepherd (see the book of John, chapter 10), but also, the sheep of the world did not all belong to Him. He stated that His sheep hear His voice and they know His voice. This is the dividing point for all of mankind – the sheep who hear His voice and know Him spiritually, and those who do not hear and have no spiritual understanding.

 Then the message about the Good Shepherd becomes a little more definitive. There is a door-keeper and one doorway by which to enter the sheepfold, and he who does not enter the sheepfold by the door, but climbs up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber. Jesus goes on to state that He is the Door and those who enter by Him will go in and out and find pasture.

 Now, let us look at the thief. How is he identified? He comes to steal, kill and destroy. But Jesus said He came that they might have life and have it more abundantly. 

 Let us consider the nations of America to see if He were correct in what He said. Did this country not get built by immigrants who made Jesus (One with God) Ruler over this land? Were we not taught to hear His voice in the halls of learning, and then apply His Word to our governments and to our judiciary?

 Prayer to the Lord over this land was the way to begin every day in the classrooms and in the government of Canada. If the Good Shepherd were recognized as the voice over this land, then the sheep knew, heard and obeyed His voice. And sure enough, exactly as He said in His Word, America, the country that responded to the voice of the Shepherd, had life abundantly in His Law of liberty.

 It follows that we should not be surprised when there are those who want to come into this land, which belongs to the Good Shepherd, but are not willing to come through the door. They want to come in another way, worshiping pagan gods, to enter as the thieves who are going to steal, kill and destroy.

 I guess we would be just plain stupid sheep if we could not see that those who want to enter by the way of Allah instead of by the door of our Good Shepherd, ultimately, come with the plan to kill all infidels, destroy our heritage of prayer and the public recognition of our Good Shepherd. They want to steal the laws of the land and inflict Shariah law upon Americans who live by the Law of God. But we know from Scripture that liberty is only found in the Law of God.

 We should not be surprised by this. But it should surprise us that our political leaders are running about carrying Bibles and claiming their Christian belief in Jesus, while, at the same time, saying they cannot accept His narrow message of one door. As does the enemy, they want our nation to adhere to the killer’s message of many doorways into the sheepfold, by buying into the ‘narrow-bigoted-intolerant’ lingo of the enemy.

 But here is the crux of the matter. The Good Shepherd gives His life for the sheep, but the hireling is a different matter altogether. The shepherds of the sheep, the ones who do not own the sheep, the ones called the hirelings, see the wolves coming and flee. They will leave the sheep, allowing the wolves to catch them, for they really do not care about them. They care more about their own positions and salaries than they care about the sheep.

 Our God must be looking down on America as a country full of hirelings, with the Rick Warrens and the Joel Olsteens playing right into the hands of the wolves with their purpose-driven lives and their smiley, cutesy messages for the comfy-rest-easy pews. Don’t think for a minute that they aren’t hirelings as the big bucks roll in faster than one can say, “Done deal-with-the devil.”

 Thousands upon thousands of Christian pastors, across this country, willingly accept treason from their governments and judiciary without raising their voices as the tax-exempted dollars flow in to silence them. In their compromised position they actually form a pact with the Caesar of our day. They refuse to put their lives on the line for the Word, lest their building programs might falter and fail.

 Canada has been plagued with Roman Catholic prime ministers who have been the masters of double-speak. They have had that marvelous confessional box with the Catholic priest, which allows them to attend that place they call church, while at the same time introducing laws to kill unborn babies and old, useless people. They have taken upon themselves the title of little gods, with their role in the redefinition of the institution of marriage, which only God could establish as He saw fit. But there you have it – our Catholic demi-gods think they know better.

 Our hireling shepherds, in their silence and lack of leadership, keep the sheep supporting an almost 100% Roman Catholic party in our Canadian government, with its raison d’etre being the ultimate break-up of Canada. We, the stupid sheep, pay them a very healthy government salary with a very substantial pension, all coming from our hard-earned tax dollars, to keep them there as the makers or breakers of our constitutional laws of Canada.

 Now, I ask you, are the sheep stupid or not? Is it any wonder Jesus calls Himself the Good Shepherd of a brood of animals that are very stupid indeed? Are we in need of a voice we can hear that enters through the door? How would you know if you don’t know His Word and have no desire to hear His voice?

 The prophets have always been the voice of the Good Shepherd and the sheep killed them, but then, like the Good Shepherd, these same prophets were willing to lay down their lives in order for the voice of truth to be heard.

 How will you recognize a good shepherd? He/she will willingly lay down his/her comfy life of this world for the sake of witnessing to the truth as the voice for the Kingfisher of men. How will you recognize the hireling? You will be able to see a paper trail of money behind him, which is used to feather his own nest and his own building programs.

 When you see bodyguards, private planes and very expensive model cars tied to the priesthood, you have your first clue that you are probably looking at a hireling. When you see handkerchiefs and bottled water being used as items having magical healing powers, you have your next clue. And when you see works and social programs becoming the door instead of the Good Shepherd, then you have a very nicely packaged piece of demonic religious programming.

 Beware, my friends, for Oprah Winfrey has just packaged the latest New Age package from the pit of hell that is going to deceive millions upon millions.

 Jesus concluded His message about the Good Shepherd, saying other sheep He has, which are not of this fold, but He must bring them along to hear His voice so that there will be one flock and one shepherd. The bride must make the last call with the Spirit for those sheep who can hear her message.

 Here we have the point of division within the sheepfold. The ones who want the comfy, cozy, cutesy message, in all likelihood, will call the truth the lie and will come viciously against the voice of the good shepherd. These are the sheep from the hireling’s flock. Know this! No demon ever opened the eyes of those blinded by religion to bring them into the truth.

 Jesus took the scales of religious blindness from the eyes of Paul and healed him of his religious sickness. The bride will open the eyes of the religious who have ears to hear, and the religious flock of Satan’s hirelings will hate her. He knows that when this woman of Israel goes into labor, the man child is brought forth, which shall be taken to the throne of God, and Satan will lose the souls he seeks to destroy.

 The evil beast’s worst nightmare is the rapture of the 144,000 witnesses, who will leave a witness of resurrection behind them, which will cause many to come to understanding and believe. And the power of the Lord is with His witnesses until it is time for the departure of the bride and the Bridegroom from this world. With them goes the lamp-light of Israel, for their voice is heard no more (see Revelation 18:23). Nothing but the darkness of sin will remain.

 But the woman was given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness to her place, where she is nourished for a time and times and half a time, from the presence of the serpent (Revelation 12:14).