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Behind The Scene

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

Behind The Scene

April 9, 2008

Why do you think God and the Bible are under attack in America, the land, which became the most desirable place in the world to live? People died to immigrate to America, but few, if any, wanted to emigrate from this great country, that is to say until the present time, when leadership declined morally into a state of double-mindedness, with double-speak becoming the common language.

Powerful forces, released by godly men and women, built America and put constitutions in place in both Canada and the United States, which honored God, His Law, and His Word as the standard for truth and justice. A justice system built on the truth of the Bible was a truly just system, placing the rights of the individual above that of the state. This just system also protected the majority from the right of any individual, intent on breaking the law, to harm or endanger the collective rights and protection of the majority.

Individual rights were limited to the greater good of the voting majority entrusted with the power to limit government control, which is where the safety net of our Constitution lies. This liberty within the walls of limitations kept America free and out of the clutches of despots. Hence, we were blessed by living in America, the beautiful, the land of privilege and of the free.

Satan works around the clock and behind the scene to destroy anything God does in the liberty of free will, the most liberating of all the marvelous works of God. But, poorly used, it can also be a curse and a cause for the downfall of men. Satan is constantly there to deceive us with the lie telling us the riches of this world are where our rewards lie. He wants us to believe that the pleasures of this world are what provide us with the good life.

One spirit or another is working around the clock, and behind the scene, trying to affect our actions and our feelings. One works in darkness while the other works in light. One will blind us to the truth, and the other will open understanding to truth.

Bottom-lining it, Satan wants us to believe that he does not exist at all as a destroyer and that there is no Creator God, the Provider of all good things. When we accept these lies, we will then leave the door wide open for him to rule over our lives with deception, to eventually lead us to the ultimate pit of darkness.

The lies of Secular Humanism, which we are feeding our children, are at the root of man’s greatest deception, with our children becoming the victims, as they are led into rebellion. They have been set afloat like a boat at sea without a rudder or steering mechanism to guide it in the right direction.

In order to have reached this degree of control over our educational system, Satan had to convince people that religious rights supersede the protection of truth, and that the Bible is the enemy of religious freedoms. The one marvelous thing about all of this is that it is not a lie to say the Bible is the enemy of religion. There is no place together for something based on a lie and the truth of God’s Word.

The Bible is not religion or any kind of belief system; the Bible is truth. Therefore, it is not subject to the present laws governing religion in the market place. Truth is not, and never was, subject to a belief system or religion of any sort. For this reason all religions have at the heart of them conflict with the truth of the Bible, with Christianity being no exception. For Christianity comes out of the Roman Babylonian system, which is part of Satan’s religion/state form of government.

The true church on the foundation of truth is merely captive to the world Babylonian system, as was Israel before her. It has been, in fact, the religion of Christianity, which has been the glue holding together the early and latter day branches of the Roman Empire, the last of the Babylonian Empire world system of Satan. The true Church has been captive to Satan’s religious system throughout the church age, as was the nation Israel captive in slavery to Egypt.

The Bible promises, in prophecy, that the power of Satan shall be unleashed in the final days to bring the gentile nations of religion into their fullness of wickedness. At the same time, the light of Israel (the church), will come forth in its fullness to shine in the darkness so that the great division can finally be seen and understood by men. It will be a time when there will be no room for double-mindedness, for the works of leaders will become exposed by the light.

Prime Minister Harper bowed before a memorial in a foreign country recently to pray to God. He had left his own country where he allows the sin of homosexuality, of abortion, and of injustice to rule, in his unwillingness to defend the Word of God. He is the enemy of God within his own country, while, like a Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, he becomes the so-called spokesperson for Him, when the spot-light focuses upon the Prime Minister in another country.

What utter and disgraceful double-mindedness is represented by such leadership, which campaigned for votes with the promise of better things than this kind of liberal behavior! Double-mindedness is the tool of Satan who has taken control over America by running the show behind the scenes – in the classroom, in the government, in the courtroom, and most importantly of all, in the institutional church of Christianity.  They are all so full of double-speak and double-mindedness now that none of them has any credibility at all. A house divided against itself is doomed to fall.

The only surviving institution of the entire American scene is the church of truth, which belongs to Jesus, sitting on its apostolic foundation apart from all religions. The doors of religious institutions are now wide open to Satan, who is working overtime within them.

The true apostolic church has the protection and security, which only the truth can provide; it holds in its hands the only keys to the kingdom of God, provided by Jesus. Hades cannot prevail against it, for it is in the complete will of God in obedience to Him and in faithful worship of only Him while keeping His commandments and statutes.

Against this Abramic principle, the enemy, Satan, has no power, for the truth always sets men free. “So, why,” I ask, “have we allowed these wicked forces to steal the truth of God’s Word from our children? We pray to God publicly when it is convenient and expedient to do so in times of national crisis, but deny our children the same right to pray to Him. What kind of double-mindedness is this, which says that the government can pray when it suits it to do so, but the children of the classroom may not pray to God at any time?”

Never buy into the foolishness, which states that a few minutes of silence is the same thing as a prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. A moment of silence can be nothing more than time spent sorting out the shopping list in one’s mind. This practice is nothing more than Satan’s garbage being piled higher in heaps of lies, which cover over God’s truth.

There is no possibility at all of having public prayer to God without it being done in the name of Jesus, the only One Who can open the way to God for man. Allah is not God, Buddha is not God, and a cow is not a Holy creature with any kind of power. Let’s stop allowing Satan to pull the wool over our eyes by preaching such foolishness, which leads us to giving religion a place with the truth.

The Philistines learned this message millennia ago when the ark of God was placed beside Dagon, the pagan god of the Philistines; Dagon fell and was broken to pieces. It could not stand beside the power of the ark of God. What was true yesterday is true today.

Satan looms behind the scene of every false god of religion. He looms behind the scene of the economic gold system of this world, and he looms behind the scenes of governments, which are built on man’s laws and not on God’s Law. Satan was behind the scenes, which saw the removal of the Bible from the classrooms of America and the taking down of the Ten Commandments from the judicial and governmental walls of this land.

It is a sad day when our children have to outsmart him, while the church sleeps, by devising a sneeze to invoke the blessing of God upon themselves. Shame on the church of America and shame on a people who would consider electing a leader who would ally his spiritual life with a man who damns America and does not honor God! Shame on the double speakers of government and the traitors of the judiciary, who have forced our children to devise ways for themselves to cry out to God!

God bless America? Why in the world should He do so, except for the innocence of our young children’s lives, which are being traumatized by perverse sexual indoctrination in the schoolroom when they should be receiving the truth? Why should He bless a people who put His unborn babies to the knife before they ever can draw their first breath?

Why should He bless a people that grab the blessings He has bestowed upon them and then run with them, saying, “Get out of the land God, and make room for Satan, the destroyer of your blessings!”?

The great God of righteousness looks down upon those ‘stuck in the stupid syndrome’ and says, “Go to it, you fools, if it is Satan you want, it is Satan I will give to you. Now you shall know the terrorism from which I protected your land. Now you will suffer the law of the jungle instead of enjoying the Law of liberty. Now your children will as likely kill you as they will love you.”

Enjoy it folks, for you have unleashed Satan into this land. He is the enemy behind the scene who was just waiting to gain access to God’s protected land and people. You have chosen to serve the enemy of your souls and your nation so now you will reap exactly what you deserve!

May God bless those wise young students who were forced to devise a scheme with a sneeze that opened the door for God to bless them, each and every one!