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An Act of Terror in Canada

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

An Act of Terror in Canada

August 01, 2008

This week, a fairly big man wearing sunglasses in the dark of the night, casually entered a public vehicle of transportation in Manitoba, Canada, and took a seat among the others who were traveling on the same bus. There was, perhaps, nothing about this man that would seem strange to anyone else, except for the fact that he was wearing sunglasses in the dark. Still, no one would likely sit up and take notice, other than to casually dismiss him as being perhaps a bit eccentric, compared to the others on the bus.

As the vehicle set out on the road, there was no sign of anything unusual happening, which might cause any of the travelers to become alarmed. It would have seemed like any other normal bus load of strangers, journeying together, along their separate ways.

Then, suddenly, the silence was broken by a blood-curdling scream that came without warning. The atmosphere among the travelers was changed forever, with each and every life on board being affected to some degree by the turn of events that were about to follow. Not one person would leave that bus unscathed, without an emotional scar of one sort or another, which could never be completely removed. A life would be taken, and the others would live through one of the most shattering experiences of their lives.

In an act that appears to have transpired without provocation, the man with the sunglasses in the night turned on the young man traveling in the seat beside him, who was quietly seated with earphones on, oblivious to what was brewing around him.

There must have been a barely-disguised, seething anger within the attacker, which would lead him to commit an act of such vengeance as that which he was about to commit upon the young man whose defenses were down. He was completely cut off from the real world by the world enclosed in his earphones.

As one traveler who was sitting nearby later said, while recounting the details of what happened, he heard a strange sound behind him and turned around to see what was going on. He was overcome with disbelief, as he saw the big man wielding a large knife, which he was using to attack his younger co-traveler, who had been dumbed-down by the earphones he was wearing.

He rushed to the front of the bus, calling for the driver to stop the vehicle, so that the passengers could get off it as quickly as possible. Miraculously, they all managed to escape while the attacker continued his attack. Some young men tried to shut the doors as he pressed his arm and the knife between them, threatening the others with it. Three men struggled to hold him back behind the closed doors by sitting tightly against them, confining him to the interior of the bus.

Being unsuccessful at getting out of the bus, he returned to his attack on what was now a dead young man. To the shock of those outside holding the doors shut, he came before them with the head of the ear-phoned young man, which he severed from his body. He then simply dropped it in front of them, with a casualness that would chill the hearts of all who were looking onto the scene.

One cannot begin to imagine the feelings of shock and revulsion of the other passengers at that moment, particularly, of the three in close proximity to the blood-chilling event, which they had just witnessed.

Today, in the news describing this act of terror, an eyewitness, who had seen the convicted killer being removed from the police van to be escorted into the courthouse, said that he looked to be a much smaller man than he had expected. He appeared to be almost cowering before the crowd as he held his head down while being led away.

What are we looking at here, if not a picture describing the spiritual state of America? How much will it take for God to reach through our thick skulls to the brain where our thinking processes are supposed to originate?

We have a mass of aliens, belonging to all sorts of dangerous religious cults, pouring into this land and riding our public modes of transportation. We call this multiculturalism, as if it were some kind of blessing on the land instead of recognizing it for what it is as a source of danger to our citizens. The number of hooded women one sees, now walking our streets, is significant of their numbers and should set off alarm bells for those of us who love our land of liberty.

The man with the sunglasses represents all foreigners in our land who are blinded by the darkness of cultic religions of any sort. Such persons have no understanding, for God has allowed their understanding to be clouded by the same leaven that clouded the thinking of the Pharisees. The attacker exhibited the kind of thinking that led them to demand the head of Jesus, though it would take the form of a crucifixion rather than a beheading, in keeping with Roman law.

However, it did not keep King Herod from allowing his step-daughter to demand the head of John the Baptist on a platter in exchange for merely performing a dance for Herod’s pleasure. It was the Jezebel spirit of control, which lurked behind her demand, raging in Jesus’ day as it does today. Religion and its spiritual controls always war with those who follow the truth, and America, as opposed to all other countries in the world, set her foundation squarely on the truth of the Bible.

There is absolutely no place for the darkness of religion to coexist peacefully within a nation that lives by truth. Either such a nation will compromise itself, or the foreigner in the land will ultimately attack the position of truth in order to exert the controls of religion over it.

Those, who live by cults of one sort or another, are now present in every segment of the business world, to such an extent that almost all public phone-answering systems use people with strong, foreign accents, filling Canadian off-shored jobs while living in other countries, which have no jobs for them. If such foreigners come to live in Canada they tend to live to themselves and to not integrate into our Canadian society, with its vastly different value system to those of religiously controlled countries. They are often people with an agenda to change this country so that it will be like the one they have left behind, while, at the same time, living off the tax-dollars of those whose land they, one day, want to own.

All that is needed for the cults to gain control is a dulled-down-to-the-point-of-dumb society, which will hand over America on a platter to the highest bidder, whether or not it is Islam, Communism or Buddhism. The media has been the first to fall in deception before the takeover. It is now integrated into the cause for a One World Order by playing its role of dulling-down the people’s sensitivity.

The United Nations is nothing but a body of various religiously-controlled governments set on destroying America’s national autonomy. Our liberal media, with its agenda-driven news, no longer serves the people by keeping them alert to what is going on around them, with respect to the onslaught of the enemy on American values. The media doesn’t even know who the enemy is anymore.

Then, there is the school system, which has now replaced teaching the truth with the spreading of the lies of Secular Humanism, causing young people to hear only what the system wants them to hear. The courts have aided the process by legislating hate crimes against those who do not agree with cultic teaching.

Last, but not least, is the priesthood of religious Christianity, which has chosen to teach the laity to relax in its comfortable pew, and stay focused on their religious works, allowing the government to rule the state, while they compromise their calling to be witnesses to the truth. In this way, it is a piece of cake to keep the pew-sitter dulled-down to the point they no longer can read the danger signs in their midst, barely raising an eyebrow when a stranger enters a bus wearing sunglasses in the dark.

After all, are the pew-sitters not wearing their own dark sunglasses in their own religious institutional buildings of darkness, which make them insensitive to the nation crumbling around them? The priesthood, in point of fact, by having allied itself with Secular Humanism, has become the culprit, which has provided the open door for such a brutal attack to take place on a Canadian public mode of transportation.

Our youths spend most of their waking hours, wandering around with earphones attached to their ears, as they pump ungodly music almost non-stop, twenty-four hours a day, into their very souls. The CRTC (Canadian Radio-television Commission) sees to it that pornographic, sexually explicit so-called artistry and violence have the rights of expression at the expense of our young people, who have become the victims of these absolutely stupid, useless commissions.

This brutal killer may have done nothing more than express his rights, as he sees them, according to what he has been fed on television as a daily dose of violence and killing. After all, the CRTC endorses such programming when, at the same time, it will limit the number of hours allowed for Biblical teaching and programs reflecting moral decency.

We have seen it in the media on television, where Islamic soldiers are as likely to decapitate their prisoners as spit in their eye, especially American and Israeli prisoners. Yet here in America we are fighting an uphill battle against governments and courts that would rather respect their religious rights in our land than defend our liberty from their brutal religious attacks upon it. These scoundrels actually want immunity by using our laws of liberty in the West to prevent any criticism of their religion and their leaders, which might cause them any offense, even though it could cost us our freedom of speech, and greatly offends me, a good, long-term, tax-paying Canadian by birth.

If we agree to send out such a distorted message to the public, regarding justice in this land, why should this attacker receive criticism for his actions, when we are not allowed to criticize Islamic law that allows beheadings, or even print a newsworthy cartoon about its leader? 

The religious laws of Islam apply to Muslims, whether living in the East or in the West. They purport the same principles of brutality in both countries, and this attacker may be smarter than we all realize in joining in on the offense issue. Perhaps he will find a smart lawyer, who will suggest just such a defense for him, which will run along the same lines of logical thinking.

            This is what the battle is about between the CHRC and Ezra Levant who, fairly and squarely, reported the news involving cartoons released about Mohammed, that so-called prophet of Islam. Our unelected judges and non-judges, who think themselves judges, like to flex their muscles by giving the message that it is fair game to relieve yourself on a picture of Jesus or on the Canadian flag while, at the same time, turning Mohammed into a protected species, keeping mockers and critics from casting a shadow over his blood-thirsty soul.

“Kill,” says the prophet, “if necessary, in order for the religion of Islam to rule the entire world.” And, lo and behold! Wishy-washy, cowardly Christians call his religious book, the Koran, holy! World Christian leaders even bow to the holiness of such a despicable religion, with Bush, Rice and Obama, all being among the messengers of Islamic holiness.

Why wouldn’t this sun-glassed killer equate his rights to those of Muslims and other killers, whose rights our society is protecting? Surely we nice Canadians could not be dealing with a form of hypocrisy here, could we? What government is going to award me, a patriotic Canadian who has always loved her country, over $12 million for suffering at the hands of foreign governments? Nothing seems to stop our Canadian government from awarding such amounts to Canadian immigrants who hold dual citizenship with countries, which kill, wound, maim and decapitate people whenever the spirit of religion urges them to do so.

Yes, my friends, Mr. Li, our sun-glassed attacker, was actually handed that knife by you and me, who have been remaining silent while turning away from addressing the malaise in this land. Still, the silly doves that we are, we will cry foul and ask the stupid question, “How could this happen in Canada?”

My fellow Canadians, take a good, hard, long look at yourselves and ask whether or not your minds have been dulled by the liberal press and a dullard-type of priesthood that keeps you quietly resting in your pews. Do you really know what is going on around you until an incident like this might cause a momentary cessation of sleep before rolling over and going back to sleep again?

Canada, wake up! The time of Jacob’s trouble is just beginning. God is removing His hand of protection from His people and no metal detector is going to stop the ensuing flood of evil that will come into this land. You are only starting to see the signs of things to come. The safety and security Canadians have known under God’s Law, which we have rejected, will give way to terror inflicted upon us by our sun-glassed, religiously blind enemies, as they step up to the door of our borders to take control over our land.

“Therefore I will judge you, O house of Israel, every one according to his ways,” says the Lord God. “Repent, and turn from all your transgressions, so that iniquity will not be your ruin. Cast away from you all the transgressions which you have committed, and get yourselves a new heart and a new spirit. For why should you die, O house of Israel? For I have no pleasure in the death of one who dies,” says the Lord God. “Therefore turn and live (Ezekiel 18:30-32)!”