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Religion – Does It Have Power?

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

Religion – Does it have Power?

July 20, 2008

In order for a road-vehicle to be empowered to move, it must be taken to the gas or diesel pump and be filled with the fuel that empowers it. Of course, there are now electric cars, but they, too, depend on their source of power coming from a charged battery.

People are no different from the vehicle. They must draw their power from the source that empowers them. There is but one source of power for man, made of dust, and that is the Spirit of life. It is the same Spirit, which God breathed into the dust, turning it into a living being, in the image of God, with the potential for understanding.

This Spirit was lost to man when he chose the pathway of sin instead of that of truth. The power of life over death now lies within man to accept the offer of Jesus and choose to have the Spirit of life returned to him or to reject the Spirit, depending on what he does with the cross. If he chooses life, he will choose truth at the same time, instead of the lies of religion; for the Spirit will lead to no other place than to the Word.

Now, Satan is the antichrist spirit, which comes against the Christ, as the name indicates. His is a totally different spirit, which leads to death and destroys any man who rejects the Spirit and power of life. The devil is subtle, he is cunning, and he is deadly like the bite of a venomous serpent. But he cannot give power to his victims. He merely counterfeits it with witchcraft and sorcery.

Since the sword of truth is sharper than a two-edged sword, the devil leads his followers to conquer fallen men with the sword in the natural. Wherever he is confronted with the spiritual sword of truth, he has no spiritual power to overcome it.

Herein lies the root of all wars, which are instigated by religiously-controlled governments of men, trying to take control over the nations of the world by killing men for the cause of the state. Satan’s desire is to return the world to that one world state of one united government and one united religion, which existed in Babel, the very heart of man’s religious tower building. God’s establishment of Israel, was to counter the process, under His guidance and covenant protection, showing the pattern for the coming new kingdom order, ruled by the Lord God in truth with no religious idolatry in it.

This is how religions such as Islam, Fascism, Communism and Secularism function, to mention a few – by wars and killing. Instead of stepping up to the pump for fuel for power, they take hold of the sword in their hand. How is it, the Canadian judicial system approved the religious symbol of the sword being worn by children in the classroom while, at the same time, rejecting the Bible as a religious symbol, which is not to be allowed? Does that tell us who rules over the judiciary?

All religions have zero tolerance for the truth, which they cannot defeat and, so, they kill all who will not submit to government-inflicted religious controls. Christianity has had its day of religious killings, as well. But then Romanism, at the heart of Christianity, was never governed by truth; it has always been a religious system from inception, corrupted like all other religious systems of the world, as opposed to being the true church.

One of the most powerful teachings of Jesus to His people stated that the spiritual sword of truth has the power over any sword made by man. Not only is this fact, but it remains to be seen that the sword of truth will ultimately have the victory over the sword of religion. It will be the sword of truth, given in the spirit of prophecy, which will conquer and subdue all religions in an end-times victory.

Truth can never be compromised and still retain its power. Filling a road-vehicle with vinegar will not give it the power it needs to move ahead. Using the wrong fuel will cause a stumbling block like that which the leaven of religion caused the Pharisees. 

The early church became compromised by the religion of Romanism. In fact, the apostolic church, on the foundation of truth, was taken captive by the religious system of Christianity. As the leaven grew within a counterfeit church, now called Christianity, it began to live by the sword and controls of religion, like all other religions before her.

To this day, the name of the church has been tarnished by the name of religion. For this reason, the Scriptures call to the church to come out of her – this great harlot of religion – lest she should go down with her in the judgment on sin and acts of religious idolatry.

How will the true church be known, if not by the fact that it stands only on its apostolic foundation of truth, refusing to have any part in religion? The most obvious answer to all of this is the one given by Jesus, Himself, to His newly established church. He stated that the gates of Hades would not prevail against it, for it will make its exodus from religion, which will cause the beast to go into a fury. At the same time, Satan will have no concerns about the Christian church system, for the gates of Hades are prevailing daily against it, as it now moves into a rapid downward spiral.

The great deception of this age is about the nature of religion, into which men lump the true church of Jesus Christ. Nothing could be further from the truth, for, as it was evident with Jesus and will be evident with the bride, the revived apostolic church is the true church of Christ, standing only on the purity of truth and never standing on religion. They will be the Christian priesthood, which, in unity with the priesthood of other religions, will turn on the bride and denounce her, as was the case with the early church and the Pharisees, who turned against Jesus.

Some of the finest minds, rooted in truth, still leave the door open to Satan by identifying themselves with Christianity. It will be easy for Satan to take them the next step of thinking that the church in unity means religious unity with Judaism and ultimately with other religions. Satan will always lead men to religion and away from truth.

In exactly the same scenario for the bride as that which existed for Jesus, the religious system, united with the state, will demand the truth of His Word be put to the cross for being a radical source of hate crimes. Such will become the religious/state policy of America as she makes the change of government from liberty in God to the controls of a presently forming religiously-controlled state of Secularism.

Perhaps, now, you can begin to see the difference between America and the rest of the world. She rejected a religious/state-controlled government for the Word of God and His ruler-ship over this land. Canada stood on the truth of God and His Law, by which He, in turn, required that the church be His voice for responsible government in her position as a type of spiritual Governor General for Him.

The church was to be His stand–in within the nation, having the power of the truth as her foundation. Witnesses before the courts were required to swear on the Bible to establish what the truth actually is. Anyone refusing to swear on the Bible, as a witness in the court system, had no legal right to speak.

This speaks volumes about our present so-called Governor General of Canada. She fills her role of office in treason against God and Canadians by refusing to be sworn into office on the Bible, the Book of truth. But then she is the same woman who was seen with her husband, toasting to a Québec libre and the break-up of the country she is now supposedly serving.

Why, at the time, did our Prime Minister not see to it that the act of taking the oath of office was properly carried out? The reason lay in the fact that he was a Roman Catholic Christian who already was in the enemy camp promoting liberalism as the rule of thumb over the Laws of God and the Bible. He could not serve two masters, and he chose to serve Satan.

Michaëlle Jean is, in fact, an agent of liberalism and holds office not in truth but by means of deception. We very foolish, foolish Canadians allowed the government to silence our voices on this matter, with the church handing over the office on a platter to satanic forces, which are seeking to control this land of God. It took no time, before she was proudly honoring the prince of unborn-child-butchery.

Until religion is understood for what it is, the counterfeit church, which does not receive its power from God, will continue to decline, losing any influence it has as it moves deeply in the direction of witchcraft. Turn on your television set to see evangelist, after evangelist, promoting it. God is allowing black magic to be released on the counterfeit church, which has chosen this path, as opposed to choosing to witness to the truth. This is how simple the picture is, but the most difficult thing for man to understand.

He simply cannot get his mind around the term ‘religion’ and the full implications of it. Even men of God see themselves as men of religion, and the Book of truth, as a book of religion. The Bible, only, can be called a Holy Book and there is no other worthy of the name. It is the filling station for the power behind the sword of God, which is likened to a stone before the swords of the Goliaths of this world.

David, who stood alone before the Goliath of his day in the power of knowing Who God was and who he was in relationship to Him, defeated Goliath, the giant of religious power, and captured his sword with a stone (likened to the stones of the apostolic church). He cut off his supposed power, which was his head knowledge and the pride it gave him by thinking he could defeat a young boy with a sling-shot, one chosen and empowered for the challenge by the Spirit of God. Goliath made the secular mistake of thinking himself to be the greater power, when he had not filled up at the fuel pump of God, where one receives the Holy Spirit in one’s life.

Religion is religion, and truth is truth, with a wall, which separates them as night is separated from day, and darkness from light. One is a spiritual powerless tool in the hands of Satan, leading to death, while the other is a spiritual power-tool of God, given in the Spirit of life everlasting.

The blessing and cursing upon a nation depend upon the choices that nation makes, when in covenant with God, whether or not it chooses the Spirit of life and lives or relinquishes it for the spirit of death and dies. The biggest issue in America today is whether or not America will choose God again and live.