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The Religion of Olympism

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

The Religion of Olympism

August 10, 2008

The western world continues to decline, as is shown by its endorsement of the torch of Olympus, while refusing to endorse the burning torch and light of liberty under God. The West is quickly turning its affection toward the evil axis of the world, by paying homage to its gods of religion. Oh yes, the goddess Gaia, the goddess of earth worship, has always been at the heart of the Olympic races – the same mother goddess that Gore and his ilk worship.

Never has the coming One World Order been so flaunted before man as it was in China, during the opening performance of the Olympics. The spectators and competitors have no idea just how satanic all the symbolism of the Olympics really is. “The essential character of ancient and modern Olympism is that of being a religion” – see “Pierre de Coubertin’s Ideology of Olympism”:

China showed the world that man has the power over it and will encompass it as he so chooses by taking action for unity of purpose around the world. He was portrayed, in a blatant expression of Secularism, as having control over this earth rather than God having control over the entire universe.

The voices of the West and East blended together to become one mantra of peace. All the nations were united in Beijing to compete and share their common focus on the New Age power within the individual to excel physically. Psychologists are used, along with trainers, to develop the power of the inner man over the physical man to win gold, silver and bronze medals, which only their fellow men judge and hand out to the athletes.

It is to be noted the big players behind the scenes of the Olympics are the same big players as those behind the planning of the coming One World Order – Henry Kissinger being but one name from among many.

It is to Canada’s credit that her Prime Minister was noticeably absent, for whatever reasons, from the opening ceremonies. This nation is about to have her own hour of honoring the gods of Olympus, which are, in point of fact, one and the same with the gods of the underworld. They are the gods of religion and can never be confused with the one most high God of truth, the Creator of the world and universe.

The message of the Olympics, which keeps the world in deception, is that peace comes from the gods of religion. Nothing could be further from the truth. They symbolize war itself, while the picture up front counterfeits the real picture, which lies behind the games. Brutal killings of innocent people and jails used for torture are what lie behind this glossy extravaganza. The Chinese government is using this occasion to deceive the world before an audience, the likes of which it has never had before, a good part of which is supplied by CNN and American money.

The leaders of the world were seen sitting in prime seats at the opening performance. The stadium that housed these seats was built over the site where thousands of homes were demolished, with their owners and families being put out on the streets to make way for this grandiose show of fire and lights.

It all looked so ‘user-friendly’ on the surface, but barely disguised beneath this show was the ideology of Communism and a world ruled by force. With this religious ideology, comes a deep-seated intolerance for believers of the faith in Jesus Christ, whom they put to death at every opportunity.

How in the world do Americans hold hands around the world with such a nation and its evil suppressive regime? They simply turn a blind eye to the persecution of literally millions of people, forced underground into house churches.

In order to not allow the believers to make waves during the Games, many of the spiritual, non-aggressive Christian leaders were placed in prison. The Communist state would tolerate no peaceful demonstrations, or otherwise, which might mar show-time and its streamlined performance aimed at luring the world into a snare with a false message of good-neighborly peace.

Yes, it was a rim of fire, which lit a burning torch of fire, the symbol of destruction. It is the antithesis of the burning torch God showed Abraham in a dream, at the time of placing His covenant with him. A picture of the curse and the judgment of the Garden was revealed to him, which had its basis in the Adamic curse and judgment. It was carried through to the rainbow covenant with Noah after the judgment of the flood, and the curse and blessing Noah placed upon Canaan, and his sons.

The contrast between the torch of Israel and the torch of Olympus, or of the Olympics, is as day is to night, goodness to evil, and death to life. The Olympics of Satan offer a challenge to the followers of God to pick up that torch of light and run with it in opposition to evil.

One lovely competitor and winner from Canada, whose grandmother had died the day she left home, raised her hands to the heavens upon winning her match. By her actions, she gave all the glory to God and then she explained what it was about to a reporter. She was acknowledging her grandmother’s return to the bosom of God where she believed her to be in a better place. Though she was not able to attend the Olympics she had, in fact, received the best seat for viewing her granddaughter’s performance. This is merely symbolic, but a beautiful picture of recognizing it is God, and not the gods of Olympus, Who rules over men’s lives.

Where are the other Canadian torch carriers for God? Will they show up at Whistler in a country ruled by God? Will there be any evidence of another Eric Liddell, that incredible young man who refused to please the king of his nation in order to please the true Lord and King over his life?

He had trained for, and was among the very best in his particular category of the 100-metre race, which required entirely different training to that for the 400-metre race. When the schedule was posted prior to the races he discovered that the 100-metre race was scheduled to take place on a Sunday, which was the Sabbath day of rest for him. He made the decision to withdraw from the 1924 Olympic race, in which he was going to represent his country. The then Prince of Wales, and heir to the English throne, tried to persuade him to reconsider and do otherwise in the name of loyalty for his king and nation.

However, Liddell knew what was expected of him by God, and it was to carry His torch of light, instead of bearing the Olympic torch for the gods of this world, on their terms. He could not, and would not, compromise his God. As a result of his light bearing, he entered the 400-metre race on another day and won it, only to set a new world record for that category, for which he had trained for such a brief period of time.

Moments before the race, an American masseur put a note in his hand, which he carried into the race with him, having this inscription written on it –  those who honor Me, I will honor ( see 1 Samuel 2:30). And all the glory went to the One True God over all, and not to the gods of the Olympics.

Of such great leadership and principles was the making of the movie, Chariots of Fire. The title speaks prophetically into the chariot of Israel upon which the prophet, Elijah, was seen taken up into the heavens. Surely, Eric Liddell had heeded the message of Elijah that called the nation back to God in a state of no compromise with the gods of this world. Surely, he was worthy of a ride in the chariot of Israel, the chariot of fire and of judgment.

With the Olympic Winter Games coming to Canada in the year 2010, are we, as Canadians, going to choose to honor the God of truth Who rules over America, or will we choose to honor the religious gods that rule over the underworld? Rome so perfectly portrayed the symbols of these gods in their Olympic opening and closing extravaganzas.

Which race is it in which we Canadians are choosing to participate? Are we going to run the good race, the same race, which Paul, the apostle, ran, or will we be just another country running in the Olympic deception? Will our athletes have the endorsement of our Bible-carrying Prime Minister, by his encouragement for them to run in the name of God and to His glory? Is it possible this nation under God, could leave God out of the Olympics in His own land?

Will we take up the same smoking fire-torch of the earth gods as the Gores and Kissinger’s of this world carry, or will we put on the spiritual armor of God, carrying forth the torch of light and liberty, as was always intended by God? Let us pray that some apostle Paul’s and Eric Liddell’s are raised up in time for the races to carry the torch of light for God and leave the torch of fire for the Olympians to carry.

This is God’s country; let us act as though we know it before it is too late! 2010 could be the year for Canada to collect some medals of pure gold and not of the gold of this world.