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Former Prophetic Message 2016 – Strange New World and its Looming Bathroom Crisis

Strange New World with a Looming Washroom Crisis Written by Elinor Montgomery – May 16, 2016   The left is terrified of Donald Trump. Their terror can be measured by the style and increase of the personal attacks coming against him from the radical, socialist, liberal, far-left media. Let us take an example from the New … Read more

Former Prophetic Message – The Ashes of her Burning, June 21, 2008

The Ashes of Her Burning Written By Elinor Montgomery – June 21, 2008   America began with a Nineveh-type revival. At the time of her founding, the institutional church of spiritual Israel had become wicked beyond measure, with her prophets having chosen the path of the sea. Though she went down into the sea, she came … Read more