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Former Prophetic Message 2010 – Truth and the Public School System

Truth and the Public School SystemWritten by Elinor Montgomery – emontgomery@cogeco.caFebruary 27, 2010   In Canada, during this, the year of the Olympics, we believe a gold medal is the ultimate exaltation of the nation; but God says righteousness exalts a nation upon which He lavishes His good gold. In the United States, during this, the year … Read more

Former Prophetic Message – Who Rules Over Canada?

Who Rules Over Canada?Written by Elinor Montgomery – emontgomery@cogeco.caFebruary 16, 2005 Who really rules over the two nations of America, and, speaking more specifically, over Canada? Is it the Queen, the Prime Minister of England, the Governor General, or even the Prime Minister? Is it our judiciary or our parliament that rules? The answer is no … Read more

Former Prophetic Message 2005

From A Culture Of Life To A Culture Of DeathWritten by Elinor Montgomery – emontgomery@cogeco.caApril 3, 2005   America, in her state of free fall, is quickly moving from a culture of life to a culture of death. Nothing has brought it more clearly to the forefront than the deliberate killing of Terri Schiavo. Our governmental, … Read more

Former Prophetic Message 2005

America in FreefallWritten by Elinor Montgomery – emontgomery@cogeco.caFebruary 8, 2005   America, today, is in a state of freefall. She has fallen from her pedestal of liberty under God to a place where she will soon become a puppet state to the liberalism of the other nations of the world. She used to cry out to the … Read more

Former Prophetic Message 2005

Is Education the Problem in the Nation?Written by Elinor Montgomery – emontgomery@cogeco.caNovember 2, 2005   Everyone has his or her own perspective on what is wrong in America today, which is causing democracy to unravel before our very eyes. To my way of thinking, what lies at the heart of the problem is education, which no … Read more

Former Prophetic Message 2006

The Ultimate Political AdvisorWritten by Elinor Montgomery – emontgomery@cogeco.caMay 3, 2006   Who is the prophet, if not the ultimate political advisor in the nation? Are the prophets simply voices from the past, which are not to be heard in this Age? Does God remain the same today as He was yesterday, or would He suddenly … Read more

Former Prophetic Message 2007

What Kind of Leader does this Nation Need?Written by Elinor Montgomery – emontgomery@cogeco.caMay 14, 2007   What is it that Canadians need in the way of leadership today? What are the most important issues, which need to be addressed at this point in Canada’s history? Where can we find the answers to these questions?   Let … Read more

Former Prophetic Message, 2003

The Voice of Truth is not the Voice of ChristianityWritten by Elinor Montgomery – emontgomery@cogeco.caMay 20, 2003   The voice of Christianity is not the voice of God. It is the voice of doctrines and belief systems. It is subject to the whims of man and leads to compromise with the world. What we call church … Read more