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Bailout Revival

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

Bailout Revival

September 30, 2008

They are calling it Bailout Revival, but just how do you revive a dead horse? America’s complete and total lack of understanding, her blindness, coupled with her deafness – all of it leaves me weeping. She just doesn’t get it. This nation can never rise up from the ashes of her burning unless she turns back to God.

The entire economic system, which is on the doorstep of becoming a One World System, is the method by which Satan rules nations with fools’ gold. God wanted to provide ‘the good gold’, but man rejected His provision for that of Satan. There is no question about it! God is going to allow the economic system to grow into its fullness at which point it will self-detonate, during this time of the fullness of the gentiles.

America could have made the choice to reject global markets and, instead, trade only within this country, between the two nations, which have covenanted with God. In the event that we had done so, it would have been someone else’s crisis today, for He would have continued to provide for us in the future, as He always has provided in the past.

How stuck-on-stupid we have been to have rejected Him! For, without Him, there can be no Bailout Revival devised by the minds of men! If we had taken everything to Him in prayer, He would have miraculously kept us from the crisis we are facing today, which we have brought upon ourselves.

The events of 9/11 were a warning sign that God was going to remove the towers of world trade from the premises of His nation. New Orleans was the second major warning sign that He would not tolerate the lewd, immoral behavior of the American people within His nation.

As if these two warnings were not enough for us to learn that He is in charge, we have just come away reeling from another hurricane that cost billions of dollars in flood and wind damage from Texas to Ohio. I wonder if we have learned yet that God’s hand is totally behind all of this, not to mention the fires and earthquakes.

Do we not know that the events of these last couple of days, with the stock market’s dramatic rise followed by its plummeting decline, are all about judgment on a greedy people who love their money and things more than they love God?

Wall Street has become the mega-gambling center for America. Greedy capitalists want more and more for nothing and with little, if any, concern for the small investors. They, too, just as stupidly gamble away their monies in the hope of making a fast buck from a windfall.

There is nothing within God’s plan for parents, which endorses squandering the family pay-cheque on gambling. He expects us to be stewards of our time and our money. Instead, when we choose to gamble with our hard-earned dollars, we are choosing to hand them over to Satan, to serve his purposes and not God’s.

Wall Street is just a symptom of the gambling sickness that has swept over America, affecting the lives of almost every citizen in the country. Of course, the apostate Christian institutions are very much entangled in the gambling culture instead of being the Voice for God’s judgment on what He deems to be right and wrong.

This nation may rally financially for a while, as we may manage to weather the latest storm, but it will only be long enough to catch our breath before the next storm comes our way when God releases His hand of protection over us yet another time.

Since we love the world more than we love Him, He will allow the world-religious-cultures to rule over us. Then we will see the difference between the love of idolatry and the love of God, manifested in His truth for us.

We will rue the day we took Bibles from our children and allowed the enemy to flood the classrooms with absolute garbage. God will cover their faces with the refuse they have received instead of lavishing them with the blessing, which comes from feeding them His truth.

Wake up America! There is no Bailout Revival, except the only one of repentance and a return to God in this nation. It is an absolute given fact that victory over terrorism will return to America the moment the Bibles are returned to the classrooms, the courtrooms and the governments of this land.

The answer is about as simple as it comes and is completely in sync with the law of this land, which deems the Bible to be truth. There is no law to prevent this from happening immediately. Unless America gets this understanding and hears the message coming to her, she will surely collapse as a world power only to become like the third world countries whose rulers we love and trust more than we have trusted God.

Foreign country leaders, whom we continually invite into our beds while we discuss peace treaties and trade deals, openly declare their aims to destroy us, even going so far as to state it on our own home soil. It is unbelievable that a university administration and leftist Larry King would allow a school and television airtime to be used by such terrorists as President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to spew out anti-American propaganda while visiting on American soil. Still, our response is, “Let’s form business partnerships while, at the same time, talking ‘peace’ with these ‘God haters’ who hate America and Israel.”

This is exactly what the gentile nations are all about; they love the lie and they hate the truth almost as much as they hate the God of truth. You have heard it coming from our leftist educators and our leftist and corrupt judicial system – they deem the Bible to be a book of hate literature, while the Koran, the most unholy of books, is revered among them. And our hypocritical, Bible-toting, Christian politicians allow this to continue by buying into the politically correct, cultic buzzword of our day, which is the word tolerance.

“Stuck-on-stupid” is the condition, which afflicts Americans and the question one must ask is whether or not this nation will ever have ears to hear and eyes to see just how sick she really is. How many more crises will it take before we wake up, if indeed we do wake up at all, and come to our senses by returning this nation to God?