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Barbarians at the Gate

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective
                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

June 28, 2010

Where was the border policy for a strong America first set in place? We find its roots run all the way back to the Garden of Eden. In fact, it was set in place with the first commandment ever given by God to man. And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, “Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat;  but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die (Genesis2:16-17).”

He set His boundaries in place with a wall of truth between man and Satan. On one side of the wall was the land of all good things man needed for life in relationship with the God of truth as His beloved creation for whom He would provide. It was a spiritual wall that separated truth from the lie and the multi-cultic belief systems that will grow on lies on the other side, belonging to Satan.

The first belief system of religion introduced liberalism from the truth of God. It came with a lure to the taste-buds and an appeal to the eye, like a luscious blond might appeal to a virile man. It had questions and suggestions attached to it that would attempt to bring liberalism to man, meaning freedom from the commandment of God, which would grow into full-fledged leaven to consume man and take over his mind.

The first question was to ask whether or not, indeed, God had really spoken truth. The serpent caused Eve to doubt the fact that God had really said, “You shall not eat of every tree of the Garden.” Today, concerning our borders, it translates into just how narrow are we going to be if we believe a loving God would want His own sheltered by the truth and separated from the cults that are built on the lies of Satan. The truth of the first commandment states we shall have no other gods before Him.

Bringing religious leaven into a land always results in it filling the entire nation to displace the truth. Hitler had his agenda of a religious nature, which he first introduced as a philosophy. Then, by indoctrination, it took over the minds of the people until the nation of Germany was consumed by the religious belief system, which stated that Germans were a superior race of people. Many lies preceded the adoption of the belief system by the Germans who fought for this principle to death and to the death of millions of people world-wide.

The result of unguarded borders, which no longer are based on accepting God’s truth, now sees this nation showing respect for the Dalai Lama, in fact honoring him daily on Vision television. At the same time, the name of Jesus is abused daily and taken in vain as a steady diet fed to our impressionable children on all television networks.

This fourteenth Dalai Lama is referred to as His Holiness, as is the Pope, neither of whom is holy. Yet where is the recognition of the holiness of the only truly Holy Man Who ever lived? There should be mention of Him every day when we think of what He did for mankind. Instead, we now recognize in His place, the fools who think themselves gods and parade as holy men because of the barbarians we have allowed to enter through the gates of our borders.

Did Eve know what she was doing when she disobeyed God’s commandment? Of course, she did, for there was no deception in God’s Word. He had told her the hard, cold fact about His borders. She knew what He had said and she repeated it to Satan. His truth set the borders of her life and to ignore the truth would cause her to die.

Herein lies the basis for the borders of a nation of people ruled by God of which there have only been two – Israel and North America – nations in covenant with Him, as was the original government of the Garden. And so God requires of His people that they set His Word as the guardian of their borders.

You either accept God as Supreme Ruler over the land and pay allegiance to Him and the government of His country based on His Law or you do not become a citizen of His nation. You cannot serve two masters, only one, for He will have no other gods of religion beside Him. The first of the Ten Commandments is the same as the only commandment of the Garden.

Now Adam and Eve would be alive today if the woman had walked away from the source of evil, which led to religion, instead of hanging out with it. However, she made the same bad choice that Judas would make centuries later: he hung out with the religious men to hear enough to become deceived by falsehoods, when he could have been washed clean by the truth of Jesus’ Word.

Once the woman made the decision to not separate from the apostate message, her goose was cooked, so to speak. The serpent deceived her into believing that the Word of God was not truth. How many religions do you know that have not rejected at least one part of the Bible, by relegating it to merely a collection of stories with a moral message about being good people? This is something man can never be in his sinful nature of the flesh, no matter how many good works he does before a holy God.

There is not one religious denomination within the institutional church system that is carrying out church as Jesus commanded it to do. They all need to heed the command of the Father to Adam regarding the truth of His Word and how it is the key to life and death as is the true church in charge of the keys to the kingdom by witnessing to the truth. There are no errors or mistakes in the Bible. There is only lack of understanding of the prophecy, which is woven throughout every word of every book of the Bible.

So, the lie created a new foundation for mankind, whereby the knowledge of evil was added to the knowledge of goodness. And so the process of compromising the truth with religion was the big gun Satan pulled out against the woman.

Now, God’s message was extremely narrow, but liberating once the border was set firmly in place on truth. When the border was breached, sickness, suffering, pain and death took mankind captive as the result of liberalism from God. The liberalism of a nation under God will kill the nation and destroy all liberty that comes as a result of honoring its borders of truth. It becomes apparent that Satan’s religious, multi-cultic, inclusive plan is a deadly one, indeed, every bit as deadly as it was in the Garden where the living being began his journey through history.

Satan’s next question was asked in words such as these, “Listen, do you not want to be like God yourself? There is a secular plan that can circumvent Him and make you king in your world without acknowledging that there is truth. Whatever it is that makes you feel good can be your own truth, and if it means knowing evil to reach good, then, so be it. You can be liberated from God and have a life whereby you can enjoy the things of the flesh in the here and the now. God knows all about good and evil so you can be like Him and live it up in this world. Who really needs Him when you can have it all here? He will not let you die, He loves you.”

And so begins the love-in with a God of love that will not let man die – or so man is deceived into believing. Thus the border between life and death for man, just as for the nation, came down to allow man to cross over to the dark side where he remains to this day. At the same time, God closed off the east side of the Garden that led to the tree of life, preventing sinful man from eating its fruit and living in a sinful state forever.

God created a sealed path of redemption back to life on the truth side of the dividing wall of the Garden. He set in place only one path, a narrow one at that, which became the Way, running throughout history as the way of the redeemed who must be reborn spiritually of the water and the Spirit of life that brought man into existence in his original state as the inheritor in the kingdom of the Garden. Truth, like the spiritual river of the future, will make up the border that surrounds the kingdom as it once surrounded the Garden, as a spiritual river called the Pishon.

The Way leads to one door and to no other, which opens up the kingdom to man as he is allowed to pass through the wall of truth to the other side, passing from darkness into light. They are the redeemed who pass through the door to the new kingdom coming to earth like the kingdom of heaven.

In the kingdom, Adam is replaced by Jesus as King of the world, and Eve gives way to the submitted woman, who is submitted to her Husband as the bride of His church.  As was Sarah to Abraham, they are half-brother and half-sister, with the redeemed the good fruit and adopted sons and daughters for God. This is His family, the true Jews of the house of Israel, whom Satan hates so very much. Take a close look into the face of Ahmadinejad, the terrorist, and you will see the hatred and darkness of Satan lurking there.

How is it possible to escape from that dark side of religion? There is only one way with zero tolerance for any other way, all of which prove fruitless and meaningless. It matters not how many hours the Dalai Lama and his followers spend praying to false gods, which leave them depending on their own goodness for salvation. It ain’t going to happen. The only way is to forsake religion, come out of it and embrace the truth, recognizing Jesus as the truth, and the only way to eternal life. The Dalai Lama and all the false prophets of this world, such as Mohammed, have nothing to offer in the way of salvation. If they aren’t dead yet they will be dead as dead can be, unlike Jesus, Who is alive and well.

He is the protective wall of truth, for He is the truth made flesh. The wall of truth must be rebuilt in our lives and in our nation, by putting the borders back in place just as Nehemiah did with Jerusalem when he rebuilt the wall, forcing all religion back out of the city and to the other side of the wall.

The way to redemption is very narrow indeed and can only happen by the Spirit of life being breathed back into man as it was breathed into the dust to create Adam. The return of eternal life makes man a new creation in the Spirit, once again a living being in the image of God. This transformation takes man out of his beastly state as a son of the beast by deception and the lie, and back, once again, as an adopted son of God through Jesus and the truth. Communion is an invitation to the bride of Christ to become one flesh with Him in truth by rejecting the lure that hooked man into becoming a harlot to God.

Being good does not get man into heaven, but Satan has his religious institutions focused on the works of man. He has led Christian organizations into preaching that a little social do-gooding, along with a compromised life lived under the sun, are all that are needed for man to survive. And so the religious institutional church and state go to bed together, while Satan licks his lips in delight. What do they know, or even care, about the borders of God? Perhaps a little time spent in Ecclesiastes might help Christians to understand the futility of living under the sun. Solomon was no fool on this matter. He made the mistake of living life there only to discover it was a futile existence.

There is but one border for America, which will save the nation. If she allows the Bible to be taken from her borders and gives free, unobstructed, illegal entry to one and all, she will go the route of Israel before her, as did Adam and Eve, before the nation Israel. America is sitting on a powder keg in a life and death situation right now. How she handles the walls of her borders will determine the way the nation will go.

Either America will choose to remain two nations under God or she shall go the way of the religious cults. She will become just another religious cultic nation on the broad road to destruction on the other side of the protecting wall of truth, united with the religious nations of the world. It is a union, which we have named the United Nations – a union, which provides the stepping stone to the One World Order of the Antichrist.

This has been the desire of Satan from the day he deceived Eve, the feminist instigator who led weak Adam, the man, into believing in religion instead of being obedient to the truth of God. And so, to this day, we have our own Eves, liberal women such as Jezebel and Hillary Clinton, leading spiritually weak liberal men, such as her husband, Bill Clinton, into believing in the global village as the answer for raising our children. Her plan is to raise them in a religious world-venue instead of in the truth of God, within the borders set by God, Himself, in America. It is amazing how these same liberals like to be seen carrying their Bibles and attending ‘church’ while at the same time purging the nation of all truth.

God help America! But then I have to ask the question, “Why should He, when we, as Americans, have treated Him as Satan and have elevated Satan to the status of a god?”