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Book Trailer: Where the Paths Meet on the Road to Greatness


As I mentioned in the two previous editions of News n Blues, this is an amazing story of a fictitious president and a fictitious woman. His story is based on the actual political scenario we are facing in the United States and the world today. Hers is based on the true facts of the life of our own commentator who has written for us from a different perspective for years under the label of the Voice of the Kingfisher. What is that perspective? The story will grip you to the end where their paths finally meet. I have never read a story before quite like it.

Yvonne Adams

The publisher has just released the trailer for this soon-to-be published book, which can be viewed at,  and is listed and available for pre-sale at: (Easily available to the American market) – $22.95 CDN

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