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This is an amazing story of a fictitious president and a fictitious woman. His story is based on the actual political scenario we are facing in the United States and the world today. Hers is based on the true facts of the life of our own commentator who has written for us from a different perspective for years under the label of the Voice of the Kingfisher. What is that perspective? The story will grip you to the end where their paths finally meet. I have never read a story before quite like it.

Yvonne Adams
March 12.2019

The soon-to-be published book, Where the Paths Meet on the Road to Greatness, is listed and available for pre-sale on (Easily available to the American market)

$22.95 CDN

Perhaps it is once in a lifetime when a story comes along as extraordinary as this one, which begs to be told.

It is a story based on true facts about an 85-year-old woman called Margie, which began about 66 years ago with an illness. While seeking to recover, she would find herself embarking on a path leading her straight to the President, seated in the Oval Office of the White House. His, to the contrary, is a fictional story based on the true facts of an unsettled political climate which exists in America today—one which could have created the very plausible scenario facing the President of the story.

Is it possible that truth and fiction can find a place together, where their paths meet, only to discover, in fact, that two realities have actually come together on the road to greatness?

Is it possible that this older woman might have a message so important for the President that it could possibly change the course of history, not only for the nation, but also for the entire world?

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