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Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery


March 17, 2012

The latest form of Cap-and-Trade is another nation-killer just like the original cap-and-trade program of liberal America. “Only in America!” you say, and the answer is a resounding “Yes!” In what other country are people so stupid as to allow the devil to enter the nation by way of a president, dressed in ‘Prada’?

And so, the Chicago man, of no business repute, now in the Office of the President, joined forces with Goldman-Sachs and Al Gore, stepping into Gore’s carbon footprint, with both men burning the fuel while constantly in flight. One jets around in his private plane to the world energy meetings of the fools, and the other flies in the tax-payer-funded Air Force One, for the purpose of serving his own political ambitions. These two men could well be standing in the biggest carbon footprints on earth, as preachers of the Cap-and-Trade, nation-killing policy.

According to Alan Caruba, whose daily blog is called ‘Warning Signs’, in his article of July 7, 2010, called Cap-and-Trade as a nation-killer, he claims the entire concept is based on a lie. The lie is this, that there is such a thing as global warming and a need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The truth is that the vast bulk of CO2 is natural and the earth produces 97% of the CO2 in the atmosphere, which is essentially and overwhelmingly water vapor. CO2 plays no role in climate change.

The American Power Act could be considered an act of treason against all Americans with the credit system related to the limitations of CO2 production becoming a tradable commodity on exchanges set up for just that purpose. The burden is carried by the people with a high number of job losses and their energy-efficient homes becoming white elephants on the homes market, due to added government restrictions.

So, what has become the most recent Cap-and-Trade scheme of the government? It now involves our children of the tender age of 12, still in the innocence of their child-hood, being treated like cattle in the field. The American, government-controlled, educational system has chosen, by an initial vote of 5 to 1 in Springfield, Massachusetts, to hand out condoms to these precious, young ones.

“Cap it,” is the message, “and then go to it! Join in the trade of man’s harlotry! As long as you prevent the flow of emissions, then the world can be your oyster.” This, perhaps, is a new moral low for American society, as Satan licks his lips at the thought of his latest conquests. Are parents too busy to know what is going on before their very eyes, or are they so programmed now by the liberal media that this does not send shock waves down their spines?

If they want their children to be programmed into the sin of an immoral lifestyle, then the answer for this is to turn the children over to the liberal educational system, which will do the job for them. The message now is so ingrained in them that there is an assumption the children have need of condoms at the ripe young age of twelve. Why are they handing them out to these children? Because they are aware of the grave danger associated with the emissions of immorality and they want to cap rather than teach preventative medicine of a moral nature. Today, Satan is ruling the school boards, in the same way he is ruling over our governments and our courtrooms.

We see Cap-and-Trade being enacted in the military. The present agenda is to go to the other side of the pond and simply put a cap on evil systems with the solutions that will not involve real military action or dangerous emissions. The problem is that evil remains evil, until those in religious systems, themselves, desire change. No cap can prevent the religious flow; at best, it is slowed down, but only as long as the cap remains in position.

Islam is at the heart of evil in the world today. The Koran is the source from where it derives its killing nature, being responsible for the constant flow of Islamic terrorism. We go after the terrorist, but put a cap on calling either him or his religious manifesto exactly what they are, a Muslim terrorist with a religious book of evil, worthy only of burning.

Yet, when the soldiers do as the situation requires, the President of the United States, dressed in ‘Prada’, puts a cap on the military action, to bow in apology to the enemy of Satan. While capping action against the enemy, he undermines the military as the Commander-in-chief clips his own American soldiers’ wings.

Don’t be deceived! Take a look at the size of the nation-wide mobs that rise up when they begin their hate-mongering and you will recognize their imams, their women and their children in the midst of their violence. Islam is radical by nature, not just by the nature of a few well-trained leaders, but rather by the radical nature of the entire Middle East, held in the grip of an evil religion.

As we sleep on that Cap-and-Trade issue of religion, we also are sleeping on the most frightening of all Cap-and-Trade issues, which is that involving our precious children and the condom travesty of all that is decent in our children’s lives. We should never give an audience to the revolting, coarse language of the Bill Mahers of this world, whose sole purpose is to trash the decency of the Rick Santorums who home-school their children. He does so for this very reason of keeping them out of a condom-pushing, public education system so that they will not become like the Bill Mahers who want to bring to an end an America under God in order to replace Him with that mother of harlots, Babylon the Great.

The lie has always been the same, since the serpent in the forbidden tree in the Garden of creation used it to seduce Eve. God, contrary to the religious belief system of Bill Maher and his ilk, is the Father of creation, a God of truth, the Writer of the guide book to life, the Provider of food and safety for mankind and the Judge whose standard for judgment is righteousness.

From day one, God has never allowed the belief system of the forbidden tree to become part of His kingdom on earth, and His message rings as true today as it did back in the Garden, yesterday. Listen to such trash, if you choose to do so, which oozes out of the mouths of the late-night show hosts such as Bill Maher. They have become the voice for Satan, coming out of that ancient tree of the 21st century; at the same time, the truth remains solidly lodged in its own tree of ancient days. Listen to the voice of the satanic messenger if you will, but the consequences remain the same. You will surely die!

Cap-and-Trade is a method of sin based on a lie, and the sadness is that it will surely cause the nation to die. We are producing a brand of children who will be the generation to see the death of America; she is already in her death throes as she is about to take her last breath before the waters roll in and wash her back to sea. This April marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. Is America dancing once again on the 21st century Titanic, with another captain about to take her down?

In every case, the cap is a temporary measure, but the trade is one form of harlotry or another; it feeds into the hands of Satan. God has divorced first, the human race for harlotry, next, He divorced the nation Israel, and now He will divorce the spiritual nation Israel for her harlotry toward Him, within the economic life of the nation, within the moral life of her children, and within the military life of her soldiers, who are being offered on the altars of Islam as a sacrifice.

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when a wicked man rules, the people groan. Whoever loves wisdom makes his father rejoice, but a companion of harlots wastes his wealth (Proverbs 29:2-3).