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Former Prophetic Message, 2007

Lost BordersWritten by Elinor Montgomery – emontgomery@cogeco.caDecember 30, 2007   The two nations of North America have become victims of lost borders. Both countries were established with clear parameters set for the home, the classroom, the courtroom, the government and the nation. The plumb line and the measuring stick for these parameters were set by the … Read more

Former Prophetic Messages, 2007

A Warning Regarding the Messenger of GodWritten by Elinor Montgomery – emontgomery@cogeco.caFebruary 3, 2007   When God chooses a messenger to speak for Him, what he/she has to say is not open for judgment by those who would call themselves the house of God, the true Jew. He/she should decide whether this person is or is … Read more

Former Prophetic Message, 2003

The Coat Of Religion Written by Elinor Montgomery – June 23, 2003   Christianity is covered in a coat of religion. There is the story of an evangelist who met a young man who was deeply interested in the Word of God and was diligently seeking understanding from his Bible. The evangelist invited him … Read more

Former Prophetic Message, 2004

Warning To The Nation Written by Elinor Montgomery – April 24, 2004   Disaster is coming upon the land. A nation in covenant with God is about to receive her just reward. Her dancing and cavorting with Satan have made her people drunk and sick with his wine. She is drunk with the cup of … Read more

Former Prophetic Message, 2012

A Tale of Two GovernmentsWritten by Elinor Montgomery – emontgomery@cogeco.caJanuary 21, 2012   America has reached a crisis point at this time in history. It revolves around the issue of whether or not this nation is capable of making a choice for government, which would be decidedly different from that which Adam and Eve chose in … Read more

Former Prophetic Messages, 2008

Why is Israel at the Center of World Conflict Today? Written by Elinor Montgomery – October 24, 2008   For nearly fourteen hundred years, the nation Israel existed in one form or another in the land called Israel. Then, for nearly 1900 years it was a rather desolate piece of property rightfully owned by … Read more