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Former Prophetic Message – The Ashes of her Burning, June 21, 2008

The Ashes of Her Burning Written By Elinor Montgomery – June 21, 2008   America began with a Nineveh-type revival. At the time of her founding, the institutional church of spiritual Israel had become wicked beyond measure, with her prophets having chosen the path of the sea. Though she went down into the sea, she came … Read more

Former Prophetic Message – Obadiah and the Edomites

Obadiah and the Edomites Written by Elinor Montgomery – April 20, 2006   Obadiah was a prophet whose name meant ‘worship of Yahweh’ and ‘servant of Yahweh’. Unlike the other prophets, the actual precise timing of his ministry cannot be established. It is impossible to place him in relationship to the kings he served, for … Read more

Former Prophetic Message – Cursing or Blessing and a Nation of Two Solitudes

Cursing or Blessing and A Nation of Two Solitudes Written by Elinor Montgomery – February 28, 2001   Many years ago, a Canadian writer, named Hugh McLennan, wrote a book called “The Two Solitudes”. It was about two different groups of Canadian people whose cultural ties and backgrounds divide them.  Today, we are a nation … Read more

Former Prophetic Message – Religion Parades; Truth Testifies to Jesus in Spirit of Prophecy

Religion Parades; Truth Testifies to Jesus in the Spirit of Prophecy  Written by Elinor Montgomery – March 01, 2005 Religion parades in a display of men wearing rich robes and headgear, while others carry such symbols as crosses and palanquins bearing kings and high priests. But it is nothing more than a disguise, which covers … Read more

Former Prophetic Message – What Caused The Crack in Liberty Bell? June 18, 2012

What Caused the Crack in the Liberty Bell? Written by Elinor Montgomery – June 18, 2012   The crack in the Liberty Bell is very little different from the crack caused by the iceberg to the side of the Titanic. The LibertyBell had about a half-inch crack, but the Titanic had only about a quarter-inch … Read more