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Christmas Message

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

December 17, 2010

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my readers and those who have taken the time to either send letters to the editor concerning my commentaries or have contacted me directly with their opinions and thoughts. I hope these writings have been a source of inspiration leading you to search for yourselves the incredible prophecy and truth of the Bible.

There is nothing, whatsoever, happening on the world political scene that has not been described first in detail within the prophecy of this book. Some theologians will tell you that the Bible is anywhere from 25% to 35% prophecy, referring to the obvious. But I say to you that it is 100% prophecy according to the very nature of a God who is consistently the same yesterday as He is today. He knows the end, as well as the beginning, along with everything in between.

I never cease to be amazed by the ever-increasing revelation of prophecy, which continues to pour out of the book of Genesis, the book, which sets the entire course of history into motion. God has not been sleeping, and His eyes are searching the world for people like you and me to whom He can open understanding – people who can hear over the din of war raging throughout a fallen world bent on following the course of religious, empire-building.

It is His intention for me to share this understanding with you as He opens it to me on my bed each morning. It is a joy and a pleasure to commune with Him and receive such a gift and, in turn, to then be able to share it with you. However, time is short and changes are coming to the world very soon. I will continue to share with you as long as the times allow it; for your eternity and mine are at stake.

 I beg you to pick up your Bibles and follow along. There is no one who is not capable of committing error; even God’s prophets of old did so. An example of this is the prophet Nathan who spoke too quickly, though well intentioned, when giving incorrect advice to King David. It has been my experience that God generally sends someone, who will draw my attention to any error there might be. So, I most certainly welcome your remarks and suggestions.

I pray that you all will have a most wonderful Christmas by approaching it in a spirit of awe and wonder at the enormous gift, which God has given to mankind. His Son has taken man from the dread and fear of death into the peace and joy, even the anticipation of the wonderful kingdom of heaven, which will come to earth.

This is what lies behind the excitement and awe-struck eyes of little children as they look upon a tree covered with lights and see the gifts beneath its branches. The excitement of watching the gifts and waiting for that special day when they are opened can be almost as thrilling as the actual pleasure derived from opening them.

As adults we experience the same kind of expectation, with the anticipation and joy we have in the promise of the Lord and His kingdom on earth, a kind of child-likeness, which we never want to lose. Only God can open up our hearts to the wonders of the season.

I hope you continue in the New Year to share with me in the unraveling and growing understanding of the events of history and the Biblical perspective surrounding them. It is only the prophecy, which brings them into perfect harmony with God’s plan from beginning to end. What other plans are there that really matter?

I wish you all a very joyous Christmas, one that will leave you awestruck with wonder and gratitude.

Elinor Montgomery