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Commentaries – Former Prophetic Messages 2002 – 2004

Commentaries – Former Prophetic Messages


1. The Exodus Of The Church From The Religion of Christianity

     May 23 & 24, 2003


The coming out of the captivity of Egypt is to the nation Israel as the coming out of the captivity of religion is to the Church of Jesus Christ. God raised up a messenger, who went on high into the very presence of God to receive the plan for deliverance. This was a man trained by the enemy and then taken out of the palace of training to reject the great one, Pharaoh, who was as a father to him, in order to serve the Lord God of Israel. The sign Moses was given was, that upon having brought them out, he would continue to serve God on the Holy Mountain, or from on high. The leadership of the exodus of the true church from the religion of Christianity can only be the plan of God, and not of man. It will be the same God whose name is forever the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Allah is not God, and never can be. He is an idol of religion. The movement will require hearing the plan through the voice of the messenger. The exodus will be done as God stretches out His hand with the messenger, to strike Satan who holds the church captive to religion and witchcraft.


Moses was as the bride will be, a voice to the ruling power of Egypt. Let us go back to Abraham, where separation from the world begins for God’s people Israel, with the promise of the inheritance of the land belonging to his seed, through his sons, Isaac and Jacob. God crosses over the blessing, showing it will go to sons who take only Hebrew women or kinfolk for wives. It shows the crossover from a son born of the captivity of an Egyptian slave girl to a son born in liberty to a wife in wedlock. It shows a son born who strives to gain the inheritance through a heart that desires what the father has to give, as opposed to a son who does not value the inheritance of the land as much as he cares for the lusts of this world. Through the line of these three men, a people called Israel become the people of God’s portion, who receive the inheritance of His kingdom. It all begins with Abraham, a man of faith and obedience, typifying the nature of the sons of inheritance. He sets the pattern for the nation, with the firstborn of his seed belonging to God and yet we see this inheritance crossed over to the second born, who strives with man and God to inherit the land. It is not to the firstborn, but to the overcomer, who becomes as the firstborn, and shall receive the inheritance. God declares to Moses that He will always be known as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, in order to show this crossover blessing of First Son to Second Son. He is a God of tribes that also receive a crossover blessing with the greater blessing going from the sons of the first company of tribes, to the sons of the second company, all of whom are blessed by their father, Jacob. 


At this point, let us look to Joseph, the son placed at the right hand of Pharaoh to see this pattern put in place. Having suffered as a slave in Egypt, (typifying Jesus as the suffering servant to save man), Joseph then becomes the ruler of all Egypt (the kingdom of this world), second only to the great one (God). Through him, salvation comes to Israel, to both companies, with his true brother, Benjamin, receiving the greater blessing, as the son of Rachel, mother of the second company. She is not a mother of the ten tribes of the nation, but rather she is the mother of spiritual Israel. Benjamin is both a son and brother of love. Though Leah is buried in the ancestral tomb of the fathers of Israel, Rachel is buried near Bethlehem where she births the ‘child of the right hand’. This is the coveted position that the apostles wanted, which the apostolic church, the bride will receive. She wants to be wherever the Lamb goes. 


Joseph placed the other brothers representing Israel (the tribes of the nations on the other side of the gates, outside the New Jerusalem, as believers but not overcomers), in order around the table where they are seated, according to their order of birth. Yet the gates have their names on them for they are open to them day and night, to enter or leave as they please. There definitely are two companies, the second of which, being Benjamin, is born after Joseph. He knows him but a short while, when the brothers take Joseph away from him, yet Benjamin is restored to Joseph to receive His cup and his greater blessing. Then we are given a picture of the nation of Israel in the captivity of slavery, at a time just before they are taken out by God miraculously from captivity to liberty, into the wilderness heading toward the Promised Land of Abraham to possess it. This points to the church age when the church that drank of the cup with Jesus, the apostolic church, had a short beginning before being taken captive under the Roman rule of Roman Catholicism. The true church became every bit as much slaves to the religion of Christianity as did the nation Israel become slaves to the idolatrous nation of Egypt. 


Roman Catholicism took the church captive under a religious apostate priesthood. It became an institution known as the ‘Church’ having nothing really to do with the true church but rather merely served to encompass small amounts of the wheat among the tares. But God’s plans are never foiled by Satan. Israel is the prophetic pattern and principles of the precept to be put in place. Just as Moses was raised up in a face to face relationship with God to lead the nation out of captivity, the time is coming and, lo, is upon us when such a leader will again rise up having a face to face relationship with God. Like Israel, the nation, the church, the spiritual nation would be taken to its own land of liberty. From out of Catholicism, a reformation took place that brought the church partially out of the papal controls of religion and into a purified state. Yet, still, it did not shed all its shackles of institutionalism and papacy. It simply separated from the old papacy to set up a new kind of priesthood. God was preparing the church as He prepared Moses to come out of her, the institutional harlot. There were Moses-like figures such as Martin Luther, Columbus, Cromwell, and Wesley, raised up to get her in readiness for her Lord. 


With a further purification in her own wilderness experience, she was taken to the land of America to be the light bearer of Israel. She was the second company, responsible to see that the torch of Israel was held high for all the world to see God’s glory. It was incumbent upon her to keep the light burning in this new land of liberty, whose Fathers of Confederation chose to covenant with God under His law and the truth of His Word as the basis for justice. From here we move to the Book of Revelation to see the failure of the church to keep the law in the land only to find an end-days church under God’s judgment for her lukewarm nature. Her failure to keep the law of God supreme in America is as great a failure if not greater than that of the first company of Israel, which was in bondage under Roman control. The church had the freedom to be a voice to preserve God’s rulership in the land, but refused to do so. Both companies went into slavery after Joseph died. Nation and church alike have reached a point of captivity to the control of Satan, the Pharaoh of the world as we head into the One World Order, under a revived Roman Empire, again. God is about to allow the sword of judgment under Rome to come down upon a sinning Israel once more.


But God had heard the cries of the people for deliverance from their taskmasters, and so He raised up one to be as the voice of God, in the same way that He will again raise up one to be the voice of Jesus, the Kingfisher of men. He raised a voice in between these two voices, one crying in the wilderness before His first coming, to make straight the way of the Lord. Now, a voice again will cry out to get ready and repent, for the judgment of God is at hand. This will not be a smooth talking voice, but rather it will be a voice as strong as Moses’ voice was before Pharaoh. It will be a voice with the spirit of Elijah in it, for it will call the nation back to God as the fire of judgment prepares to come down. The anger of God could be felt in every word of Moses, and the judgments he placed on the nation were not only severe, but they were swift. 


Moses faced an enemy that used witchcraft to try and make the Word of God null and void. Pharaoh used his magicians to fool the people into believing he had the same powers as God. Was it not the picture of Satan’s age-old message that one can be like the Most High God? Was it not the rebellion of witchcraft that caused Elijah to challenge the prophets of Jezebel? This is a time today when witchcraft and rebellion rule over both the world and the institutional church. Yet, the remnant of Israel, the true church travails to bring forth the child, which will be like an Elijah-Moses company of people called the bride who will make the last call with the Spirit to the nation. She is the Voice calling those who can hear, to come out of the systems of the religions of this world. She will fish for men from the seawaters of evil as did the apostles before her, as fishers for the Kingfisher of men. She will be a voice for the Kingfisher.


Pentecost will give way to the Feast of Trumpets, followed by Atonement. The bride is as a trumpet voice, a silver trumpet calling the camp together. Judgment is about to come down as the bride, like Elijah, calls the nation of America back to God. She calls into the same deafening silence of the institutional church that faced Elijah, when there was no voice to be heard from the nation in response to his call. Do not think that one small voice cannot pull down the power of God and change a nation. The pure church is seen as the transfiguration appearing before the apostles, with Jesus in the center speaking with Moses and Elijah as a company together. It is as a time when the church will be transformed into its glorified body of overcomers in the spirit of Moses and Elijah, with the focus on only Jesus, of whom God says, “This is My Son and in Him I Am well pleased.” Likewise, Jesus will look upon His church and say, “This is My bride, in whom I am well pleased.” She will become the son of inheritance, born of the woman in labor to bring forth the man-child, the new creation in the Spirit, which will be snatched up to heaven to be raptured before the great bowl judgments are poured out. 


She shall come out of the parted sea water of satanic spirits to cross on dry land. This is the purity of earth, the dust separated from the seawater, the dust of which man was created, having received new life in the Spirit, and having chosen the narrow pathway through the sea to the Promised Land. She is on her way to return, yet to go forward at the same time, to the garden of paradise. But no longer will the lure of Satan be there, for like Pharaoh and his armies, he and his harlot are destined for the bottom of the sea. It is the seawater that takes man down, the seawater of religious spirits and witchcraft. It is the parting of the sea, and the crossing on the dry land, the way of Jesus, which is the doorway for redemption that leads to her dwelling place on high. The Voice of the Kingfisher shall battle witchcraft and the rebellion of the religion of secular humanism to restore the hearts of the children to the hearts of the father.



2. Twenty-One Days Of Prophecy – DAY ONE

February 12, 2002


Behold, I shall prophesy for twenty-one days. You are a stiff-necked people. You refuse to notice the winds of change. You do not even notice the floods of seawaters that are coming over your lands, as the evil of your father is being unleashed. I have sent My servant to deliver the message, but you look away in mockery. There are sneers upon your faces as you say, “Who is she, and who are we?”  Your heads are held high with pride. Your necks are stiff and your backs are straight. I shall bow those heads and break your backs.


You have had the blessing of My law, but now you shall know the cursing. You have decided what is good for your children, while refusing to listen to what I say is good for them. They used to hear My Word, sing My praises, know My commandments and pray in their schools. Now, you forbid all of it, while at the same time say yes to witchcraft, yes to eastern meditation and sing the praises of native pagan practices. You teach them all religions are good, yet you say My name is an offence, so it shall not be raised in public places. Your military chaplains play the harlot before My armies, but they shall cry to Me for mercy before I am finished with them. I shall strip them bare of such arrogance as to ignore My warnings.


This is a nation sitting on a tinderbox, just waiting for the match to be lit. You cry out at the death of a few thousand in outrage when I allow the foreigners to enter your land and bring their religious hatred against you, the same religions you have endorsed over My name. Your industries say they will provide prayer rooms to pray to Allah, but not to Jesus Christ. Just watch Me take away My hand of protection from them, to allow their practices to engulf their companies, bringing the disaster of their own choosing upon themselves. Your indignation was heard around the world, when there was an attack of radical religious extremists against you. Yet, you show no mercy in your own killing of millions of My innocent unborn children. You place them on sacrificial altars to your own gods by acts of abortion, every bit as pagan as were the acts of the ancient pagan people surrounding Israel, who placed their babies on sacrificial altars of fire to their gods.


I shall bare My wrath before you for twenty-one days. I shall warn you, just as Jeremiah warned the kings and the people of Israel about imminent defeat that was about to come upon them by the armies of Babylon. And what happened to Israel?  She would not listen to My prophet, and in disobedience, went down to defeat before the armies of Nebuchadnezzar. Their temple, in which they placed their idols, was destroyed. I had warned Solomon when he built it, that if he did not worship only Me in the temple, then I would not be with the children of Israel, that My spirit would depart from them. Now, I am giving the church the same warning. I hate her evil practices and her denials of My divinity, but worst of all, I hate her silence in compromising with the enemy.


This is the first of My warnings. Those who have an ear to hear, hear My Words, lest sudden destruction should come upon the land.


As written by Elinor Montgomery



3. Twenty-One Days of Prophecy – DAY TWO

February 13, 2002


I am the Rock of Salvation, and to no other place shall this nation look for salvation. I call all the plays of humankind. I am as a team manager, watching over every move made by My players. I also set the rules of the game, and referee the plays. Did you think you could play without Me? Did you think you could call the plays yourselves, while playing the game? Did you think you had no need of a manager or referee? When I see any member of My team believing that he can run things himself without Me, I will discipline him. When a whole team is in rebellion to My game plan, I will cut their salaries, and remove them from the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed.


There will be no prima donnas in My covenanting move. Moses was a messenger for Me, but I called the shots. Israel moved out of captivity, strictly by My leading. They experienced the miracles of the Red Sea, My provisions for water, and manna supplied in the wilderness. They had perfect health and sandals, which did not wear out during their forty-year trek. Still, there were murmurings, and some, within the camp, thought that they had a better plan than the one I gave to them through Moses. Some spoke about defeat to the team, and brought division into the camp. They are the “bad eggs” of which any team needs to rid itself. They break the rhythm of the movement by which the team advances, causing it to flounder and lose its victory. When I gave orders to take the land, with the provision for victory having been set in place within My plan, the leaders of rebellion refused to obey. Their disobedience was costly in terms of their lives and the experiencing of victory for the others who, through obedience to the plan, would have entered directly into the Promised Land. The wilderness experience could have been avoided.

My church is about to be called together in unity, and separated from the institutional churches of man, as I work miracles to remove her. I will call all to victory, but I will see to it that those who disobey, by trying to thwart My plans for this time, will be removed from the game. They shall be required to sit aside on the bench until the game is over, and then they shall be sent to another team and another manager, who has made a career of managing rebellion and working with rebellious players. His team may look good on occasions, but they always have feet of iron and clay, never really knowing, or ever really tasting, victory. Sometimes, they appear to be winning the game, but rebellion is self-destructive, strangling everyone caught in its grip.


Now hear My words. I am pulling out My team. It is called ‘the Church’ and I will require total obedience to My plays, and ears that will listen to My messenger. I am about to put together a star team of players, excluding all prima donnas. I am the Lord your God and I am the Manager. My players know My voice. Will you be a team player, or will you be too steeped in your own successes to give up your name and fame for the good of the team? Come! Let us begin to train together, for I am about to pick My team of those who make the cuts.



4. A Warning To The Nation

July 26, 2004 

Now hear these Words from the Lord God of the universe, Ruler of this world, the God and Supreme Ruler of America! “Indeed! Am I Ruler over this nation of Canada? Is it I in Whom you rich men of America trust? I Am the same God Who took Israel into the land and blessed them. My servant Moses warned them about the consequences of not teaching the children and of forgetting that it was I Who had given them the land, the same God Who delivered them in victory from their enemies. They had springs of water for their flocks. They ate from the bounty of the land, until I found iniquity in the people. I sent My prophets to warn them of the problems that would besiege them if I were to take My hand of protection from them. Did they listen? Would they listen?


Israel could have known Me, but she chose to worship gods other than Me, the gods of the very nations to whom she had been called to be a light. I watched her lift her skirts to her idols and the men of war, while, at the same time, refusing the peace I had to offer her. I watched her mingle her blood with pagan wives as she took to carousing and drunkenness. Yes, she became drunk in her wickedness as she bowed to the sun and the moon, but refused to bow to Me. The smoke of My anger built up as the fire of My wrath began to sizzle and burn. The moment of decision came when I no longer would tolerate her evil ways.


America, take a good, hard look at what happened to her. She went into captivity to the empires, which I allowed to grow in strength and power, in order to drive her from the land that was so blessed. The honey and nectar of which she ate and drank disappeared as the land became a place of desolation and her temples were destroyed. Her people who chose not to be My people, became a hated people, scattered among the nations, reviled and doomed to enter the burning ovens of judgment, which I showed Abraham in a dream. This took place when the sun went down and horror and great darkness fell upon him. The time is now when the sun is setting and the darkness is all but here over America. 


You foolish people of America, do you not know that you inherited the blessing of Abraham? Do you not know you were a land of riches beyond all other lands, as you made My Law and My Word the center of your governments and your justice systems? I placed Lady Liberty at the gateway to your nations for all the world to see. I created a desire in the hearts of other nations for the freedom, which this land of Mine offered to the whole world, a world in the grip of religion, intolerance, violence and controls. Little men, desiring to be big men, set up oppressive regimes while putting into action their plans to dominate the world. As America grew in power and wealth, so too did the antichrist spirit flourish in a world just waiting for the cracks to begin to show in a country that turned from Me to the ways of the world.


Now, O foolish people, the cracks are wide and the East is pouring into the West with all it cults and evil practices. You have welcomed the evil one and said, ‘Make your home with us and we shall call you by a new name called multiculturalism.’ Do not think I am blind, for I am not. I Am the Light of the world, and when you reject Me, you reject the light. So, I shall remove My hand of protection from you for putting the light out. Now, grope around in the darkness and search for crumbs of food from your lover who shall take your crops for himself, crops he did not plant. Try to keep warm when you no longer have comfortable homes to protect you, and remember the warm running water you had to bath in when your bodies become dirty and unkempt. Try to ignore the stench from your own body waste, as it builds in the streets, which you will walk rather than drive in the big cars you so loved. Your lover will not be as good to you as I was; in fact, he will not be good to you at all. You wanted the knowledge of good and evil when I offered you only good; now, watch and learn well what evil will do. For your eternal destiny is right at the door.


You shall see eastern garb everywhere in your cities, where only western clothing was once seen. You shall see turbans and head coverings where once heads were free of religious restrictions. It will not only be seen, but will be forced upon you, the tolerant westerners, who said, ‘Come! Come, bring your gods into our land and we shall all worship together in one lovely pot of ecumenical stew.’ I hated Esau’s love of the stew more than his love for My inheritance, and I hate America’s love of world religion and all their gods today that she loves more than she loves Me. I will bring mighty terror to your land, and you shall be brought to your knees before Me, the One true God Whom you have rejected for the evil gods and ways of the enemy. I shall no longer tolerate your harlotry, for I am raising up My bride within your midst to be a light to those who have ears to hear her message. 


Listen well, for the time of delivery has come for the woman to birth in Israel. Look to the message of Noah and read it carefully. My bride may be scorned today in the same way that he was scorned in his day while building the ark in a land without rain. But before the judgment rained down, the door of salvation was closed and then it was too late to listen to the prophet of the time. The Spirit and the bride will make the last covenant call for My people, Israel, to enter into the kingdom through the gates. Will you hear the last apostolic voice that speaks truth for the Kingfisher of men, or will you prefer the things of this world that are fleeting and about to be consumed by fire? The choice is yours. The hour is at hand. Listen for the voice of the woman who, this time, will call you back to the Tree of Life, while rejecting the lures of the serpent to eat the fruit from the other tree of the Garden. There will be no religious blindness in her eyes that could cause scales to cover over them.” 


Open your eyes to the light as the last door of opportunity is opened wide to all people, just before the Lord closes and seals it. The apostolic boat of salvation, in which Jesus is riding, will ride safely over the raging seas. Only He can calm the storm that threatens to take the other boats, with all their inhabitants, down to the depths of the sea, covering them over in final judgment.


Elinor Montgomery, 202-1066 King St. W., Kingston, ON, K7M 9C5 TEL (613) 545-7774





Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery


Canada Day–July 1, 2023–The Past Cries Out



This is the day and this is the time to celebrate our freedoms that come from God. Let the voices be heard!


And whose voices are they? 


They are the voices from Flanders Field in France where the poppies grow that mark the crosses, row on row, of soldiers who died in the fight for freedom so that we, today, might live in a land of liberty. Are we a people so deserving of such an honor? 


We hear the blood of Bonhoeffer in Germany who was hanged during the war for crying out for the freedom of millions of Jews who went to the gas chambers, as the German people remained silent. 


We hear the voice of Anne Frank who, along with her family, was hidden in Holland by a Dutch family who put their lives in jeopardy for strangers whose lives were marked for the gas chambers of Hitler. This was for no reason other than that of a perceived, different bloodline from that of a mad man of Germany, consumed by the desire to kill for power, like our governments are doing today,


Would you have allowed that same man to control your life and take away your freedoms as we are allowing the government to do today? Would you possibly now be lying in some unknown Canadian field, or incarcerated in some damp prison cell because you chose to take the risk of preserving our freedoms, a right in our land at this time? 


Our nation of Canada is calling out to us for our children’s future, to possibly make just such a sacrifice.


The family of the great composer, Irving Berlin, came to the United States from Russia where they had lost all their freedoms to Communism, also known as Progressive Liberalism today, or Climate Change, a term used to destroy the American economy by setting up worldwide economic controls. It all starts with small restrictions, to then grow until the limited God thing becomes no God at all. 


Berlin spent his entire career writing the most inspiring patriotic music this world has ever known to come from one man. As a Jewish immigrant he foretold in music his loyalty and patriotism to a nation that gave him rest from the radical attacks his people have always known. 


He put his life on the line, time after time after time. He encouraged all the battle-weary troops of war with entertainment on the front lines, his personal voluntary contribution for the cause, from one who knew the price of losing this freedom. We have come to see it as a right and not as a blessing from God. We must re-establish our right relationship with Him, if we are to ever be great again as a nation.


While there is still time let us put the skids on the beast until it is strangled to death. God is calling us, this very day, to be His voice for this hour; if not us (His true church), then who will pick up the gauntlet that cries out from all the graves in which there is no rest from a future in the spiritual Abyss? 


Hear the call, blow the horns and listen for the voices from the past as they cry out to us of the love and fruitfulness of the generations that would never be born or experience the many blessings God had in store for them.


Make our children a part of this momentous event. Let them celebrate freedom with their own instruments and horns! Can we already see in our mind’s eye 76 trombones coming down the street?


Have a horn-honking barbeque in celebration of this moment in time when we decide to fight back for our country!


It all begins on July 1, Canada Day, when every province, all on the same day, will declare their commitment to a lasting freedom in this country by blowing their car horns wherever they may be in their cars, or at home. Let it be known that Canada stands united in its commitment to take back our country for freedom from the crushing controls of the devil’s plan for world conquest. 


It is for this purpose the United Nations has been put in place. Let us not be fooled. It is not an organization intended for world peace-keeping. It is the agent of control, now winding up to move strongly against Canada’s freedoms. 


Other countries have not declared God has Dominion from Sea to Sea. We are His soldiers of the cross and do not belong to the beast.


Celebrate this wonderful day of freedom by honking your horns when you go out for all the world to hear. God has been calling me to be ready for this day since I first came to know Him. Within a couple of years of that date I had written two books, one of which was called “One Strong Voice to the Nation” published in 1997. 


Let the noise begin, whenever and wherever you are, to announce our determination to clean up the rot that is invading the very heart of our nation with the help of corruption in government and the selling out of our economy to the enemy. He feints innocence as he infiltrates all our government systems until we are finally destroyed from within, without a voice to fight back. How could we even begin the clean-up needed to restore a nation once defined by its freedom in God? The operative word is ‘Repentance’ for our wicked ways. Are we willing to get our priorities straight?


May God be returned to ruler-ship in this land? May He light up our skies with His glory and blessings to come on the 1st day of July, Canada Day? He is waiting for an answer from you. Listen! Listen!


Elinor Montgomery

Richardson Wharf

1066 King Street West, Apt. 202

Kingston, Ontario K7M 9C5 


Tel: 613-545-7774


Email:  Elinor is the author of many books, her most recent being: Where the Paths Meet on the Road to Greatness


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Honk, Honk, Honk – CANADA


Reclaiming each province back for God in the same day wherever you are;


            KIDS – no more masks or lockdowns!


            Mother – Help – they are taking our little ones down the wrong track!


Father – They are going to destroy us! The direction signs are pointing the wrong way down.



Hitch your voices to the Freedom Post

And step up to the plate.

We must work together to save them

Before it is too late.


Honk away men, women and children

Until we, at last become

One strong voice to our nation, 

For our freedom, freedom, freedom.


Reclaiming our land as we honk our cars all across this nation on Canada Day!


O Canada!

            Our home and native land!

            True patriot love in all thy sons command.

            With glowing hearts we see thee rise,

            The True North strong and free!

            From far and wide, O Canada,

            We stand on guard for thee.

            God keep our land glorious and free!

            O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

            O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.