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Commentaries – Former Prophetic Messages, 2002

Twenty-One Days of Prophecy – DAY THREE

February 14, 2002

Written by Elinor Montgomery –

America has the shadow of Samson over her. Was he not called out to be a Nazirite to God? He was to be a light for Israel and a judge unto her people. He was to judge in justice and in righteousness, according to the Holy Law of God. Yet, he walked away from his calling and his relationship with God to play the harlot. First, the Philistine women caught his eye, as he chose to be among the sons of her people, rather than among his own people. Then he chose to take her to be his wife. Even before the marriage vows were completed, his destruction was being plotted.

America was founded upon the Law of God by His people, the church of spiritual Israel. This was the second company of Jacob, called to be a light to the world in accordance with the New Covenant she was given. She had received the blessing of liberty, under the Law of God, by being a people who worshiped only God and His Son, Jesus Christ. She was the envy of the entire world and, like Samson, she was hated by the enemy for the power that God had placed within her. She produced a kind of love-hate relationship among the nations. 

All the persecuted people of the world sought to come to her and to partake of the liberty, freedom and power that were extended to her people within her borders. Many came with hearts of love for the new country, to which they pledged allegiance, as a husband and wife might pledge to each other. But, in the freedom of religion, which she offered to newcomers, many brought with them, the baggage of their religious and historical past. They married America, yet they remained as Philistines, now an enemy within the nation. They became a cancerous sore in her side, with the religious evil spirits, from which they sought to escape persecution, riding on their backs by the hordes, into this fresh, new world of freedom. 

Then their demands began, as they set about to dismantle the very source of America’s power, her worship of the one true God and Jesus Christ, with Whom she entrusted supreme ruler-ship over the land. They opened the door for Satan to move in his Antichrist spirit, which initiated the process of breaking down her power. First, it would appear to be harmless enough, much like playing a game, as tolerance became the buzzword and rights became the issue. Under these tactics of the enemy, all manner of evil established a way by which it could become endorsed. But then it became a driving political agenda to remove God and the name of Jesus from this very land, which had offered to be as a husband to the daughter of the Philistines. The sons of her father’s people would seek to destroy the bride’s bridegroom. 

America left herself wide open to have her power cut off as she relinquished her spiritual roots to embrace religious cultic practices such as yoga, eastern meditation, tai chi, martial arts and now, her latest, a blatant love affair with witchcraft. The God of Israel was left behind as she chose to take her vows before her father, the devil, embracing the mother of harlots, the false religion of Babylon the Great, to begin her descent to the bottom of the sea, riding the beast all the way.

First, Samson’s disaster began with what would have been an unholy marriage, but then he cast his eyes deeper into Philistine territory to be lured into the captivity of its people by a delicious love affair with Delilah. As she sought to cut off his power, luring him with her beauty into intimacy with her, he was unaware that he was being set up to be destroyed. It would be by the very object of his love, combined with his own recklessness with respect to his God-given calling, along with his own stupidity, that he would lose his great power.

“Foolish America, which has become a land of very foolish people who have received My blessing, did you not know that you were called unto Myself, in My name, and in My name, only? Did you think I would tolerate your romance with eastern religion, while allowing you to retain your power at the same time? You cried out to Me when your power was attacked in the intimacy of your love affair, by the men of the nation of this woman you desired. It cost you the safety of your borders, a protection sustained by Me for My God-fearing people, who had established My Laws in their land, and worshiped only Me. You had the benefit of judges who once judged in accordance with the truth of the Bible, the truth of its divinely inspired Word. You allowed your foreign bride’s family to make fun of you, until eventually they silenced you, as you became a powerless body of Christian people in your silence and wickedness before Me. 

How I hate your harlotry! I have sent My messenger, these twenty-one days, to warn you that your eyes are about to be blinded, when I allow you to become slaves to the enemy, which you have chosen over and above your own people and Me. You shall lose your beautiful homes and lifestyle to become nothing more than beasts of burden, pushing a wheel around in slavery, while crying out to Me, Whom you forsook in order to embrace the evil one, who will destroy you. Don’t you know I warned you about Jezebel and her witchcraft? Can you not see that she has set up her own gods right within your land, which will seek to destroy all of My altars, belonging to Me, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? 

Foolish people, get down on your knees and repent! Listen to the words of My prophet, before it is too late, and the shadow of Samson overshadows you, leaving you unable to see in your blindness! Lift your heads upward, and look to Me, once again, before the light of understanding is shut out from you. The enemy shall afflict you and humiliate you, and all power shall depart from you. 

This is My warning; these are My words.” Thus saith the Lord.

Twenty-One Days of Prophecy – DAY SEVEN

February 18, 2002

Written by Elinor Montgomery –

Liberalism is the law of Satan introduced into the world when Eve, the mother of harlots, succumbed to the lure and entered into the captivity of sin, with Adam right behind her. Liberty is found only under the Law of God, the Law of freedom.


“This land of America is My land, intended for another woman, the true church, which is about to burst forth to birth sons for Me, sons who will bring light to the world. I will not tolerate any compromise in this land if it is to be a kingdom nation. Israel is a kingdom nation and, as such, the ground rules have been laid out in the Book of My Word. There can be no political correctness, only political integrity. 

These are the rules for victory: I will not stand for any other name but My name to be raised as the banner over this land; I will stand for no law of rights over My Laws of freedom within moral limitations; strangers in the land are required to abide by My Law, with My people refusing to recognize any other gods before Me, for I do not share My ruler-ship with another. Judges shall judge by My statutes for they are not lawmakers. I am the Maker of the Law. They are required to judge righteously according to My Word and in accordance with an oath of office, requiring them to do so. Anything short of this is compromise with the world.

The temples of this nation are in compromise with the enemy. “When I shut up heaven and there is no rain, or command the locusts to devour the land, or send pestilence among My people, if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land” (2 Chronicles 7:13-14). You are the people called by My name, the name of the Church of Jesus Christ, but you have failed to raise My banner over the land. You have turned away as you endorsed multiculturalism and allowed My statutes and My commandments to be taken away, those which I set as the foundation for your liberty. You have served the gods of multiculturalism and have worshiped them. Now, I shall allow the crawling locust, the consuming locust, and the chewing locust to eat away at you. 

Do you not know that they represent the spirit world, which you have chosen to worship? They do not feed you as I fed you in the wilderness, they take away all the bounty I want to bestow on My people. My eyes have roamed to and fro through the churches to find a man like My David, and there was none to be found who would stand for the true church and My name. So I raised up a woman whom you shall reject as you rejected Me. But to her I shall give the messages.”


The Lord shall send a voice to go before His army, for His camp shall be given great power. Strong shall be the one who executes His Word. She shall call for the nation to return to its heritage and to not be given over to reproach, by allowing other gods to enter into the land. They have been setting up ruler-ship in the nation, while the church has been sitting back in silence. 

“They laugh and mock My people, and they muzzle them, preventing them from speaking My name. They say among themselves, ‘Where is their God now?’ Yet, if you return to Me, I shall restore to you the years that the swarming locusts have eaten as they blew in from the East, with their eastern religions and eastern thought, which have so permeated your land. 

I made the West a tower of strength as it worshiped only Me. In place of Me, it chose to erect its own towers of trade that tied it to the worship of the gold of this world. I took them down so that America would know that I am the Lord its God. Lady Liberty still stands on the horizon where the towers once stood as a reminder that America was called to be a light of liberty for God’s Law to the other nations. It was not called to be a nation, which finds its strength in the gold of this world. It is fool’s gold and cannot be compared to the good gold of worship of the one true God. I will not share My glory with another.

Listen for My Voice. The Spirit and the bride shall call. Will you have ears to hear or will you pray and call out to Me, while at the same time missing the lifeboat, which I am providing for you? There are lifeboats enough for all; you only need to heed the call. If you continue to go on dancing, you shall surely go down with the great harlot, which has rejected the truth for religion. All religions, including Christianity, shall surely come into unity and oneness with the beast. The great harlot, Babylon, shall go down to the bottom of the Sea of Red, which is full of the blood of the martyrs and of the saints. 

Come out of her My people, come out! Be a voice to your nation for truth and righteousness, but never for religion. Be a voice for the Lord your God.”

So I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten (Joel 2:25).