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                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

The Liberal Media – the Enemy of America

October 05, 2008

Perhaps the greatest enemy of America today is the American liberal media. Satan has captured the airways and is spewing out his venom upon a naïve society, which is being prepared in the classrooms to receive it. CNN and CTV spew out these liberal biases, perhaps to a degree unprecedented in television history.

Make no mistake, my friends, it is a one-two punch leading up to the knock-out blow, intended to flatten the opponents of liberalism. Get them in the classroom (take note of the classrooms of California), teach them Obama-ism and how to worship the Messiah (even though he is a false one). Following this, they are prepared to accept the media-endorsement of his platform surrounding his talk of peace, change, and, most importantly, anti-American propaganda. His desire is to be a ‘citizen of the world’ in a One World Order under which America will be devoured.

The one-two-punch-knock-out-blow plan is to make way for the enemy of the state to become the leader of the state. The aim is for liberalism to destroy liberty. Ultimately, America will become just another of Satan’s religious/state governments replacing the only two governments of this world, which function under God on a foundation of the truth of the Bible as opposed to religion.

Now here is an example. Sarah Palin has been the target of the liberal media with nearly every comedian, every talk show host and every political commentator trying to mock her and smear her by portraying her as being incompetent for being a morally responsible woman. DO YOU REMEMBER WHAT THEY DID TO DAN QUAYLE?

She has to be a very strong threat to the forces of liberalism, for they are after her like hound dogs chasing a fox. Unfortunately, Dan capitulated, but the great white hope is that she will come out shooting like Annie Oakley, with a spiritual gun in each hand.

So, let’s see! She raised the issue of the more-than-questionable connections of Obama, and there are many from his Chicago underworld connections to his so-called Christian connections. Just one mention of them by Palin and the media went ballistic, as though she had trodden unfairly on holy ground with respect to the ‘Messiah Obama’. It would appear that what is good for the goose, is not good for the media’s little darling, the gander.

If the anti-American shoe fitted Saddam Hussein, and if it also fits Barack Hussein Obama, then go for it, Sarah-girl, and force the foot into the shoe where it belongs while removing the sandal that does not belong. There is no evidence whatsoever that he has a king-priest footprint, so don’t let him get away with deceiving the public into believing he is our great Messiah.

Satan never appears with a pitch fork and horns, he comes as the great deceiver, all warm and fuzzy and charming, with a deceptive smile like those, which both Joe Biden and B. Hussein Obama can turn on at will. Most of you do not know that Satan masquerades as the angel of light. When the media has completed its role successfully with regard to B. Hussein Obama, I am sure we will have been forced to look upon many a picture with a halo drawn around his head.

My friends, watch out! This man is a man of questionable intent and questionable connections, masquerading as an angel of light to the nation.

The greatest thing we can do for our children is raise up a generation of journalists, lawyers and lobbyists who are believers and can infiltrate this secular culture in these critical times. The prophet was the scribe and lobbyist for God of his time, as were the apostles, of their time. They spoke before rulers and nations. Theirs was a harsh, tough message with no fuzzy padding around the edges. The sword of truth is a sharp two-edged sword, which cuts literally through the ‘crap’ of liberalism.

To the contrary, B. Hussein Obama comes wielding a very dangerous, sharp-edged sword, which he keeps well hidden in the holster of the liberal media. Thank you, Sarah, for going where angels fear to tread – to the dark places where the reptiles hide as they slither from the light, before which there are no secrets.

The serpent slithered up into the forbidden tree of the Garden of Eden with what appeared to be a most luscious piece of fruit to offer mankind. It denied the truth by means of deceptive lies. By this combination of lies and good looking fruit (peace, change and holding hands around the world), the serpent managed to put an end to the first government of God. Liberty in truth gave way to the captivity of liberalism and death.

America, whatever you do, don’t buy into this platform of lies that is coming today from the liberal left! It will lead to liberalism from God under the ruler-ship of satanic forces and to the death of our two great nations in this land of liberty under Him.

It could be that we are being offered the final opportunity to reject evil in the land. To do so is the only way to revive the nation’s declining economy, her declining spiritual life, and her declining governments of liberty in what was once America the beautiful.