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Commentaries – For The New Day

Former Prophetic Message From 2008

Only the Truth can Save our ChildrenWritten by Elinor Montgomery – emontgomery@cogeco.caDecember 26, 2008   God is not the Author of religion; He never was and

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Former Prophetic Message From 2003

The Angel’s Scroll Written by Elinor Montgomery – December 28, 2003   An angel appeared before me in a vision carrying a scroll, and

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Former Prophetic Messages 2001

Thus Saith the Lord – 3 By Elinor Montgomery – November 17, 2001               Thus saith the Lord. My people do not humble themselves,

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Former Prophetic Message From 2002

Twenty-One Days of Prophecy – DAY SIX Written by Elinor Montgomery – February 17, 2002   If you rejected Me, Whom the Father sent to you,

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Former Prophetic Messages, 2004-2008

Former Prophetic Messages, 2004-2008   The Coming Storm October 29, 2008 Written by Elinor Montgomery –   A storm, coming from the East, will be

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Globalization starts the clock ticking
The muddy waters of darkness.
There were two trees...
A Voice to return America back to her heritage
Come out of her.