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The Prophet Ezekiel Tells it All

 Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                           by Elinor Montgomery

 The Prophet Ezekiel Tells it All

January 21, 2008

 How sad it is that after having come from dust, we should choose to return to dust for the possible reason we have never taken time to read the Book, which gives life! We have neglected to read the guide to life, which takes us out of the darkness and into the light.

 Why is it that mankind makes the same mistake, over and over, following the first choice he made in the Garden of Eden to embrace the belief system attached to the lies of Satan? Today it can be recognized as liberalism from God, which takes the form of religion leading to death, unless one makes a personal exodus from it.

 Is it not ironic that man keeps choosing a death culture by coming against the commandments of God, and then when he is faced with wars, violence and terrorism, he cries out, “Where was God when this happened?” The answer is that He is always where our free will puts Him. We, and not He, are responsible for losing His hand of protection over this nation and over our lives.

 Do you not remember, dummy? We did not want Him, the name of His Son, His Law, or His Bible, when we chose to allow unelected judges to rule Him out of the nation. We knowingly allowed them to commit treason against the Ruler of this land and against its people.

 Today, with religion growing in the manner God said it would, like a small amount of leaven growing to fill the entire loaf, we see Satan busy getting rid of the Ten Commandments and the Bible, the Book of truth. He is in the process of spreading the culture of death throughout the entire world, intent on a One World Order, which will devour the nation of God, identified as America, the last stronghold of truth to come against him.

 The house of Israel cannot be found as a small dot on a map; it is a spiritual nation that exists world-wide. It became a spiritual nation at the cross, which eventually would lead to God again crossing His people over the sea. He established the way for a new homeland for His new covenanting people who accepted the ruler-ship of Jesus and His Word in their lives, by establishing His government over them.

 They were a people who had chosen to be ruled by His Law and His Word, under His ruler-ship, where they could live in justice and liberty. America’s role under God is symbolized by the Statue of Liberty, greeting all new Americans into the family of the spiritual house of Israel, requiring them to henceforth carry out their duty as Americans and Canadians to be a light to the world of liberty in God’s truth and in His Law.

 This people, residing in another divided Israel with two nations forming one called America, was called to be the light of His glory in a world ruled by religion. People who gave up everything in their lives, even families, to reach American shores often wept when they saw that statue with her torch held high, the Lady Liberty welcoming them to freedom from their former lives in captivity. She holds the Book in her hand, which tells it all.

 God’s Law is about obedience. It has no place with laws about rights. Rights have come to trump obedience, leading us to a society, which will ultimately take us back to minority rule through its gateway to Fascism. Obedience serves the larger denominator while rights serve the smaller, with one ultimately able to take ruler-ship over the other. Hitler is our example of how easily it can happen, when the majority is sleeping.

 How is it that we have allowed Satan to tear the glory of America away, a land, which honored God in every aspect of its public life – at its borders, in its courtrooms, in its governments, in its classrooms, and most of all, in its spiritual places of worship? In this last half-century, we have gone from not allowing any foreign gods to displace the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to filling the land with people who worship the apostate counterfeits and demand that we make room for their pagan gods in the public square.

 Men could worship as they pleased, but, as a nation, we have declared Who is the Ruler over this land. They are our God and King Jesus, and we kept Their names ever evident in the market place. This is not the land for those who cannot accept this fact.

 Our ancestors established us within God’s plan after making great sacrifices to do so for us, their children. But as Moses, a voice from the past, warned us by saying that after receiving the blessings of God and after having received the bounty of the land, we would turn our hearts from Him and set our necks like flint against Him.

 Of course no other country in the world has experienced the abundance of food or has enjoyed the riches of the land in the same manner as the average American, who is willing to work; the gifts have not been only for the elite of America but rather for everyone.

 Satan’s attack began by taking over the governments with liberalism; he took over the courtrooms with liberal appointments, and then he set the classroom as his target for liberal indoctrination of the children. His plan is to bring forth a generation, which will no longer know God or His Word. Americans lost sight of the fact that their King is the Word made flesh, and by knowing the Word, they could know Him and know the truth. Liberty and bounty only come to a nation under Him.

 How could we have been such fools, having seen death come to Adam and Eve for choosing the sin of religious liberalism? Do we not understand that the nation Israel was driven from the Land for rejecting God the second time when He came bodily into her presence? She finally faced the smoking ovens of Hitler’s extermination camps, which came to pass exactly as God promised it would to Abraham, if his descendants did not honor their covenant with Him.

 God said, once again, “Let there be light” with His redemption plan for all men’s salvation but we foolishly are rejecting the Truth made flesh for the death sentence we seem to love by following the spiritual advice of that wicked devil. How is it we always seem to prefer the darkness when we can have the light, blindness when we can have sight, and death, when God offers us life? Is academia really that bright, with all its head knowledge, which will lead it to the death camp?

 The Lord had the prophet Ezekiel explain the whole picture to us as clearly as possible in chapter sixteen of the book of Ezekiel. When he spoke of Jerusalem, he spoke of the Davidic line of inheritance of God’s people who would rule and reign with the Lord. This can be no one other than His bride, indicating that his message still applies to the end days’ true church.

 He states that Israel’s birth as a nation came from Canaan from out of the gentile nations. In other words, she was taken from the gentiles, as a people no different from the other lost people of the world, who were buried in religion.

 Herein, we discover the root of Israel’s nativity. God’s chosen people were not children of Abraham first, but rather of Adam, in whom all men were born into sin. You, who race back to Israel today, take note of this passage, which states Israel is nothing special, nor is it a nation of people any different from other people, without the choosing of the Lord, Who made a covenant with them, which they failed to keep.

 With their rejection of Him, and their refusal to keep covenant with Him, they reverted back whence they came, to be scattered once again among the gentile nations from which the Lord had taken them. He so badly wanted them as His people to whom He could give His inheritance, but they would not have Him. Racing back to the Land today, offers no one any benefits whatsoever.

 Returning to Israel’s nativity as a nation, we discover her to be described by Ezekiel as a deserted babe dying in its own nativity, with an uncut navel cord, unclean, unwashed and uncared for, with no eye to pity it. The nation is pictured as a child of the world, doomed to die in its own blood, had the Lord not commanded it to live, not in another’s blood, but rather in its own.

 It was made to thrive as a plant. It matured and the Lord God covered its nakedness, or shame, and then entered into a solemn oath with her as a young woman. It was as if she had entered into a marriage covenant, whereby the Bridegroom clothed her in His riches and dowry, which He showered upon her.

 He washed her thoroughly clean from her blood and then anointed her. He bejeweled her and placed a crown upon her head and fed her food, fit for her royal appointment and anointing. She was a nation whose fame went out to all the other nations who saw this glory of the Lord God being poured out upon her.

 But then came the terrible choices she made, very poor choices indeed, of rejecting this blessing for the curse of the other nations, the religion and pagan gods, which she so loved. She became a harlot to her God, took off her garments and adorned the multi-colored high places of the foreigners, playing the harlot upon them.

 In words we can understand today, she gave up her place in God to embrace multiculturalism and to bring the pagan gods into the Land and bestow her love on them instead of reserving her worship for her own true God.

 God returned the nation to her captivity in religion, by giving her over to the Babylonian system to join again with the mother of all harlots, Babylon the Great, a system ruled, first by Nebuchadnezzar, then by the Mede, Darius, followed by the Greek, Alexander and, finally, by the Caesars of Rome. They all took away the bounty, the clothing, the riches and the crown from this beautiful young woman called Israel, who had once had an inheritance within the nation, which reached to the very throne of God. To this day the nation remains in captivity to the Babylonian system, rejected by her God, Whom she rejected first.

 They tortured her, they raped her and they burned her, but it would appear that this has not been lesson enough from the past for spiritual Israel, today, to heed the warning signs from God.

 We have the last of the Babylonian empires rising up at this present time, with the most powerful Caesar of them all, the Antichrist, about to come on the scene, bringing the entire world under his sway. His sight is set on a One World Order of religion, with himself being worshiped at the center of it. He will spiritually enter into man, just as he entered into the serpent in the Garden of creation and into Judas, when he sold out Jesus for thirty pieces of silver.

 His spirit is anti-Christ, or anti-Jesus, for he hates His plan of redemption that uses the Word of truth to wash a young babe clean of its own blood, with the blood of Another.

 So what are we, as Americans in covenant with God, choosing, after once having been washed clean in the Word? We have turned our noses up at God, the One Who is so willing to graciously wash us, by saying to Him, “Give us back the filth of Satan, and we will feed this filth to our children so that they, too, can become filthy little children of the beast.” Try to imagine the coming darkness, when there is no light of truth, and this pathetic generation of youth grows even more pathetic than it already is.

 Wake up Canada, and return the truth to our children before it is too late! Allow God to wash them clean, and then say, “Live!” Allow Him to bless Canada once again as we sing and mean the words, “God Keep our Land, Glorious and Free!” Let us really sing at the top of our voices, “God Bless America!”

 Yet, I can think of no good reason why He should.