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A Gold-Medal Performance

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                           by Elinor Montgomery

 A Gold-Medal Performance

 February 03, 2008

 Where would you rate yourself on a scale of one to ten, with respect to gratitude? “Grateful for what?” you might ask. I would have to answer, “For the smallest thing in life that you can think of.”

 Perhaps, we are looking at something, which is missing today in our nations of America. We have become complacent in our affluent lifestyle so that simply maintaining affluence can reshape our emotions from a grateful heart to a selfish one. As a people, do we any longer have an attitude of gratitude, which is generally characteristic of the have-nots rather than the haves of this world?

 Do you ever stop to consider the fact that each day, as a Canadian, you are likely to awake to the blessing of warm, running water, in which to shower, without even considering that it is a blessing, which comes from God? Do you feel gratitude when you perform such a simple task as flushing a toilet, plugging in a kettle, turning on a stove, turning on a light, opening a microwavable dinner, turning on a television screen or stepping into a car to drive to your destination?

 Are you grateful for the eye glasses you have that allow you to see clearly, for closets of clothes for all seasons, for different shoes for all kinds of different activities, for good roads on which to drive, for safe buildings in which to live and work, for bridges to cross waters,  for telephones that allow you to connect with friends and family at a distance, for computers that open the world to you, and for warm, comfortable beds in which to sleep?

 The list is endless as I look at my life and consider the land of America where God is Supreme Ruler and our Commander-in-Chief Who has established this land of liberty for you and me. Then I look in sadness at the rest of the lands around the world where pagan gods of religion rule, and I do not see the average person blessed as I have been blessed by my God.

 Take a hard look at the Muslim nations where there is no liberty under Allah. I look at Hindu nations and have to conclude that the holy cow does nothing for their well-being and liberty. I look at communist regimes and see the state does not provide Joe Citizen with the amenities my God has provided for me. I look at Buddhist monks in monasteries, isolated from the rest of the world around them, and then at their followers, and I see no provision coming from them with their New Age messages.

 One will get no understanding from the Shirley MacLaines of this world; they will receive only deception in a belief system that states all that there is comes from a power within us. When did Ms. MacLaine ever deserve our gratitude? Is a stone Buddha, a holy cow, a holy man, Allah, or Karl Marx deserving of our gratitude for the bounty we enjoy in America?

 If we are honest with ourselves, we will discover that they are the people under the pagan gods of this world, who are seeking to remove the one true God from us and reduce us to a lifestyle controlled by their gods. It is the process of laying the groundwork for the One World Order, in which we will be forced into the situation of being grateful to any god as long as his name is not Jesus, the true God of the Bible, the Guide to life, truth and liberty in America.

 Our lack of gratitude has led us to the place where the lust of the flesh for evil leads all men ultimately. When God freely offers us the light by saying, “Let there be light,” in a person, in a nation, in the world, it is then that Satan rushes in to counter with the words, “It is a better thing to satisfy the lusts of the flesh, for the here and now is all there is.”

 And so the light is rejected for the darkness, once again, as it was in the Garden of creation. With the darkness comes the knowledge of evil – violence, killings, wars, and depression, destroying lives, families and marriages within that culture of death on the dark side. Like Judas, Americans have become a people suffering from their own suicidal tendencies.

 As a nation moving into darkness, it will cause us to experience the loss of all those things, which our society once enjoyed under God. Charter law replaces godly law with rights replacing moral obligation to become a functioning part of a moral society ruled by God.

 The majority of the people, who ruled and benefited in the moral society will be returned to the serfdom they left behind, when departing from their former pagan countries of this world, to come to America. The educational system, which she exported to the rest of an illiterate world, will cease to function in its leadership of standing on truth in all things. Like many of the pagan countries of the world, Americans will soon discover that they have been reduced to having more orphans on the streets than numbers of children in the classrooms, like the poor countries ruled by pagan gods.

 Why did peoples of every nation want to come to America? It was because they wanted the liberty and bounty God offered to His people, which no foreign god could provide for its people. But we, in America, whose fathers struggled to build this land under God, have forgotten Him, just as His Word assured us we would forget. And so, as we set about to put Him out of the land, we will lose our bounty and our liberty. Be prepared, my friends, for famine is coming, since you don’t want God the Provider, in the equation of America.

 Is it the fault of our leaders? I hardly think so. It is our own fault, for there was no gratitude to God for the liberty and bounty He bestowed upon us. We failed to show daily gratitude as a family for the table of bounty before which we sat each day as mere average citizens. How many people in America thank God for the food they have at each and every meal, at home or in restaurants? Or are they more likely to just plow into it every four or five hours, unaware that the average person in pagan nations has no such guarantee of food?

 Are we not able to see how our medical system is failing without God in our land, as the pagans pour in to take it from us? They fill our hospitals, which were built on Canadian taxpayer dollars, to which they generally have contributed nothing. How do we feel as the network of our social benefits begins to crumble and fall apart, with our tax dollars going to provide the ‘dole’ to support these foreign pagan immigrants?

 We are now being asked to provide as well for their numerous wives and children, whom they bring along with them. They have learned to use their ‘charter rights’ to break the bank without contributing to the supply of money for their ‘dole’ funds that are depleting our social security systems.

  Do they fight our wars for liberty against the terrorism of the empire-building nations from which they have come or, instead, keep their dual citizenship with such nations,  while, at the same time, declaring war on our heritage from within our land?

 We have allowed America, God’s country, to take on the face of the world, instead of taking on the face of God to the world. No longer are we a nation in a face-to-face relationship with God, and so we shall go the route of Israel, to become another despised nation in the eyes of the world. God warned us this would happen. He said He would lift our skirts and reveal our shame of harlotry to the rest of the world, and because of our harlotry, we would be hated by the world.

 Do we not face the same old problem, which caused Lucifer, the foremost worship angel of heaven, to be cast to the earth as the devil? Is it not that pride of self, which caused a being, once established as the light of God’s glory, to forsake its role in order to re-establish itself in its own glory? For man to do so he will be forced to adopt the man-made lie that he evolved into his own greatness all on his own without God. He will be forced to come to the belief about himself that he can do all things without God, the Creator.

 The Bible tells us that Peter, the leader of the apostles to whom God gave the foundational revelation of the church, made the statement, “Even if all are made to stumble because of You, I will never be made to stumble (Matthew 26:33).” Yet, within a matter of hours, that same disciple denied his relationship with Jesus three times in terror as he stood before the religious enemy of the cross. Where was his pride of self at that moment?

 Have we not embraced the same kind of pride as that of Peter, resting on our own head knowledge and capabilities, which is setting us up for the great falling away that we now are experiencing under attack from that same enemy of the cross?

 Peter even went further to dare to tell Jesus what He should and should not do, by suggesting He should not go to Jerusalem to carry out the work on the cross for which He was sent to save mankind. Jesus came for the purpose of completing this work for all mankind, which would allow fallen men to come out of the darkness of death and back into the Light of life. Little did Peter understand about his rebuke to Jesus. If Jesus had not rebuked Satan, who was speaking through Peter, his very own well-being would have been at stake (see Matthew 16:21-23).

 The good news is that Peter repented bitterly of his failure and was able to be restored, whereas Judas did not repent. Do these two not show America the value of our repentance, while calling on the Lord God at the same time to revive our land? Is a church, in its fallen nature of denying the truth of Jesus and the Word of God,  able to do such a thing, or is it in need of someone of purity to stand in the gap to intercede for her, just as Moses interceded for the wicked nation Israel?

 Foolish, foolish land of America, what have you done? Where is your gratitude? When Jesus healed the lepers, where was their gratitude? If it is a leper you want to be, then remember that when Moses removed his hand from his bosom it became leprous before God and Pharaoh. When his hand was restored to his bosom, it was restored like his other flesh.

 Has this nation not been in the bosom of the Father God, Who, Himself, birthed it from there? I would suggest to you that it is there you want to remain for your own good. Lepers are cast out and rejected by the world. Choose this day the God of America, and show Him the gratitude He deserves for what He has done for you. Like Peter, we have stumbled, but there is still time for us to be restored. God loves a grateful heart, a heart that seeks after Him.

 The Olympics are coming to Canada in the year 2010. It is time for this nation to do a perfect skate again for the gold, with the Lord as her Partner. It can only happen when the true church skates with her Beloved in perfect harmony in the good gold of perfect worship. State and religion are no match, but a pure church and a grateful nation, led by its perfect Partner, Jesus, are the substance for greatness, with the potential for a gold-medal skate. Allow Him to throw out His bride and to lead her all the way as He carries her through her performance.

 The time is at hand and the hour is now for the church to set those Olympic pagan mythological gods in their proper place, as she steals the gold in the one performance that really matters. It is a church/state performance, which brings home the medal for its God, the one true God, Who rules over this nation and over the entire universe.