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Former Prophetic Message, 2004

Warning To The Nation

Written by Elinor Montgomery –

April 24, 2004


Disaster is coming upon the land. A nation in covenant with God is about to receive her just reward. Her dancing and cavorting with Satan have made her people drunk and sick with his wine. She is drunk with the cup of abominations, flaunting her liberalism before God, while, at the same time, rejecting the liberty He had given to her. She is suffering like a body that was created to absorb the life-giving elements of the food consumed, while at the same time eliminating that which is waste. But the body has ceased to function properly. In its sickness, the waste is retained, and the deadly disease of peritonitis is about to set in. This nation has the filth of the cup of her abominations remaining within her body and, as she languishes in her own filth, God is ready to remove His hand of protection, allowing the natural results to take their course. 


We are going to see cosmic changes in our surroundings. The earth will quake as it tries to regurgitate the vomit in its throat. The winds will roar as tornadoes touch down in places where they have never been seen before. The seawaters of Satan shall rage with waves coming in over this land that has welcomed him with open doors, doors God had commanded her to close. Men shall be eating, drinking, and making merry in their stupor when, suddenly, the very towers they have built will come tumbling down around them. They shall cry out in terror and desperation to a God they have never known and rejected. “Where are You, God, when these terrible things are happening?” But there will be no voice and there will be no answer, for He is exactly in that place to which we have ushered Him – out of our lives, out of our halls of learning, out of our halls of justice, and out of our halls of government. It is even difficult to find Him in the midst of our institutional church halls as the congregations indulge themselves in their social gospels of liberalism. 


“You want liberalism in every aspect of your lives? Then I will give it to you until you are a nation so functioning on the lie that you no longer know right from wrong. The corruption of the lie has permeated every level of your government, from the Prime Minister to his ministers, to the committees and to the elected members of parliament. Where is there a man who stands for righteousness in this nation, one who raises the banner of My name in power and in strength, and who does not tremble before the giant of political correctness?” Where is there a man whose voice will be heard, not just for social and moral reform, but also for the name of Jesus? Is there such a voice that will denounce the cults we are bringing into the land, a voice that will not be afraid to rebuke the religious spirits that are being visited upon us by the Dalai Lama?  Shame upon our rulers who give this man a nation’s welcome and bestow university honors upon him from an educational system that had its beginnings in the righteousness of God’s truth, and not in satanic religious spiritualism. We came to this land to escape state religions and religious persecution. Do you not know, you ship of fools, that Satan’s message will come disguised as a peace message? Do you not know that it comes into your land with smiles, and bowing, and hand shakes? 


“You are setting sail over the treacherous waters, having failed to carry your lifeboats with you. The ice-cold waters are about to slice right down the side of your ship. Will you, too, sing hymns to Me as you go down, having ignored the warnings I sent with My messenger for you? Did you ever listen to My prophets whom I sent, or, like Eve, do you prefer to listen to the lies of the serpent over which I commanded you to take authority? You have always wanted man to rule over you instead of accepting My kingship. Now look at the liars and thieves you have in the places of ruler-ship over you. Do they hear your voice and your prayers, or do they simply do whatever seems wise in their own eyes? They say that it is hateful to obey My moral laws, and what do you say, My people? Where is your voice that stands for My law and My truth? I don’t want to hear any more of your religion. I hated your animal sacrifices and I hate your religious practices today. 


I will raise up a voice unto Myself, for the day of judgment is upon you. I will raise up My true apostolic church again, My bride, and she will be dressed in the purity of white. There will be no guile in her. The power of the Spirit shall fill her and she will be the voice I commanded My Galilean fishermen to be. She shall witness to the truth and shall be a fisher of men, like I told My apostles before her that they would be. I Am the Kingfisher of men, and she will become the Voice for Me, which will fish for Me. She will fulfill prophecy as she becomes My last voice to witness with the Spirit of God. My Word has told you this, but you preferred to remain in your religious halls as opposed to coming out of them, as I warned you to do, in order to escape the judgment. Could you not read the Word that told you to come out of her, that evil mystery woman, Babylon? Could you not see it was the religious men, the Pharisees, who could not stand the light of truth in the midst of their darkness? Did you not understand that it was religious idolatry that always was the lure and love of Israel, which drove her from the land? Yet, you clung to your Judaism, and, likewise, today, you cling to your institutional, denominational, religious bodies that you call Christianity. I never established Christianity, Rome did. Judaism liked its Roman captors better than it liked Me. Christianity is a Roman blend of stew not unlike the stew that took Esau down. It made him silent before his father, Isaac, while Jacob spoke out to gain the inheritance. He took it away, right from under Esau’s nose that preferred the smell of the stew to the promise of the inheritance. God loved Jacob, and He hated Esau.


Take heed this day, O nation, to the voice of My messenger: mene – your days are numbered, O ruler of Babylon; mene – for the second time, O rulers of Babylon, in this so–called new age, which is nothing more than old age Gnosticism revived, your days are numbered; tekel – you have been weighed and found wanting for having refused to be a burning torch and a light to the nations; upharsin – now you shall be divided. I will raise up My bride’s voice in the Spirit, while I allow the harlot to go her way with her lover. Your own immigration policy shall allow Persia to come in under your religious walls and through your dried up water system. You want Eastern religion? Now drink with your lover. But as for Me, I will have My bride who will drink only of the living water, and will have no part in your evil and corrupting ways. For she will be like Daniel, beloved of the Lord, and neither wild beast nor fire will consume either her or her friends who will be with her.


Look up, pack up, for the hour of redemption draws near. Repent and change your ways, for judgment is about to come down on this land, O Canada, which once was glorious and free under Me.”