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Former Prophetic Message 2005

From A Culture Of Life To A Culture Of Death
Written by Elinor Montgomery –
April 3, 2005


America, in her state of free fall, is quickly moving from a culture of life to a culture of death. Nothing has brought it more clearly to the forefront than the deliberate killing of Terri Schiavo. Our governmental, our political, and our religious systems lifted their skirts and exposed themselves for what they are. We are no longer in a one-flesh, life relationship with God, our Maker and our Husband, with Whom we took vows in a national marriage covenanting relationship. In these two nations of America, we enjoyed the fruits of our relationship, which were our freedom, our liberty, and our ordered society with a moral fiber, resulting from our foundation of Biblical truth. We enjoyed the bounty of the land, as has no other nation in the history of the world, with every conceivable food that is available on this earth being found in almost every supermarket in the country. We were a culture that endorsed life because of our endorsement of the truth and moral Law of God. But to our great detriment, we have chosen, instead, to embrace the satanic culture of death, as was evidenced by the complete failure of the government and judiciary to intervene in the killing of this young woman, on the basis of our law rooted in the Word.


America has now endorsed a new code of ethics by which death sentences shall be doled out according to the wills of those who might benefit from such a death, be it monetary gain or any other gain. And the courts and government have shown their willingness to refuse to intervene on behalf of the victim, by taking the appropriate action, which values the life of the individual, especially the lives of those who are unable to speak for themselves. In such a death culture, which is being inflicted upon us, whether we like it or not, it is only time until another Hitler will appear on the world scene. The deterrent to such a leader arising with the purpose of establishing another world empire, has been our western culture of life, which assured us of victory over the culture of death, as long, and only as long, as we honored and remained loyal to our covenant with God. But our grip on liberty is being lost to the point of being almost non-existent, as we walk away from the Giver of life and liberty, God Himself. Legalized abortion, legalized assisted suicides, and now legalized euthanasia, have put us back into the same religious/political cultures of death that are found in the rest of the world from which our constitutions and our founding fathers in the West delivered us.


Both countries originally made the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the author of the truth, the foundation for our governments, and our judicial systems, so that they rested on a firm foundation of the truth of Scriptures. Our nations were free of religious controls by offering religious freedoms, but never the right of religion to come against the truth. Now, the reversal has taken place; everyone has religious rights, and these religious rights are taking precedence over the foundational truth of our legal system. The religion of human secularism and its liberalism has completely permeated our society at every level. It runs roughshod over our classrooms, our courtrooms, our governments and the media, to the extent that the culture of death has created for itself an open doorway into our western society, which will destroy it.


The liberty in God’s Law, which gave victory to Israel, was lost centuries ago, along with her rights of possession to a land flowing in abundance and peace from the ravages of the warring nations of the world around her. When she ceased to be the light of freedom in liberty, which God called her to be to the gentile nations, she fell victim to the religious system of Judaism that marked her death knell. God simply wiped that nation, called by the name of His household, from the face of the earth, until this present age. So why would God choose to return her to the land in these final hours of history? She has been returned to receive His judgment, along with the other gentile nations of the world, which choose to live by religion rather than by the truth of His Word. Like Israel before her, unless America makes an 180º turnaround from the direction she is taking, regarding her walk away from the truth to embrace secularism, the West will go the same route as that of Israel. Truth must have its place of authority restored in this land, unless we want to see a nation whose face looks no different from the face of the East. God will most surely allow what we are already seeing, as we watch the cults of Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism, imprinting their deadly spiritual stamps upon the West. All religious cults bring with them, the culture of death, which even that lofty religion of Christianity has begun to embrace.


What has been incorrectly labeled for so long as the ‘religious right’ is, in fact, a misnomer, resulting from the lies of Satan, who masquerades as the angel of light, easily deceiving all of those who will listen. Religion is, and always has been a result of his dirty little lies. Those who want to maintain the truth of God’s Word in this land as our measuring rod of right and wrong and of liberty and freedom will always call for complete separation of religion and state. At the same time, they will call for complete integration of the Bible and state, as has been established in our constitutions. The Bible is truth, and its inherent perfectly fulfilled prophecy self-validates it to be such; it doesn’t require either my approval or disapproval to make it so. The Word of God stands pure and free from the religions of this world, which find their foundations resting on the lies of the Garden, where Satan challenged the truth, and gullible man took the bait, hook, line, and sinker. Christianity, with Romanism at its very foundation, is no different from the other religions of the world, which is the reason why it has become permeated with liberalism.


God’s Word has always called for complete separation in the truth from the religious idolatry of the world systems established millennia ago in the Garden of Creation. When man accepted his own death warrant, he also moved with it into a culture of killing. He confronted God with the question, “Am I really my brother’s keeper, or have I not been liberated from Your truth, God, to kill as I choose?” In response, God clearly answered this question, so that mankind might know the consequences of its sin. The truth of His Word brings life as we choose to obey Him, but to choose to ignore His Word by accepting Satan’s religious lies will surely bring upon men a culture of death. The whole scene changed with the rebellion of man, when his first inclination was to kill his brother, with the stronger one inflicting his power over the weaker one. Of course the question does arise as to whether or not the weaker brother was simply not given the chance to respond for himself in defense of life, having abhorrence for the death, which was inflicted upon him. Such a murderer was Cain, whom God drove from the land given to him, to fend for himself in the world outside of God’s provision, surviving by hunting, killing and tilling a fruitless earth that would produce only thorns.


We need look no further than to the nations of the East, the governments of which are bound by religious/state controls, to see how greatly their cultures of death differ from what we have known in the past to be a culture of life, in the West. Eastern countries will never be able to import democracy and freedom from the West, without also importing the West’s God and His truth. The converse, however, is not quite so rosy. The West, in replacing the truth with religion of any sort, will surely lose its democracy, which the early settlers struggled so hard to establish for their children and, in turn, for their children, and so on down through the life of this nation. We are foolishly throwing away such a valuable heritage that was so painfully won by a people who so courageously fought to establish it. They willingly laid down their own lives to see that every nail was driven firmly into its foundation to strengthen it with God’s truth, so that liberty and freedom would be the heritage of their descendants. It was only sixty some years ago that thousands of Canadians and Americans gave their lives so that we, who remain in America, might live in freedom from tyranny. Would they not die again, if it were possible for them to live today and see how we have dropped the torch of liberty, which they so valiantly held high, to allow this nation, instead, to sink into the pitfalls of liberalism?


Looking toward the East, we see the constant religious infighting, racial ‘cleansing’ and famine from one country to the next, of peoples living under religious regimes. We escaped from this in the West, to enjoy the freedom and liberty, which God offered us under His supreme ruler-ship. No country has ever enjoyed such freedoms as we have, once we chose to become the beacon of light for God’s Law, with a torch of liberty raised for all the nations of the world to see and envy. It most certainly drew the world to American shores, by drawing people who were seeking freedom from religious controls to enjoy the liberty, which only a foundation of truth could provide. But Cain has again raised his ugly head of jealousy and hatred in the East for that which God provides for His own, and the world has come to either love or hate America, whichever the case might be.


Anti-Americanism has its roots in religion, and it is Satan’s plan to infiltrate, destroy and kill from within, as he did in the Garden of creation. The decision, which must be made, will be yours and mine to make. We will either continue on the broad road of destruction, as we dole out religious rights to every religious body that demands them, as we embrace the rebellion of religious liberalism, or we will turn back to the truth and God’s Law, honoring marriage and our one-flesh relationship we have in covenant with Him in this land. You cannot be both monogamous and a harlot at the same time. We will either be a pure and spotless bride bearing good fruit, or a religious harlot and true daughter of Babylonianism. I didn’t say it, the Bible says it’s so, and the Bible has never been wrong yet, nor will it ever be wrong in the future.


We have but two choices in America; either we will choose the culture of truth and life, or we will choose the culture of religion and death. There are no other ways, but the narrow Way to freedom and life and the broad way to destruction and death. Choose this day, America, which it will be.