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Former Prophetic Message 2005

Is Education the Problem in the Nation?
Written by Elinor Montgomery –
November 2, 2005


Everyone has his or her own perspective on what is wrong in America today, which is causing democracy to unravel before our very eyes. To my way of thinking, what lies at the heart of the problem is education, which no longer is a broadening and enlightening experience, but rather has become a vehicle for liberal indoctrination. Where we were once taught the value of liberty and democracy, students, today, are being fed the benefits of being part of a One World government. This kind of direction puts an end to the benefits of an autonomous nation having a government of self-determination, with the majority vote responsible for the direction in which the nation should move.


There is a push in the classrooms of America to produce twenty-first century zombies, young adults who are no longer able to think for themselves, as they become conformed to the liberalism that pervades the Canadian government policies and the media. Morality is no longer a relevant word and God’s name, at best, is only spoken in words, which describe Him as being some sort of ‘Intelligent Design’, if one dares to even mention Him at all.


We are watching one of the most controlled, rigid, rigorously liberal indoctrination programs for our children that any nation has ever witnessed in the history of the world. And the sadness is that the western system of education, once the best in the world, has become, overnight, little better than those of the religiously controlled Eastern educational systems. At the heart of our strength as a religiously free nation, was our school system, which was the envy of the world. Such is no longer the case as parents are forced to channel their children into bottled up, expensive, privately controlled educational school systems, just as we, a nation, which could once safely and freely drink the tap water, now are choosing to purchase bottled spring water, because of possible health threats involved in the public system.


I listened to a man, considered to be one of America’s top-rated television interviewers, interviewing John McCain, Republican Senator from Arizona. I tuned in at mid point of a discussion on Darwin and evolution. McCain had just finished expounding on the broad research, with respect to Darwin and the Galapagos Islands, when suddenly the interviewer leaped into the discussion with a leading question. It was aimed at controlling the interview, trying to prevent it from opening into free expression.


He asked the question in words such as these, “You don’t believe do you, like President Bush believes, that intelligent design is an option that should be taught in the schoolroom?” The interviewer’s prejudices and biases hung out all over him. He fell into the popular stance the media takes on trying to place blame for all things upon Bush, in this case, making him the enemy of educational progress in the nation. All opposition to the aggressive steam rolling movement of liberalism, being inflicted upon the educational system, is viewed somehow as negative right-wing interference, which should not be tolerated.


The interviewer had clearly expressed his solicitation for an appropriate answer to his question. He was more interested in expressing his own biased opinion, than in soliciting a response from McCain. There was a kind of implied shame, which McCain should feel if he were to disagree with the interviewer, who is very much a part of the liberal media. To Mr. McCain’s credit, he balked, and strongly expressed his disapproval of keeping from the classroom the teaching of alternatives to the liberal indoctrination program. The interviewer, who thought he could mold the direction of the interview, was taken aback, even unsettled at the clarity and purpose of McCain’s response. For a brief moment, he lost control as he quickly sidestepped the answer, redirecting the interview into safer waters, which he felt he could manage.


Our politicians, our media, and our educational leaders have ceased to challenge the sheer hypocrisy and stupidity of the blatant political correctness hammer with which the liberals have been hammering society into its mold. Where are the Margaret Thatchers and the Ronald Reagans who could hand back as “good” as the liberals doled out, refusing to cower before the onslaught? Where are our brilliant educators who openly refer to God as not only a possibility, but as a fact, instead of alluding to Him as ‘intelligent design’? Are they afraid that ‘big brother’ is watching and they might lose their jobs? Are they afraid there will be no back-up for them from the religious body of Christianity? Are they afraid to call multiculturalism exactly what it is – the most liberal, vote-swinging movement of the day that will eventually destroy liberty in America?


Our immigration policy has been one that moves the educational system into a rights-controlled stew. We are seeing a rigidity in teaching propaganda rather than a free flow and free exchange of ideas. A once disciplined classroom has given way to the din of behaviorally uncontrolled gang activity, which recognizes no authority other than its own.


Where has the search for truth gone in a system of learning that once recognized the Bible as the only truth? This Book, if allowed, will stand the challenge any time from leftist indoctrination, which claims there is no truth. It needs no arms to hold it up, for it stands on its own authority of supernatural prophetic power, which the indoctrinators fear, lest aspersion is cast on the credentials of their doctrines. The only way they know to squash the truth is to get rid of the one thing, the Bible, at the very foundation of our educational system, which once rated supreme over all other educational systems in the world.


The East managed to develop educational programs for the very few, only because men and women of righteousness went out from the West to help the other countries of the world develop them. These early school planters were also church planters, sent as missionaries to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Harvard was formed as a school for the purpose of sending out educated men of God into the nation as trained pastors and preachers, who could also be educators.


Am I suggesting the educational system should be a religious system? Not at all, for that is the problem, not the answer. It is a form of religion that rules education, today, under the guise of Secular Humanism, which is, in fact, the most closed-minded, bigoted form of religion that has ever been known. Its limitations are so far reaching that truth has become a dirty unacceptable word. It is all about ideas floating freely through the air, unchallenged by the restricting walls, which, more times than not, restrict the disciplined documented truth from coming to the light.


A brown chest of drawers remains a brown chest of drawers no matter what a color-blind person may believe. His perception does not change the reality of the truth anymore than our belief system can change it. It is to the search for truth, to which the educational system must return. The forces of liberalism have created such bondage in the classroom that, in many cases, secular teachers will not allow the free exchange of ideas, going so far as to say that the democratic process of free speech, can no longer be tolerated.


As the interviewer set out to bind McCain with his liberal tactics, he lost footing in the interview because McCain held strongly and reasonably to his opposing point of view. He believed that it was important to examine all possibilities rather than simply indoctrinate impressionable young minds with unproven theories. In point of fact, it becomes more and more difficult every day to sustain Darwinism, as more and more scientists declare it to be an unsustainable theory, without a sustaining foundation of truth beneath it. It simply is not a hard, cold fact, like that of a brown chest of drawers, nor is there any authoritative book out there on life and its source that has any authority coming even close to that of the Bible.


Hence, the liberals, in order for their theories to survive, had to see to it that Bible teaching was removed from the schoolroom, for it would hinder the advancement of their liberal indoctrinal programs. In fact the tolerance for the Bible in the school system is so low that it is not allowed on school premises, in many cases. It all goes to show the schizophrenic behavior, which the truth elicits within liberal circles, accepting all rights except those generated by the truth.


How could a homosexual indoctrination program, for instance, survive beside the truth of this Book? It would fail the test of truth miserably. How could the move away from discipline of the Dr. Spock generation coexist with the truth about the discipline of the Bible? Consequently Dr. Spock replaced the Bible with a new kind of bible placed conspicuously on most every bedside table of the nation in the sixties and seventies. However, his book seems to have lost its authority, but its damage lives on in an unruly, violent, suicidal generation of young and not-so-young adults who have been the victims of a move for which there was little resistance. The foolish philosophy of Spock was accepted as easily as was the groundless theory of evolution, and it was for a theory and a philosophy that the Bible had to go.


With each erosion of the educational system, it slipped deeper into the muddy mire at the bottom of the education mountain. All that we have left of our once marvelous educational system is the broken schoolhouse at the bottom of the cliff, after having been torn from its foundation of truth and thrown down on the slippery slope of liberal indoctrination.


Is there any medicine or cure for the sickness of this nation’s educational malady? If there is, it will be found only in the removal of Human Secularism, with all its religious obstructionism being cleansed from the classroom. It will mean we restore the Bible to the classroom of our Canadian heritage, where it has always been a central part of the curriculum.


Offenses belong to those who refuse to accept our Canadian heritage, and perhaps they would be better suited living in a country that lives by religious ruler-ship instead of by the truth. We need to restore the stolen parental right for parental input into the educational system. They are the parents who know better than big brother what is best for their children. Yes, boundaries must be set that exclude liberal indoctrination and include an open approach in the search for truth and the freedom for every child to discover it.  


In spite of what educators are forced to tell our youth today, there is but one truth, with many different routes leading to the crossroads of history where all men ultimately will be led as they are confronted with the very embodiment of truth, Himself. If we have embraced liberalism instead of truth, then our eternal lives will depart the way of liberalism, which is the way of rebellion to the truth of God. What kind of a foolish Christian church system of religion is it that has agreed to remain silent on this issue in exchange for tax dollar exemptions? Perhaps, it is exactly that – an institutional church system instead of the true church called to be a voice and testimony only to the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh, the way, the truth and the life.


When the Word was forced out of our Canadian system of education, all hell literally broke loose, with liberalism moving into the empty space that was created, allowing Satan legal access to the minds of our children. He took hold of our entire educational system, allowing him to shape the direction of a nation, by using the principles of mind control over our children.