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Former Prophetic Message 2006

The Ultimate Political Advisor
Written by Elinor Montgomery –
May 3, 2006


Who is the prophet, if not the ultimate political advisor in the nation? Are the prophets simply voices from the past, which are not to be heard in this Age? Does God remain the same today as He was yesterday, or would He suddenly drop the role of the prophet with no place to be found for him in this modern nation? Are we to read the Word of God, only to conclude that the prophets spoke to a sinning nation, Israel, but we, as God’s spiritual nation, have no need for either the prophet or his message? America is very definitely the home of the spiritual nation, Israel, and she has a special role to play among the nations of the world, as did Israel before her.


For those of you who did not hear former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney’s acceptance speech for having been awarded the title of the Greenest Prime Minister in Canadian history, you missed a golden opportunity. Not only was the viewer privy to seeing members of all parties enjoying enormous camaraderie together, but also, he/she heard a former Prime Minister recognize the importance of the prophet in the affairs of State, when he quoted from the book of the prophet Joel.


If we look to Ephesians and to Paul’s message regarding the household of God, we see he was addressing both those, afar off, and those, who were near to him in time. He was speaking into two different time frames of history, which were the present and the future. He was saying that, regardless of the times, the household is built on one foundation, which is that of the apostles and prophets with Jesus as the Chief Cornerstone. This is one body, spiritually united, over which time has no jurisdiction, nor can it be confined by the structures of man’s building programs. The body is one holy temple in the Lord to be a habitation of God in the Spirit.


Now, I ask you, “Who is better able to advise a government under the ruler-ship of the Supreme Ruler, God, than one who is resting on the foundation of God’s household?” Jesus says He is the Cornerstone, and He also says He is the Truth. The foundation for the body of Christ is truth, and the church, in fulfilling its commission, speaks the truth of God’s Word as given by God through the Spirit and found in the gospels. There would be no truth of the gospels, were it not for the writings of the chosen scribes of the Lord, which rest on the words of the prophets.


They are not the lawyers, the scientists, the businessmen, or even the politicians, who can best advise the government. They are able to lend their limited expertise, acquired from within the limitations of their own particular area of expertise. However, it is the prophet who knows the perfect will of God for His people, which is the one way to victory over any invading enemy. It is the only way when nations are in covenant with God.


Going further, Paul says that, by revelation, God made known to him the mystery, and it is in His writings, and by them, that we may receive understanding and knowledge of that mystery. It was not made known to the other sons of men, for such mysteries are reserved for His holy apostles and prophets, and are revealed by the Holy Spirit to them. He goes on to say that such understanding was for the intent that now the manifold wisdom of God be made known by the church to the principalities and powers in the heavenly places, in which we have boldness and access with confidence in faith.


In this one body of the church, there is the equipping of the saints according to the giftings of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. These are nothing but individual giftings, not positions, for the purpose of equipping the Lord’s army to fish men out of the judgment that will come on those submitted to the evil spirits of the seawaters. Of all the giftings, the ones receiving revelation directly from God are the apostles and the prophets. Over and above the giftings, are the offices of the apostles and prophets, which are quite different from the gifting of prophecy.


What is the purpose of this special revelation, if not to teach the body and to bring it into its unity in truth, with each individual working within his or her particular sphere of gifting? Their corporate job is to bring the body of the church to maturity so that it no longer resembles children who are being tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine or prophecy, which does not come from God (see Ephesians 4:14).


How can this be achieved? The church of God is brought to a place where it is not deceived by the trickery of men, in the cunning craftiness by which they lie in wait to deceive. This is the ploy of Satan, coming from its roots in the Garden of Creation, where man was led astray and deceived into listening to the wrong spirit. This spirit took control of his life and changed the order of God’s governmental plan. It was the controlling, religious spirit of liberalism that deceived the woman into rejecting the truth for the lie. The true church will only speak the truth, in love for his brother, desiring his bother’s welfare at the cost of his own rejection and well-being. To stand only on truth means perfect acceptance with God, and it will be the voice of just such a person through whom He will speak.


America is called to be the land of the spiritual Israel of God, to show liberty is His Law, and the perfect justice of His truth. Why, in the world, would the rulers of America seek advice from any other source than that of the apostles and prophets who are given the understanding of the mysteries revealed? They are revealed, because man and nations will need understanding of the forces, which are driving the affairs of men today. Because of the importance of gaining understanding at this time, the Lord is opening up new understanding of prophecy, as was prophesied by the apostle John, in his Revelation of Jesus Christ. Such revelation cannot come from worldly advisors, or worldly religious leaders.


The words of the prophets of old were never lost or done away with, when Jesus set about to build His church. To the contrary, they were the foundation upon which the apostles built, and now the apostles become the foundation upon which the revived apostolic church builds. It is an ever-progressing building plan, which, ultimately, leads to the New Jerusalem and the government of God, restored and functioning once again on earth, as was intended at creation. Who better to advise our rulers than the voice of the bride (a name for the Lord’s latter-day purified church), having received the new revelation for this time? She is the only voice for the revived apostolic church, being free of the spots and wrinkles caused by the religious leaven of the church age.


God rules over all rulers, and not only over the whole world, but also, over the whole universe. If He calls His prophets and apostles to be His voice of heavenly revelation, then who is a better advisor to kings, prime ministers, and presidents than the cupbearer of the Lord God, Himself? How is this person, or are these persons, recognized? He/she will be given writings like Paul, which, upon being revealed, will bring new understanding. All of the prophets were required to write before their revelations became Scripture.


The essence of Scripture is truth, so the writings of the prophet will point only to truth and never to the doctrines of man, such as religious systems do. The very legitimacy, which is accredited to the words of the prophet, is found in the fact that they point only to the truth of God, which is to Jesus, Who became the Word made flesh. The prophecy of God is contained in the prophet’s very words, for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy (see Revelation 19:10).


By placing spiritual Israel in America, with a form of government called a democracy, God had a plan for His church and nation to work together. Never was it a plan for religion and state to work together. His people formed the majority, whose voice could control the state with its vote. The system only works, in so far as the voice is the pure voice, and reflects the principles of truth and not those of religion. The purified voice of the church in America slowly declined to a religious, ineffectual voice for keeping the nation under God. Unfortunately, most of the spokespersons for the institutional church presently stand on religion and not on the truth of the Scriptures.


It is only when the voice of the bride comes forth standing solely on the truth of God’s Word, will it be possible to see healing in this very sick nation of a people claiming the name of Christ, but being far from Him. The institutional church of Jesus Christ, for the most part, is about as far away from Christ as it can be. It is a very poor place to look for political advice from God, for it is about to become the victim of Satan’s One World Order of Religion.


It is now time for the bride’s spiritual exit from her own Egypt of pagan religion, to stand only on the truth. With this exodus will arise a voice worthy of the ears of rulers and the only voice of the prophet, coming as the messenger of God for this time, for the healing of the nation. Rulers, lend an ear, for her time is near, even at the door, knocking to come in and to be heard.