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Former Prophetic Message 2007

What Kind of Leader does this Nation Need?
Written by Elinor Montgomery –
May 14, 2007


What is it that Canadians need in the way of leadership today? What are the most important issues, which need to be addressed at this point in Canada’s history? Where can we find the answers to these questions?


Let us consider our heritage and see what it is that we have lost in recent years, during which time liberalism has been growing steadily, while gaining a foothold in this land! Let us take a look at the judicial system and see if, in fact, it is in line with our judicial heritage! Let us take a good hard look at the whole democratic process and ask ourselves whether or not the majority still rules or the minorities have taken over the reins of control!


Can we still say that this is a land of liberty, or is liberalism squeezing the life-blood out of our freedoms by replacing them with the religious controls from which our ancestors escaped, when they came to the New World?


America has a history of being all about a New World Order, as opposed to a One World Order. They are as different from each other as day is from night. Remember God separated the darkness on the face of the deep of the seawaters from the dry land. It was the sea that lay between continents of dry land, the same sea, which separates the dry land of the New World from that of the Old.


With the discovery and colonization of the New World, God was preparing all nations to recognize the order that He is going to restore to this world, one, which was lost in the Garden of creation. On the dawn of the seventh millennium, in the very near future, Jesus will return to a world, which will nearly have destroyed itself, to restore His throne and His ruler-ship.


Man fell into the sin of the belief system, the first form of religion for which he rejected the truth of God, and it was then when God relinquished His worldly throne to Satan for a time, in order to allow mankind to experience the results of his choice. He handed over the reins to Satan, who had convinced man that liberalism from God was the way to self-fulfillment, with the truth of God being ignored. It was at this moment that pain and suffering were introduced into a world in rebellion.


In words such as these Satan said to Eve, “Surely a God Who loves you and has made you in His image will not let you die. He really does not mean what He says (HIS WORD IS NOT TRUTH).” On the day Eve accepted this wicked message, liberalism and religion took control over man.


Canada became a covenanting nation with God. Israel is the pattern for a nation under God, as one based on His Law and the truth of His Word. Israel is also the pattern for what happens to a nation that breaks covenant with God. At the cross Israel crossed over from a nation to a spiritual nation.


The first settlers who stepped on American soil determined that God, and not religion, would rule over this new land. Jesus is the truth (not religion) made flesh, and as the explorers crossed this country of Canada, they planted crosses all the way from sea to sea, giving Him ruler-ship over the land.


Today, we need leadership, which will return our proper Ruler to His rightful position. He/she must exclude any false gods from being placed on equal footing with the God Whose hand directed the paths of the explorers and the early pioneers who claimed this wilderness for Him.


People who worship false gods bring their religions with them, demanding their gods share equal place with the truth. The two cannot dwell together, for there is no place for darkness with the light. If this were not true, then God would have said on the dawn of creation, “Let there be darkness and light”, instead of “LET THERE BE LIGHT”.


The Charter of Rights has been the vehicle used by religious people to stake out their claim for religion across Canada, where the cross once staked out its claim for the truth.


We need leadership, which will take a good firm look at our judges and declare them unfit to judge. Instead of standing on the Word of Truth, the judiciary has become an agenda-driven body, using a Charter of Rights to create laws in line with its biases. Its mandate is to judge according to the Law of God, based on the evidence and without prejudice. It is our Constitution that has mandated the Bible to be the Book of Truth upon which people swear to the truth.  


In point of fact, the judiciary has been committing treason against our very legitimate Ruler over this land, and against the Canadian people, whose voice has been silenced by the rights-driven minorities.


We need leadership in government, which will bring parliament back in line with the voice of the people and their right to be represented by their elected members. It means that when introducing laws on moral issues, which could alter the moral fibre of this nation, the voice of the people should have the final word by means of a referendum.


This is absolutely necessary to keep the representation in parliament in harmony with the people’s right to determine the direction this country will take on all issues of morality. Neither the judges nor parliament has ever had a mandate to ‘legislate in’ a new morality completely apart from our constitutional heritage. For it is true that morality of one kind or another will rule over a land; it is impossible to ‘rule out’ morality without ‘ruling in’ a new one.


We are a New World Order apart from the Old and it is within our covenant with God that all Canadians have enjoyed the fruits of liberty. We are not like the religious/state nations of the Old Countries. We will surely lose our democracy and our liberty if we do not maintain our sovereignty and our right to autonomy over the law of our land. In doing so, we are called to obedience to God and not to any foreign idolatrous gods.


We must never allow the worshipers of a useless stone Buddha, or of a false prophet Mohammed and his false god Allah to cause us to commit treason against our Supreme Ruler. He rules over Canada as the one true God of the universe, Who is the only God of power and liberty in any land.


Our ancestors knew the dangers, which such religious immigrants could present and so gave us a Constitution to protect us from them. Our protection under God kept us 100% free of the immigration of peoples whose religions were incompatible with our laws until this recent age of liberalism. During this age, we have witnessed God being legislated out of the land, and religion legislated in. We do not say, “Allah, keep our land glorious and free!” for we know that there is no power in false gods to do so.


Now, our liberal immigration policies have led to the handing-out of hard-earned tax-payers’ dollars to foreigners who have contributed nothing to Canada. They come making demands upon this nation, which could ultimately alter our laws to accommodate the religious laws of the countries from which they have departed, along with the gods of their former religious regimes.

We are at the crossroads of this nation. The issue is whether or not we will change the face of our land to make us look like just another poor, warring Muslim nation of the East, or maintain our identity in the God of liberty, and the peace that only He can offer to His people.


We need a Canadian Heritage Party, with a leader who will make an election promise to the Canadian people to maintain our heritage in God, His Law, and the justice of His Word. We need a man or a woman, who will reach out fearlessly on principle, rejecting the usual political double talk. Such a leader must recognize that the Canadian Constitution still applies in this land, and that we will never release Canada to the ruler-ship of the United Nations, driven by its mandate to form a One World Order. God rules from sea to sea in this land. So let the UN go after the seas, where it belongs – in its own territory, LOST in the darkness of the deep.


But never, no never, should we hand over the dry land to the control of foreign powers! For on the day Canada does so, her marvelous gifts of bounty, justice, and liberty which come from God, will be taken away from her. The New World will take on the face of the Old Countries from which her peoples departed, leaving behind their baggage of warring factions and religious controls.


The mandate for all good Muslims, whether residing in the East or the West, is to ultimately kill the infidel. You and I are considered to be the infidels. Have we as a people become so brain-dead that we are unable to recognize the tremendous problem we are importing for ourselves?


We need a leader who has no time for political correctness. We need a leader who recognizes and wants to preserve the astounding heritage for which the pioneers and our ancestors suffered greatly to hand down as a gift to their children, and to their children’s children, and so on. We need a leader who will carry high the torch of liberty in God, and will keep our land glorious and free from the invasion of foreigners who would destroy us from within.


We need a revival within the hearts of Canadians for what is good and morally right, along with a parliament and a justice system, which will sustain such a morality. We need a leader who will preserve our Canadian Heritage in God.