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Former Prophetic Message 2007 – Survival of America

Survival of America

Written by Elinor Montgomery –

June 28, 2007


The only possible answer for the survival of not only Canada, but also of America, is to be found in the unity between our two cultures under God and His truth, and in the restoration of church/state ruler-ship, which is foundational to liberty. As we continue to move toward becoming a religion/state nation, we will be like all the other religion/state-controlled countries of the world. We will lose our liberty in God by forfeiting it for the ruler-ship of men.


It is important to understand clearly what church means and what justice is all about. Both have been failing to carry out their proper roles. The true church is not found under any label of the institutional denominations of Christianity. True justice in this country cannot function outside of the truth of God’s Word upon which our judicial system was established. Judges were to be sworn into office on the Bible to uphold the Law of God without bias and according to His Word. 


America’s downfall started with the introduction of an ideology, which states that many cultures under one umbrella make for a strong nation. This was the counterfeit application to the foundational premise of our Constitution. It states in practice that we are a country with one Canadian culture, made up of people of different races and backgrounds coming together under the one umbrella of God. 


The former ideology is the satanic counterfeit of our national heritage in Canada. It is evident that people of other cultures who are unaccepting of our heritage, have been entering into this country. Our problem with these people begins at the border, where those who cannot accept a Canada under God should be directed to lands of other cultures where the religion of their choice rules. 


God’s Word has made it very clear that there is one law for His people and for the strangers in the land. We do not change for their cultures: they should come here for one reason only, which is to participate in the benefits of our culture and to contribute to it in a positive manner.


Liberty in America opened her doors to invite the teeming masses of the religiously oppressed of the world to come and share in the American dream under God. It would involve leaving and cleaving just as a daughter leaves father and mother to be united as one with her husband. The refugees who escaped such regimes made the best citizens any country in the world could have, for these were a people who valued their freedom.


Almost 100% of the original immigrant population was made up of God-fearing, Bible-believing people. There were literally no Hindus, Muslims or Buddhists coming into the country; for them to enter this land meant placing themselves under the dominion of a God of truth, not a cultic god of religion. This was a result of the conditions of citizenship, which were set down by our Constitution, and not by the nations from which the immigrants came. 


We once made it clear to all immigrants entering into this country that they had to pledge allegiance to this nation as citizens under God by swearing to this on the Bible. It was a ‘given’, and never intended to be an ‘option’. Did this allow for dual citizenship? Only if the immigrants had come from a country serving God, for men cannot be of two mindsets, one of a religious belief system and the other of the truth. What other nations in this world are ruled by God and His Word and not by religion? Therefore, one must leave the old in order to be loyal to the new. There is no place for their baggage in this country.


Jewish people began to filter into America, accepting these terms, knowing that the only place where they could find liberty and peace in the world was in a country ruled by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the same God, whom they once worshiped as a nation. They knew that they were at liberty to practice religion in America without interference from the state, as long as they pledged loyalty to state and God. They also made the choice to receive that liberty from Jesus Christ, for He is Lord of the Bible, including the Torah. They did so as the strangers in the land who did not try to change our laws.


The Israelites had already been driven from the nation of Israel into the other nations for having rejected their Lord; they would no longer know any peace in their former Land without Him. It is evident that there is still no peace there today. The exiled Jews cling to America as a sister nation under God, attempting to regain the liberty long ago lost within the religiously-controlled nations of the world, which have restricted their freedoms and liberty to worship as they might choose.


In the beginning of Israel’s history, God picked her up from the religious systems of the world, like a new-born baby struggling in its own blood to live. He tended to its well-being like a father for its child (see Ezekiel 16:1-14). The little children became His own nation of people for whom He cared, nurtured and grew into the nation of Israel.


As she matured, Israel rejected the loving kindness of her God, so He allowed her to be taken over by the nations, whose religious idolatry she loved. Having originally separated her from them, God would now see to it that they were returned to the unity that once existed between them, under the ruler-ship of men. At this point, Satan was given power over them with his one burning desire, which was to destroy them by completely wiping the Israelite people from the face of the earth. 


The father of religion is not a merciful or loving God: he is a liar and a destroyer and the prince of idolatry.


America is fast-tracking her way to the same disaster, which overtook Israel; she is bringing religious idolatry into this nation as fast as she can import it. By way of a corrupt judicial system, the Muslim immigrants are being allowed to establish their idolatrous places of worship called mosques, throughout this land, which belongs to God. 


The fundamentalism of Islam is being preached by their Imams within these mosques. The message is to ultimately kill those of us who have become their fellow Canadians, but who refuse to bow in cultic worship before their cultic god, Allah. This is fundamental to their message that leads to the killing of the infidels; all believers in the true God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are the infidels.


It was at the hands of religious leaders that Jesus was led to the cross, where the blessing of God upon the nation of Israel crossed over from the nation and went out to the world. The church age is now drawing to a close, as the fullness of the time of the gentiles is upon us. At the same time, the true church is emerging from her tomb-like captivity to the slavery of Romanism, to go from the blindness of religion into the light of truth. 


The bride, like the early apostles, must be seated at the feet of the Master, hearing the testimony of the truth in the spirit of prophecy, if she is to gain understanding for these times. 


Did you know that at the time when America established her Independence, free from the rule of the British monarchy, less than 2% of the population was Roman Catholic and about .2% of the population was of Hebrew extraction? There was no mention of any other religions in America, at that time, when 98% of the population was comprised of Christian Protestants. 


God led His people, whom He was purifying of religion rooted in Romanism and Judaism, to America to demonstrate liberty to the rest of the world as part of the continuity of His Covenant with Abraham. The nation was to become the homeland of His covenanting people, who were to be a light to the world, holding that torch of Lady Liberty high for all the nations of the world to see and envy. 


Yes, the word was envy, and Satan, the father of the other nations of the world, led the religious regimes to hate that which the other nations could never possess apart from the God of America. He is not the god of Islam.


Plain and simple – ‘Church’ is the voice of God’s people standing for the Law of God and the justice of the truth of His Word, under the banner of Jesus’ name. The majority of the voters, who are believers in Christ in this nation, are intended to use their vote to keep governments in tune with their will and not with the rights of any minority, religious or otherwise. If the institutions of religious Christianity had been standing on the truth instead of on religion, they might have successfully fulfilled their responsibility to the Lord in being His voice, but they did not do so.


It was the commission of the church of Jesus Christ, to be His voice; it was a commission given only to the apostles and to no one else. They were to spread this message to others who, in turn, would spread it throughout the world. 


The revived apostolic church is called to speak into religion and government as did both Jesus and the apostles who followed Him. It is our duty to keep the courts and governments responsible to us, and, in turn, we are responsible for seeing that the nation keeps its commitment to God and His Word. Anything short of this is treason against God and His people.


It is the duty of the government and the courts to carry out the will of the majority, which is the employer. In the time of Jesus, under the Babylonian system, Caesar’s word was law and the people had no say as a captive nation. It is evident that the freedom given to a nation under God is a major threat to the religious systems of the world, where Satan rules. It was the same threat Joseph presented to his brothers, before they put him down into the deep pit. 


When both the people and the governments of America are working in unity under God again, then, and only then, will America continue to function in the only liberty this world will ever know. Liberty cannot be exported to other countries, without God’s ruler-ship going with it. Religions never cease to war among themselves for power.


If we fail as the church, by allowing religion to get a foothold in this land, then America will fail. One of Canada’s worst enemies comes from within, in the name of Vision TV, the so-called spiritual channel. It is promoting many cults in this land, non-stop 24 hours a day, as its latest piece of liberal propaganda, which dares to suggest many faiths, living together, make one strong nation. 


It is the time for the voice of the people to come into action and begin dealing with corrupt courts, a corrupt parliament, and a biased media under the control of the unelected CRTC, all presently working for the enemy of God and against democracy. 


Christians of institutional churches are now marching in conjunction with the filth of homosexual parades – their nudity, their obscenities and, yes, even the violence, which these parades generate against others. Such institutions should be down on their knees begging forgiveness from the God whom they claim to serve. Nothing could be further from the truth than the idea such institutions are even remotely serving the will of God. Their service is housed in religion, not in truth, and they, like the Pharisees, the rulers of the religion of Jesus’ day, serve their father, the devil.


Canada, wake up! Repent and beg forgiveness for having rejected God in order to support the filth and the immorality of the world. It is as it was in the days of Noah, when God’s judgment fell upon mankind. The judgment, which fell upon the twin towers of New York and upon New Orleans, the Sodom of America, was a mere warning of things to come. The fires, floods and earthquakes in diverse places are signs of the great judgment, which is right at hand. 


Unless God is restored to His rightful place in this land, then the land will go the way of the rest of the world, caught in the captivity of satanic religious lies. Only truth can set the people, parliament and the courts free, and until we return to truth, we will continue on the broad road to destruction with multiculturalism leading all the way.